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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2006
What a fantastic book! I was thoroughly engrossed for about 3 days while I read it from cover to cover (and still tried to cook, iron and clean in between) and was so glad I had all the information to hand before our mad puppy arrived!

My husband and I had decided the time was right to bring a puppy into our family now that our children were getting older (8 and 10) and could hopefully show some responsibility. (Plus the fact that my youngest was sending me daily emails begging for a puppy!!!) We chose a West Highland Terrier (and named him Wellington) and arranged to pick him up a couple of weeks later. Having been really impressed with Victoria Stilwell's "It's me or the dog" TV series, I decided to see if her book could help us with our new addition.

Within a week or so of arriving with us our new puppy was sitting, laying down, rolling over and staying on command. Ms Stilwell's training tips are easy to follow by owners and dogs alike!

We also knew what food to feed him, especially since Westies are prone to skin conditions and these can be exacerbated by pet foods with a high cereal content (all this information was gleaned from this fab book!) It gives you the pros and cons on wet and dry dog foods and also tells you the products you should never feed your dog.

The housetraining information is straight forward and three weeks after arriving with us, Wellington is now only having the odd accident.

Victoria Stilwell's book is set out so that you can flick back through to review what she suggests on certain subjects and is therefore very easy to use.

I recommend you definitely read this book before your new puppy arrives. I do however agree with a previous reviewer who found that it did not contain as much information about older dogs with problem behaviour. I think the information in this publication is geared more to people with new puppies.
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on 21 February 2006
After pruchasing an 8 week old springer spaniel bitch, we were very interested in learning how to train and understand our puppy. We had her a month and tried basic training our selves with some success. However toilet training and obedience was becomming a little difficult. If you've watched the series you will appreceiate how wonderful this lady is at understanding and training dogs. On this basis we bought the book and i was blown away with how much i didnt know or understand about my puppy ! now after one week of reading the book, my bella sits, gives both paws, lies down, stays, fetch's toys and is understanding her toilet needs with peeing out side a lot better but this is still needing improvment ! but i understand this takes a while anyway.. I would definately recommend this book if your keen to reassure your self that your puppy or dog understands you and you understand them..
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on 4 October 2005
I have 2 18 month old small cross breed dogs. They are lovely but they came from a rescue home and needed a bit of training.
Having tried various books I came across this one and after watching the TV programme decided to give it a try.
It is fantastic. It tells you all about why dogs to what they do, how to train them and also goes into what to feed them which was really helpful as I found out not all brands of dog food were necessarily good for your dog.
If you are trying to train a dog or have a dog and just want to know how he "ticks" get this book!!! Every dog owner should have one!
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on 25 September 2005
I have a very well-behaved 8-year old border collie mix that's been with me for almost her entire life. I happened across the show on TV when it started by accident, and though it's obviously targeted primarily as a piece of entertainment, I was very impressed with the methods used by the star of the show, Victoria Stilwell (the author of this book). I know a good bit about dogs, but can honestly say that some of the ways of Victoria suggested thinking about my dog's behavior were a revelation to me - helping me truly see things from my dog's perspective. I think the show does a great service, especially to those who don't know quite as much about dog ownership as they should, but my one main complaint with it was that it didn't focus enough on the 'nuts and bolts' training methods Victoria espoused. I feel like the show ought to be one hour long instead of 30 minutes so that we can get more of Victoria. Well, this book solved that problem!
To start with, it's absolutely beautiful - the photography is first-rate, and it's nice to see Victoria in her own element (instead of what one assumes is the 'dominatrix' theme forced upon her by the makers of the programme). More importantly, the training advice is clear, concise, and right on target. I've already achieved great results integrating our new baby into the house using methods discussd in the book. Victoria's a treasure, and her book is a must-have for all dog-lovers, whether you're getting a new dog or have had one for years.
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on 25 September 2005
Rushed out to buy the book after watching the brillant T.V series on channel 4.The book is excellent, after having trouble with my two doberman puppys,they constanty barked and chewed on everything in my house and peed everywhere, now that is all over thanks to this brillant book.Tells you everything from feeding to walking and also makes you realise what its like for a dog, from a dogs point of view.If you want rid of those problems such as barking,pulling out walking to marking his terriotery, then buy this book right away!
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on 27 June 2008
I was given this book for a birthday present, but was very disappointed with the content. There is a great deal of posturing, fluff and glamour but very little practical advice. Lots of 'I cured this dog' but very little of 'How'.

Great pictures, but very little else to commend it. Sorry.
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on 19 September 2005
Recently i bought a three month old "english cocker spaniel" and was faced with training it. Pee pee on the carpet, chewing of everything and whining at night was driving me mad until i started watch the Tv series to this book which started to guide me in the right direction. As soon as i saw she had released a book i rushed out to buy it. The book is full of problem solving tips which are quick to read, easy to understand and best of all, work straight away. At first glance i thought it would be a book full of big shiny pictures and no content. Shiny pictures are true but it has got the content to match. I especialy found the feeding and toilet training guide very helpful. A must for dog owners old and new !!!!!!
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on 8 April 2006
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I work with dogs, and loved watching the programme, so reading the book was the next best thing for me when it left our tele screens! It gives so much advice for anyone, whether you have got a dog and wonder what goes through his mind, or if you've got a dog and need advice, or if you are considering buying a dog. it makes you think about the responsibilities that you will have and the effects you have on him! I couldn't put it down and will look out for anything in the future!
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on 6 January 2006
I don't currently own a dog myself (but I have 4 cats), but I am very interested in the dog training profession.
This book is the perfect start to looking at why dogs behave in the way they do and easy to follow training for a whole variety of commands, and how to treat problem behaviours.
It also covers what to feed your dog and even evaluates different types of collars and leads, which some other books pay very little attention to or miss out completely... or, at worst, suggest something completely wrong whatever the circumstances i.e. the choke chain!
I would like to see the Channel 4 series released onto DVD and look forward to the new series of It's Me Or The Dog coming soon on TV.
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on 20 September 2005
If you've got a problem with your dog then read this book. My dog was eating me out of house and home. He was eating the furniture, shoes - anything. I was actually thinking of giving him away. The author shares various ways to get your dog to do what you want it to - without recourse to violence. It seems that dogs too want a happy life with secure boundaries and when you communicate this to them it's extraordinary how quickly and readily they adapt. The process to change my dog's behaviour only took us about a week. I actually feel grateful to the author.
I recommend this brilliant book to anyone with a problem pet or for anyone who wants to have a better way of communicating with their dog. A classic.
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