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Each lock is like a sandwich. The two halves of the sandwich rotate over each other. The holes that the strap button goes through are out of line on each half of the sandwich. When you rotate the halves, the holes line-up, then don't line-up. The result is that the hole appears to get larger or smaller. First, put the guitar strap on the strap button. Rotate the halves of the lock so the holes line up and are at their largest. Push the lock over the strap button -covering the strap end. Now turn the halves fo the lock so that the hole gets smaller. Twist the halves until the hole is too small to come off the strap button. I don't use cable ties. I find that the two halves a re pretty tight and not likely to come off. Usr cable ties if you wish. Cheers and happy plucking.
22 Jul 2014 by Chris Panks
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