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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars601
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Scalloped Edge Bezel|Colour Name: Blue/Silver/Silver|Change
Price:£79.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 19 November 2011
First time buying an Invicta watch, I bought it because it looks great. On receiving the watch I was very impressed by the quality, it's a solid well made watch with a nice weight to it and not too bulky. So far it's keeping excellent time. It sits well on the wrist and is very comfortable to wear.Comes in a nice presentation box. Fantastic value for money, very recommendable.


Had the watch for about nine months now, I'm not a diver so I can't comment on how it performs as a diver watch, but I didn't buy it for that, I bought it cos it looked great. Nine months on and it still looks great, I'm still impressed by the quality and I'm even more impressed by it's time keeping. It Keeps excellent time, over the nine months I've only had to adjust the time on three or four occasions and only because I let the watch run down and stop. That brings me to the one and only fault I've found with the watch and that is the power reserve. I wear the watch most days, so it's not really a problem but if I don't wear it for a day or two the power reserve only lasts about twenty-four hours.
Oh and the picture really doesn't do justice to the blue dial, it is an amazing colour, really beautiful.
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on 24 March 2013
Good looking watch and arrived quickly. Does look similar to a submariner but the rotating bezel (which I think looks better on the Invicta) is sufficiently different to avoid looking like a replica type watch. The automatic movement is very smooth and quiet, unlike some cheaper automatics I have owned in the past, and it keeps excellent time.I have only had the watch about 2 weeks but have no reason to doubt this watch is well made and will operate without problems for years to come.

Very pleased with my purchase.
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on 31 January 2014
If you are researching automatic watches in this price range you will no doubt have an Invicta Pro Diver on your shortlist. If not, then you should consider it.
My parcel arrived in good order within 24 hrs on express delivery. Inside a cardboard liner was an impressive if bright, yellow invicta trademark box in leatherette. The watch was well protected in a clear bag and secured in foam. A Yellow pastic price tag showed an alleged RRP of 395 US Dollars. Unusually the strap was protected by very tough shrink wrap which took some time to remove...but meant the watch was very well protected...a very good sign. It was also set to the correct time and day and must have been given a wind which was very good. Fit & finish is flawless...I have checked it thoroughly with a magnifying glass. The cyclops magnifier and date readout are perfectly aligned, as are all the face markings. The sweep hand even has a little set of invicta wings on the short end which is a nice touch. A nice glass back shows the movement. The gold plating on the bracelet and bezel is excellent quality deep and lustrous...the blue finish is bright and lovely to look at. The gold plating on the front of the strap links does not extend to their backs, but the inside of the strap is not visible anyway when worn. The colour combination certainly has visual impact..I wanted a watch that stood out from my otherwise understated collection...and this sure does..I love it.
I was suprised that the watch was not larger. The case is around 38mm in diameter. I still had to get 3 links removed by a local jeweler, but there is about 1.5cms of adjustment on the clasp that you could do yourself with a pin and a bit of patience. It actually looks perfectly proportioned now on my weedy wrist..but I reckon those with a larger wrist might want to look at the Grand Diver model. Invicta have a good website which is worth checking, as they have a series of templates for various sized cases which you can print out and cut out to see how it would look on your wrist.
I was torn between the Invicta and an Orient Mako but it really came down to price. The Orients have great reviews but less of them. Invictas have loads of reviews so the odd bad one did not worry me...fortunately, as I am very pleased with my purchase. I was never going to spend out on a Rolex. This does not pretend to pass itself off as one since it carries the Invicta name prominently and proudly on the face, in large engraved font on the side of the case, on the clasp and on the inside of the strap links. For less than £70 I think it offers very good value as it looks like it should cost ten times that price, even on close inspection. I realy don't know how Invicta can produce such a product for so little money, unless every other manufacturer has actually been taking the mickey for years.
Only had it for three days, and it has gained just over 40 seconds which seems about right. My other automatic watch ran fast initially when new then settled into losing between 3 and 10 seconds per day. This watch has an NH35A SII movement which is a newish 24 Jewel mechanism, manufactured by Seiko in Japan, wheras most of the info I found on this model indicated it would have a Japanese Citizen built 21 Jewel Miyota movement. I am not sure if this is a better movement than expected, but it is a "hacking" movement which means that if you pull the crown out to set the time, the second sweep hand is held locked until you push it back in...this helps you to set the time accurately by a time signal. The crown also screws down tigtly to maintain the claimed 200m water resistant integrity, which I am sure it could as the build quality seems so good. I will update this review later with observations on its accuracy etc, but if it stays accurate I will definately be looking at other styles in the Invicta range.

