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3.0 out of 5 stars62
3.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 November 2010
Oh dear is this film bad? Jaws is a classic, Jaws 2 is a strong, worthy sequel but this drek is just so pathetic. Though I must say it's nowhere near as bad as the notorious Jaws The Revenge.

In the space of 5 years the Brody kids have gone from kids to total grown-ups. Dennis Quaid is Michael and he now works at Sea World (one would imagine he would have a fear of the water by now) in Florida. They've just opened up their Undersea Kingdom (y'know those glass tunnels) and ignorant park owner Calvin Bouchard (Academy Award winner Louis Gosset Jnr. at the start of his downward spiral) is so full of himself he doesn't even realize a massive Great White Shark has sneaked into the lagoon and plans to munch on divers, swimmers, skiers etc. Luckily for them a renegade naturalist (Simon MacCorkindale from TV's Casuality, looking EX-ACT-LEE like Thomas Jane) is hanging around to convince everyone that getting in the water to torment/trap/catch the poor beast is the best idea. His fate is firmly sealed as soon as he opens his mouth. Which is a bit of rip-off considering he risks his life many times through-out the film and Calvin Bouchard jeopardizes so many but escapes un-eaten.

The shark coverage is down right terrible. The underwater photography sucks and is badly spliced with stock footage of sharks that look nothing like the clumsy foam rubber monster in the close-ups. The 3-D effects come off as the WORST you will ever see. Even in plain-old 2-D you can see that they were pretty much the most unimaginative and unsubtle attempts at reaching the audience ever. Even the 3-D tricks in Friday the 13th Part 3 were much more fun and natural than this.

I first saw Jaws III on ITV years ago. It's best to see it on DVD as the 2.35:1 picture adds loads to the sides of the frame for those of you who suffered the pan and scan video. Plus there is a few extra gory shots that ITV and some video releases saw fit to censor. But the picture quality is real nasty with some dirty grainy scenes and annoyingly soft focus others. The sound is simple Dolby Stereo but don't expect any Oscar winning sound mixes this time. Even John Williams shark theme is all but vanished and some guy called Alan Parker's score is generic and unengaging.

Extra feature(s) consist of a trailer (methinks originally in 3-D shown before Friday the 13 Part 3 began, in the previous summer). And then there's something Universal call 'Recommendations'. Click on it and what do you get? Still photos of the DVD covers of the other Jaws movies. Duh, thanks! The only interesting thing about this film is the fact that Sea World actually allowed their name and logo to be defamed in such a ludicrous way. Jaws may have been born into greatness but it died very, very quickly as a franchise. Now Jason Voorhees has lasted much, much, MUCH longer and the first Friday the 13th film was hardly a masterpiece.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 January 2011
Jaws 3 is directed by Joe Alves and features a screenplay written by Carl Gottlieb & Richard Matheson from a story by Guerdon Trueblood. It stars Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale, Louis Gossett Jr, John Putch & Leah Thompson. The second sequel to Steven Spielberg's Jaws, this was originally released in the 3D format that had a brief rebirth in the early to mid 1980s. Plot centres around a WaterTheme Park coming under attack from a great white shark.

It was originally mooted to have been a spoof movie, along the lines of Airplane et al, now that could have worked you feel, what we actually get is an unintentional spoof movie that was made in appallingly bad 3D. Yet the 3D gimmick was enough to get the punters into the cinema and keep those tills kerchinging to the point where Universal Pictures were rather happy. Happy enough to green light another sequel, the god awful Jaws: The Revenge in 1987. As I was one of those punters who shelled out for the 3D Jaws experience back in the day, I feel partly responsible for part 4 assaulting the eyes of everyone who has ever seen it.

Watching it now over 25 years later in 2D, the film is actually worse than I originally remember it being. Of course now in this internet age we can find out about the numerous script tamperings that went on with it, and subsequently look at the non directing career of Alves post this fishy garbage and fully understand why. Perhaps the biggest mystery of all is how Messrs Quaid, Gossett Jr & Thompson survived to have careers afterwards? But the reality is it's not their fault, Quaid is badly underwritten and a bit too fresh faced to carry the male lead role this early in his career, Gossett Jr actually does OK in the role of SeaWorld park manager Calvin Bouchard, showing the only moments of acting gravitas as he tries to keep things under control. While Thompson is a third arc character called on to look pretty and say a couple of lines whilst trying to keep a straight face.

