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Jim Dunlop The Original Crybaby Pedal
by Jim Dunlop
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I bought the 9v ECB-003 replacement power adapter on amazon for around £10. It does the job and has done for the last year!
10 Mar 2015 by Suzi
It's needs a firm click with the toes to turn it on and off. You should feel and hear it click
9 Feb 2015 by Aquaboy
What's the output? The official one is 9v but .67A If you have too low a current, you will either burn out the supply, trip a breaker or fuse in the supply, or the equipment will not work/fail unpredictably at high load. If you have too high a current, the system simply won't draw as much power as the supply can provide. The supply might be a little less efficient, but no harm is done.
19 Jul 2014 by Towerhil
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