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on 12 August 2010
Well, how to start? Also, excuse my bad english,I am very tired as I have just done a journey from England to Hawaii where I bought these in the Heathrow duty Free. I liked them so much and decided to do a review on here :)
Design wise, I believe they look quite pretty. Nice sleek glossy plastic that feels solid and Mirrored grainy plastic on the ear cups with a clear plastic cover on top. Saying that they feel solid, well, they do but you can bend them quite a considerable amount. This is not a bad thing in my eyes though as it means they have alot of give if being lent on something or being knocked around. On the crux of the head band, there are two rather soft pads that sit on top of your head. These are made of some sort of thin soft Pleather that have a nice feel to them. The same material is used to line the cup and it feels rather like my pillow in my bed which I enjoy considerably :) Another useful thing is that the cable only leads to one ear cup meaning less cable to annoy you :)

Sound Wise, These are just too good for R'N'B! I have a wide range of music types on my ipod from Flo Rida to Bruce Springsteen to Bullet for my Valentine to The London Symphony Orchestra and I tested each style meticulously throughout my plane journeys. Although each genre sounds exceptional after a bit of playing around with the sound style thing on my ipod, I found the acoustic setting gave the richest sound. Also, the headphones have a very wide frequency set, meaning they pick up more notes, movements and the like in the song. In one of my Bon Jovi track I could even hear the guys fingers sliding up and down the guitar! This said, RNB trumpted the lot. These headphones seem to be best suited to picking up techno kind of noises and bass so they must be more DJ orientated I suppose...

All in all, these are well contructed, rich sounding, robust headphones that will probably last me a long while :)
My only downside is that I can't listen to them in bed as they get pushed off my head by my pillow :/
Hehe thank you for reading my badly written review. I will now get some sleep!
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on 13 October 2012
Went into a store today........ spent about an hour or so trying out different headphones......I never even intended to buy headphones, I was just going to window shop....... then I saw the Dr Dre Beats headphones and tried them on, and then started trying others to see what the difference was...... well there was a difference, a BIG difference, between the Beats headphones and most of the others, but not with this JVC set....... Now it depends on which Beats headphones you have on........these headphones are BETTER than the Beats £134 headphones, and they are not too far off the £250 Beats headphones.
The Beats headphones cancel outside noise much better (across all price ranges) but these ones do a pretty good job. The bass on these and the Beats across all ranges is comparable........ the difference between the £230 plus Beats headphones and this one is that the treble on the Beats is a little bit crisper, the clarity of the treble on the £130 Beats headphones is WORSE than this JVC set!
I was testing the headphones on music on my phone, so its not specialist equipment. The Beats headphones may well deliver over and above on specialist equipment, but I am not carrying specialist equipment around in my pocket, I am carrying my phone!!
Just got them today, so cannot comment on durability and whether the sound quality remains the same over time, but I have been listening to them since I got them over 3 hours ago, listening mainly to hip hop and rnb, and the sound quality is great.

Update 05 March 2013
Still have these and they are still EXCELLENT. Sound quality is the same high standard it was when I purchased them, however note that I do not use them very often....maybe 24 to 48 hours every month.
They are also still going strong in terms of durability. They fold down into a neat little pack that I can slip into the pocket of my coat or jacket.
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on 27 November 2010
i just got a pair of JVC HA-S360-B Free Style Headphones and they work great with my DJ gear, bot at home and also when playing in a club. Plus, they fold int a very small package that I can carry with me and my laptop at all times. Sweet! =)
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on 7 December 2011
I ordered this headphone model last June after being sick and tired of purchasing many in-ear earphones that break after 6 months of use, and so after owning them for 1 and a half years I am very pleased with the headphones performance.

I've read other reviews for this model and many have commented that the bass isn't 'deep' or 'good enough' for those who love drum n bass and other form of bass-heavy music. BUT it does clearly state on the packaging that it's 'perfect for monitoring', so these headphones aren't gonna blast crap load of bass-goodness into your ears.
The sound quality is good as well, especially for songs with lots of guitar parts. I'm not an audiophile so I not completely instrumentally literate but these headphones does its job for me :)

So for simplicity sakes:

Decent price for good sound range - especially guitar-heavy music, oh my ears...
Comfortable around ears and head, light and can be worn for long periods without pair around ears - everyones head shape is different so this may differ.
Can accomodate those with big heads (me).
The free style folding allow the user to store their headphones in their bag without taking up too much space and won't have to worry about it breaking in their bag - this was a huge plus for me as I regularly play basketball and need to store my headphone somewhere safe.
Very durable - had mine for a year and a half with the sound quality still the same.
Design - cool and modern.
Wire length - 1.3m good enough for me.

Plastic casing does look quite flimsy.
NOT ENOUGH BASS! But remember, these headphones are for monitoring.
Wire - quite thin, again making the headphones feel fragile and easily snapped.
Earpads loses it cushion-ness quite fast, meaning it might need to be replaced fairly quickly if your ears are sensitive and picky with comfortability.
Design - the words on the headphone rub off fairly soon.

Overall I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a pair of highly portable, compact and decent sound quality headphones, and are also not too bothered about the lack of bass. Also I chose the white colour one, personally looks prettier than the dark one.

After 3 years of use, the left side has decided to give in. I have to say I was quite impressed with the durability of these cans, given the things it has gone through:
- Pulling my MP3 out of my pocket by pulling the cable (I know, I know, this is bad. Trying to cut this habit).
- Lending it to my sister who is well known for tormenting electrical devices i.e. connecting the headphones to the PC and letting it hang off the edge of the paper.
- When not used, stored in my bag.
- Wearing them while riding on my bicycle, possibly causing tension in cables.