Even if we shy away from the poor effects work, that were, yes, poor effects even in 1983, Jaws 3 has an amateurishness about it that is laughably bad. The shark sequences look like they were filmed in a bath tub with some kiddies drawing used to scale, while the dialogue, too, seems to have been lifted from a 4 year old's memoirs. Then there is the performances from the likes of Armstrong and MacCorkindale, the former is bland beyond compare, the latter is, if you pardon the pun, wetter than a fish's blanket. There's some decent choreography on show for some water skiing sequences, but even these are countered by the ineffective use of the shark. Don't believe anyone who tells you that this is still fun in a popcorn no brain kind of way, it isn't. It's as bad as its reputation says it is and its only saving graces are Gossett Jr and that it isn't as bad as part 4. 2/10
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on 12 May 2003
Well, where do you start? Firtly the shark in jaws 3 "roars" underwater. now mark me if im wrong hear but i've never heard a shark roar like a bloody lion before. Also, the shark has a tongue - perhaps the makers had never seen a real shark before.
Its a good film, its kinda old but pretty good. The effects look hilarious at times, but it is from the 80's before CGI was introduced.
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on 15 March 2000
Jaws 3 is a let down from the Jaws 2 and an even bigger let down than the original. Dennis Quaid is great as Mike Brody. The special effects were good as it was made seven years later than the original plus there are two sharks. You will not be to disappointed by watching this film but you will still wish the could have recreated the original but hey why not buy the whole series.
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on 15 August 2007
I have seen some turkeys in my time, but this one tops them all, in terms of, well... everything basically.

Still, we shouldn't be too surprised, as it stars Lou 'Gussett' Jnr, joint King of Turkeys alongside Matt Le Blanc. Lou also appeared in the cringe-inducingly bad 'The Mummy' - not the famous version. That was bad enough, but this is pish beyond comprehension.

Worryingly, the director of this film has actually had the cheek to try and continue on from the first two Jaws films - lord only knows what Steven Spielberg would say! Only this time around, it's Chief Brody's two sons who are at the helm, all grown up, and working at an underground water park! (Sure, as if people who were once nearly attacked by sharks would do that!)

Needless to say, a big, rather fake-looking shark has to ruin the success of the park, when it somehow manages to sneak through some underwater gate. It then attacks various idiots, presumably seeking revenge for the capture of it's baby, who dies in the park due to poor care. When the big shark attacks it's victims, we are then treated to some of the most false and cretinous special effects I have ever seen. At one point, a person has their arm bitten off, and we see what is basically a picture of a prosthetic severed arm superimposed onto a blue background. I'm not even joking - it's that crude and cheap. How I howled with laughter!

The acting is also deplorable, from both of the major 'stars', Dennis Quaid and Lou Gussett Jnr. Quaid in particular is ropey and Gussett is as hammy and amateurish as ever. The rest of the cast reek.

It almost surprises me that the director could afford real dolphins, and didn't opt for blow-up lilo ones, but the absolute piece de resistance of the entire sorry mess is the shark itself, specifically towards the end of the film. The absolute worst part of the film is the bit where the shark bursts through the glass screen of the control room as the main characters look on in horror. Or rather, it doesn't burst through... Instead, it moves along, like a child's toy being dangled on a string, in front of a fake-looking water background. We then cut to the over-acted looks of horror on the character's faces, accompanied by fake, laughable screams, and then the camera cuts to the shark supposedly approaching the glass. It then literally stops dead, freezing a matter of inches from the glass, and the glass shatters like something out of a cartoon. Then we are treated to the sight of the sharks tail and most of it's body sticking through the screen, and it looks suspisciously like it is made of rubber. I literally cried with convulsions of laughter, as did my mother, who I was watching it with. When the shark is eventually blown up, we see crude and fake-looking shark parts flying through the ocean, including a full, undamaged set of teeth, still snapping like something out of a Disney film. The crapness of the special effects are simply breathtaking.

