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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2012
For thos who are interested in the 'hidden side' of nature, might well find this book a worthwhile read, as it covers a great deal of ground in Theosophy with the help of Madame Blavatsky's insights and travels to much unknown territory and far-reaching lands at the time of her writing this in the 1880's.

Many of her anecdotes about the hidden side of human nature and powers dealing with shamanism and magic are extremely interesting, though, it is not always possible to really define a reality with an illusion given the varying situations she describes. In one instance of a native being asked to stand up and be shot by experienced riflemen - one at point blank range - upon being fired at, the rifle blew up and the target escaped any injury whatsovever!

There are some irritations where the typeset has clearly been altered, leaving some page annotations at the end of sentences, not related to those in the book. If it was intended as cross referencing subject matter, elsewhere in other books by Ms. Blavatsky, then you will find you'll get lost!

However, I would recommend it as a good overall introduction (if perhaps a long one) to occult matters, it will certainly conjure up your imagination and perhaps spook you in places. Read it then put it in your Library for look-ins from time to time. Enjoy.
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on 15 August 2013
Although the subject matter may be intriguing it can't be read because the right hand edge of the text is missing. It is therefore impossible to make any sense of it.
In fact it looks as if each page were misaligned in a photocopier except that the conversion should have been from text.
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on 21 November 2012
The sub-title of this seminal book on the age-old wisdom says all in a few words; for it is truly a 'master-key' to the mysteries. If we take just about any 'New Age' tenet of any worth we will invariably find that it is covered in considerably more detail and much greater accuracy in this book. Indeed, it is true to say that Isis Unveiled contains more original and accurate information on a vast range of scientific, philosophical and occult subjects than any other book in print.

The title of the book is somewhat misleading. It was never intended to unveil the Egyptian goddess who here represents the wisdom imparted in secret to the pupils of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Blavatsky's original title was 'The Veil of Isis', through which shimmering vesture the neophyte was permitted to glimpse the lesser mysteries of the goddess...and no more. But when the book was being printed, it was discovered that the title had already been used by W. Winwood Reade in 1861 for his book on the mysteries of the Druids. The publisher suggested Blavatsky change her title to Isis Unveiled, to which she reluctantly agreed, though the various facsimiles of the first edition still bear her original, and more apt title, at the head of every page!

Isis Unveiled first made known to the modern world the existence of the once-universal Wisdom-Religion. In doing so, it not only demonstrated that modern science does NOT have all the answers, but that the ancients were in possession of hidden knowledge as yet undiscovered by ANY scientists. In this connection it must be remembered that when Isis Unveiled was first published in 1877, there were no books to be had that contained anything more than the skeletal remains of this Wisdom; only broken shards of the shining Mirror of Truth remained, each incomplete fragment of which was interpreted in diverse ways by minds of variable ability (and mixed motives) who had long since lost the keys to the secrets of the goddess Wisdom.

It is impossible in a short notice such as this to begin to do justice to the wealth of information in this book, but the following subjects should give the reader some idea of the vast range of themes it embraces: magic; immortality; psychic phenomena; time, space and eternity; the world soul and what it is; vital force, elementals and elementaries; vampirism explained; suspended animation; alchemy; ancient Egyptian wisdom and magic; Atlantis; miracles; the origins of Christianity; sorcery, witchcraft and black magic; who Jesus really was; kabala; gnostics and gnosticism; the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads; Buddha; world Saviours; true seership and true religion. Any one of these subjects might fill several books, and often have, without their authors acknowledging the source of their misappropriated information and pretended erudition!

Finally, it is important to add that Isis Unveiled forms an integral part of one complete revelation and should be studied together with H.P. Blavatsky's 'Secret Doctrine' which it both elucidates and presages.

Many 'abridged' and 'edited' editions of Isis Unveiled are now in print, some of which are sold by Amazon. One of these 'new' versions, published in 1997, claims to have "stripped the book of its lengthy quotations from other writers and its repetitious commentary". It is just such presumptuous and inept meddling that is responsible for the parlous state of nearly every inspired text upon the age-old Wisdom that has come down to us. For this reason I suggest readers avoid the editions produced by Michael Gomes and others in recent years and go directly to the source as found in this verbatim facsimile of the original edition of 1877.
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on 8 January 2010
This is a modern day adaptation of Blavatsky's landmark book of the same name and is designed to make Blavatsky's language rather more palatable to the modern reader. She was the founder of the Theosophical Society and the original version of this book is a kind of bible to that group. It is a tour de force and thoroughly engrossing and is certainly quite a heavy read. However I found that taking it in digestible portions was an excellent way to read it as every page is so stuffed full of fascinating information that they cannot readily be speed read or skimmed.

A rewarding book and thoroughly worth the time spent for those interested in the secrets behind alchemical principles and secret codes that were often only for the eyes of those elite few that were the chief religious interpreters of the past.
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on 11 August 2013
I cannot review the book as it is unreadable on kindle; the right hand side of each page is cut off so it is not possible to follow the sense of each sentence onto the next line. This affects all the pages in the book. I have contacted Amazon Customer Service to inform them of the fault and have requested a refund.
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on 16 January 2015
heavy reading in out-dated language, I suspect that 'secrets' hidden within the book come later (1/4 read) to deter frivolous readers as the book is supposed to reveal lost magic/revelations and the secrets of the universe. Wisdom supposedly lost when the world started to go into a period of science and technology. I picked it because I understand that Einstein read it before developing the theory of relativity and other ideas. The proof of the pudding may be in the last few spoon fulls!
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on 27 April 1999
this version of Isis unveiled in abridged form is a good iniciation into the mystical words of blavatsky. Although it is not complete, and for full information one should read the full version of Isis unveiled this book is a good introduction. Also it has the advantage of bringing some words closer to modern world ideas, in a kind of way "translating" the book in a modern way.
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on 8 January 2014
a book I really wanted to read but cant because the text on the right hand side ismissing on a kindle!!! utter rubbish amazon you really need to sort this out,I have requested a refund
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on 15 October 1997
Isis is a wonderful book that makes anyone, entering the 21st century, think of our real human being condition and the destiny of human race. Written so many decades ago, it retains the Blavatsky's wisdom and, if not so unveiled as the title states, opens a new vision to our past and, surely, our bright future.
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on 26 August 2014
I was looking forward to reading this but it is totally unreadable.
Every sentence is cut off despite trying to read it on my phone Kindle and on my iPad Kindle.

I can't attest as to the quality of the content, so apologies for that.
Better off with a hard copy.

Not happy at all.
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