Overall I will be purchasing another pair of these but will be going for the black one. Main reasons why:
- Portable and convenient for commuters.
- Fold up small and can even be stored in coat pockets.
- 4.5/5 stars for audio quality (not much bass, however, these are monitoring headphones).
- Comfort and perfect fit on my big head.

As a side note, I will also be buying a pair of Sony MDR-V6 headphones. Those interested, just search it up and read Amazon reviews from people whos also bought it, these cans have great reputation.
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on 9 May 2011
Bought a white pair of these headphones for a Christmas present for my mother-in-law and she was so pleased that she asked for another spare pair, in black, for Mother's Day! She uses them to listen to her books as well as her music and thinks they are the best that she has ever had. They are light, comfortable, don't slip down and the sound quality is excellent. They are fantastic value and look far more expensive than they actually cost.
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on 13 March 2012
These headphones were a brilliant fit, they are very comfortable, and when wearing them for 8 hours a day I have had no problems. The sound quality is excellent and they are fairly adept at cancelling outside noise as well. Unfortunately, these headphones broke today. I have had them for just over two months, so it is a real shame. The plastic bit that connect the headphone on the left hand side has snapped, and looking at the right hand side it has cracks too. Its such a shame as I really liked these headphones, but this is a serious design fault. If you're planning on heavy use, these probably aren't the best value headphones you could get.
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on 13 December 2012
These were amazing headphones with great sound and amazing bass, sadly they lasted for about a month. I loved them, and to be honest I used them a lot, especially for running and exercise. However, they snapped in the most random of places, on the sides, at the joining bits over the head. They were just a little too easy to break for fold-able headphones, and they didn't even break in places that seemed normal.
I tried to superglue them back together because I loved them that much, but after 6 months the wiring had began to fall apart because the plastic wasn't holding them in and one earphone stopped working.

I'd have to say, great sound but awuful quality. That's why I wouldn't recommend them. Still looking for some great sounding, bass worthy earphones that last. Any tips?! ha!
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VINE VOICEon 10 March 2012
I am not an audiophile. I need headphones for my commute, so I am looking for something not too noisy. These are pretty good - the sound is better than I was expecting. The cord comes to one side only, and they fold down quite small. They are also fairly comfortable to wear. The downside is that the build is not great. They are plastic and the plastic is very thin in places. The bracket holding the earcup has snapped on mine (on both sides). I am not particularly gentle with them, but nor am I rough and am disappointey they didn't last longer.

But at this price, maybe we should expect it.
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on 2 January 2013
Bought these to see if I liked walking 'round with headphones instead of only just earbuds. They look good (but in black, attracts fingerprints!) and compared to other various cheap headphones I've tried, doesn't press my ears against the frames of my glasses. They're actually pretty comfortable and not too warm.

Other reviews here stated they felt fragile so I sort of knew that when going in but they do. The folding motion works well but too much force could probably cause damage easily, the 3.5mm connector also feels a bit frail.

The sound, then, is good. Quite good actually. A bit flat sometimes (could do with a little more bass) but the soundstage is decently sized and vocals come out well. They benefit greatly if your playback device of choice feature some kind of bass boost or equalizer.
They seem to be easily powered as I run them on around the same volume using my mp3 player as my other Sony earbuds*, which always seemed to be easier to power than others.
Mind, I haven't actually broken them in yet, so hopefully the sound will improve as I use them.

For the price paid, I think they make for a great entry into the world of headphones.

+ Decent sound for money
+ Stylish styling
+ Comfortable, light weight
+ Foldable!

- Could have more oompf in the bass department
- Glossy material used WILL attract fingerprints instantly.
Maybe not as noticeable in white?
- Construction feels fragile

*(a par of Sony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia earbuds - bit muddy but still quite pleased with them)
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on 13 May 2012
Got these at Tesco (shame on me, I know), about 8 months ago. Since, I've used them almost exclusively with my PC. Please DO understand that I run a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi series card, so I can get the full benefit of them. Naturally - I love 'em!

These are the only headphones I've used that can handle the full bass output generated by my sound card, and then some more.

Recently, I compared them to my flatmate's professional DJ headset, and I didn't really notice any difference. That being said - I wasn't using any specialist equipment, I simply plugged his headphones (which set him back about 230 quid) in the same hole on my sound card. Didn't notice any significant difference, other than - his were quieter. That being said - are designed for professional headphone amps, so they are capable of much higher volumes, just need more power.

One thing I prefer in these - they are actually not that big. Makes it easy to carry them in pockets and such.

While they don't have the noise cancelling effect of full cover headphones or in ear pieces (got to love my Sony ones too), they do deliver.

I hear a better range using these than I do with a pair of 6x9 Pioneer speakers and an 800W Edge amp, though that's to be expected of headphones.

My ONLY problem with these - they tend to break if you're not careful enough.

I managed to get a break on the left side in January and one on the right side in April. Quite simplistic failures, however inconvenient nevertheless.

So I got hold of some super strength glue, intended more for model aircraft, thus - ideal. The glued joints don't look pretty, but that doesn't bother me, as they still feel fine and sound perfect.

In all - if you intend to abuse these like I did - get something made of metal. It's a lot easier to just bend the metal back into shape than it is to start mixing glue and trying to get it into fiddly places.

Other than that - AWESOME!!!
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