Yet I am giving this film two stars, rather than one, simply because it's so damn funny. The acting was appalling, the plot was garbage and the effects were basic beyond belief, but it all looks so cheap and sad that this film was priceless to me in the comedy stakes. Anyone who takes this film seriously and thinks it is decent must surely need sectioned.
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on 22 February 2005
If you are looking at this hoping that it will be like the first 2 films, save your money as it's significantly inferior, and a complete joke compared to Jaws, which is in my opinion one of the finest, and most suspense filled film ever made, with great acting and writing all around. This has not many of, if any of these qualities. As far as i'm concerned the jaws series, should really be the first, and maybe second films, and do not really class this(jaws 3) or "the revenge" as real parts of the story. I cannot comment on the DVD extras(as i saw the film on T.V) but cant really see what they could include really to make it better as a film. Incidentally if you don't own it buy the 25th anniversary edition of jaws; the picture is excellent, and so is the extras - quality and watchable more than once! This is a film that transferred to DVD very well indeed! - treasure it!

Where Jaws 3 really shines is the comic value! it is simply hillarious! invite a few mates round, have a few beers and be prepared to laugh yourself stupid! it is paticularly funny given the gross proportions, and very goofy looking shark, that appears to slowly stalk it's prey and roar at them! i know the film is old, but the CG is frankly painfully funny, the high point being the bit at the end, i wont spoil it for you but it is probably the funniest thing that is meant to be scary, especially along with the actors terrified faces,i thought they were having a laugh! - it has to be seen to be believed how stupid it looks. the acting on the whole is pretty awful(the english guy in particularly is truly cringeworthy), and the plot is rediculous, which again adds to the humour! Don't expect any deep scenes like the 'Hiroshima Bomb' speech in jaws. And they really should have researched sharks more - they can't swim backwards! i wouldn't necessarily buy it, unless really cheap, or if you want to finish the collection, but if its on T.V tape it, don't take it serously, and i think you'll find you can enjoy it none the less!
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on 22 May 2007
FILM: Or "Jaws 3D" as it was in the cinema. Now, if you can get past the obvious 3D effects that don't translate well to a 2D screen at all, this is an incredibly fun film! It may not have the original cast, but Dennis Quaid et all do a superb job, and the script ties in elements from the first two films into little character pieces here and there, which is a great touch. I love this movie! It's just brilliant fun from start to finish, with a great mid-film twist (spurred on by what happens in the observation pool, which has actually happened many times in real life) and a relentless climax. The shark is HUGE, looks fantastic, the music is great, the suspense is back after it got lost with Jaws 2, the cast are all lovable and it rattles along nicely. It's not a cinematic masterpiece, no, but sequel-wise, you just don't get any better than this. (What a pity the 3D isn't in it anymore though...)
EXTRAS: Only trailers, but the DVD transfer is superb and worth the admission price! It's always been very grainy before (due to it being a 2D version of a 3D film) but this is a lovely cleaned up version, with brilliantly crisp sound and true widescreen. They really put a lot of work into bringing this to DVD - which begs the question of why they didn't create more extras. Oh well.
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on 27 May 2000
Jaws 3 deserves more credit than it's got. It has its critics, but in its own way, it's a really good film (especially if you love sharks like me). The models of the shark are superb and the film couldn't be set in a more attractive part of the world than Sea World, Florida. Mike Brody and his team really are in trouble when a 35 foot great white enters Sea World via an open gate and gives birth inside it. Okay, it doesn't compare to Jaws, but it's still one to watch and expect a classic film which is centred once again around the world's most feared man eater.
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on 25 October 2009
This film should have stayed "in the can". Very poor story telling. Bad story, bad screenplay, bad script, poorly directed, poor production effects, misguided cast & uninspired performances (sorry guys 'n galls). Even the music score didn't attempt to lend to the drama or suspense. Your life is too important to waste watching this film. Big thumbs down from me & I didn't even want to give it a star rating but Amazon forces you to do so - for token effort I suppose. All the magic of film-making, story telling telling is in Jaws 1 - the second movie is just-about passable, credit to Mr Schneider. Very obviously the executives were looking for fodder to promote a 3D theatre experience. You will regret having wasted your time watching this so I'm sure you'll have more important things to do with 90 minutes of your life - save those moments for rewatching Jaws 1 if you want to support the franchise.
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on 7 November 2009
I cant say this film is good, or great evidence to the art of cinema. it is a terrible film. The terrible effects that have manged to get worse than the origianl. The acting isn't up to much, but i dont think robert de niro could make anything out of the badly devised characters in this film.
Now the reason i gave this film 3 stars instead of the 1 star it deserves, is that the film does what few films ever achieve. BEcome so bad its good. you will find yourself be-side yourself with laughter, at the crazy plot and the 3d effects in 2d. If you want to have a good laugh i recomend this film, it gives more laughs than any adam sandler film could give.
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