UPDATE: Had the watch for a while now and I cannot stress how pleased I am with it. It has settled to within a range of losing 10-12 seconds a week which I think is remarkable. It will keep going for well over a day and a half off of my wrist, and I have adopted the "Tic-tac" shake of the wrist every now and then to ensure the auto mechanism keeps the watch wound. Whatever you might think of the Invicta brand, this particular model is tough little watch and is a superb product for the money.
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on 5 May 2015
Some of the reviews attached to this appear to be of a different model so just to clarify I refer to the 40 mm version with scolloped edge bezel with blue face and bezel in steel case and band with a Japanese 24 jewel movement. (There are also versions with a Swiss movement or a copy of one or a Japanese 21 jewel movement). I have also added my review of the version with black dial as Amazon will not allow me to review that as well.
I had been put off by some reviews but it is worth remembering that the rules regarding distance selling are open to abuse and I fear some buyers return damaged or second hand goods which then get shipped out to the next buyer. So if you think your watch is second hand return it immediately. Also return it if anything about it concerns you. In particular remember that the warranty covers the movement and not a lot else. Any type of accidental damage is excluded. And if you open the watch back the warranty is void. So if the timekeeping out of the box is not up to standard send it back.
I bought from Amazon and my customer experience was perfect. Big box arrived. Mainly containing paper packing but with another box in the centre in which was the signature Invicta lump of cheese. Inside all stickers and protection on band and clasp intact. Glad I did not get the bigger version. This is a substantial and weighty bit of kit. Seiko NH35A 24 jewel movement visible through back. This is a hacking movement so able to set to the second.
The band is adjustable which is just as well! It is the biggest I have seen. To avoid unnecessary cost buy a special tool to remove the pins. They cost just a pound or two. Wrap the watch in cling film first to avoid damage.

You can buy an excellent and very accurate mechanical watch from China for less than £10 post free. But it will not be water resistant to this extent and its appearance will not be so striking. The booklet is a bit general. Remember to screw down the crown after setting or you risk getting water in the watch and void the warranty.
Invicta apparently originated in Switzerland and incorporates the Swiss cross in its emblem although now a US company. By contrast probably the most famous US brand Hamilton is now owned by the Swiss Swatch Group. This Invicta watch reminds me in its weight and build of my Hamilton watches.

The black face version-
Just as you think things cannot get better they do. The version I received with a black face has the excellent Seiko NH35A hacking movement but the winding rotor is now in Invicta's signature yellow - a nice touch. Copied from Oris I expect who use red rotors. Oris is one of my favourite brands but not cheap.
Another tweak on this latest shipment is the watch back. It now states the place of assembly is Malaysia.
The posting for this model does not specify the movement - I suspect all recent shipments use the 24 jewel Seiko. I have long been a Seiko fan but the cases and bands of Seiko 5 watches are a bit lightweight.
Just to clarify-
The case diameter is 40 mm excluding crown and dial diameter 30 mm. Weight 155 grams not 454 grams. Boxed weight 410 grams not 640 grams. Watch glass is mineral which means glass.
Although Amazon description a bit iffy the photo is spot on. Gold tints are very uniform.

Jury is out whether I prefer the blue or the black so I bought both!

I have seen comments Invicta a bit like marmite. Well I love marmite.
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on 9 June 2013
I wanted a divers watch with an automatic movement that looked the business. I don't have the money for a high end watch and even if I did I don't know if I could bring myself to spend it knowing that watches like this are available for a fraction of the price.

First impression on arrival was it looks spectacular though the presentation box leaves something to be desired. The blue face is vivid, there's a decent weight and it doesn't look cheap which was a concern before arrival.

It seems to hold the energy well from the automatic movement, I haven't had to adjust it though longest I have had it off is overnight. Seems fairly accurate though time will tell (pardon the pun).

Don't believe the massively reduced price, it's just marketing but do believe that for this type of money you won't find an automatic diver that offers so much.

P.S. I have heard things about Invictas customer service (apparently very slow) but have not had the experience myself. Amazon is a good bet, if anything is wrong they'll be the ones to deal with.
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on 6 May 2015
Fantastic I love it this is exactly what I was looking for thank you Amazon
review image
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on 22 December 2014
Let's get a few things clear here. This isn't a Rolex, nor is it comparable to other high-end Swiss divers watches. And if you look closely, you'll see where some compromises have been made which reflect the overall price.


What a gorgeous looking timepiece for the cost! The uninitiated won't notice the difference between this and said high-end brands. The iridescent blue dial is stunning, so far the automatic movement appears to be keeping good time and I love the transparent case at the rear so you can view the movement in all its glory!

Some have mentioned the (lack) of quality on the stainless steel bracelet, but I find it quite acceptable. The rotating bezel, although a little stiff to begin with, clicks perfectly (120 in total) . Lume appears OK, rather than standout, but this is reflected in the low overall cost.

My advice? Grab one while you can...its a bit of a bobby dazzler!
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on 27 October 2012
I received my watch today. I was sent the 24 jewel movement which is the one I was hoping for as it does not state it so good start. The huge yellow leather box presents the watch well with a cleaning cloth also yellow with the brand printed in silver. The box lower front is also printed with the brand name in large letters. Inside the box there is a slide pocket for the manual and warranty documents. The watch is stunning! The gold and black tone is perfect and very rich. The movement is very smoothe and it has a very high quality crown which is screw down. The back is seethrough with all the markings visible such as the brand name and how many jewels it is. This watch is very eyecatching and yes very similar to the Rolex submariner. For the price listed I am very shocked at the quality and feel of this superb timepiece. I have had my eye on this brand a long time and I chose to go with all the good reviews and purchase my first Invicta watch. Not a single regret and I can now smile along side the rest of the Invicta fans. A truely lovely watch and worth every penny. Top quality and why pay thousands when you can get the same quality with this brand? Those who left bad reviews must have had very bad luck and those who left the good.. thankyou. Watch kingdom alongside amazon has delivered and I can only highly recommend.
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on 22 May 2013
I already have one Invicta. I really like automatic watches. I had been looking at this model for some time and took the plunge. I love it. Excellent quality and looks fab on the wrist.
Because it isn't a rolex copy, I feel very happy wearing it.
review image
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on 20 February 2012
I decided to at last purchase a invicta watch to add to my collection,so I chose the bi-colour Pro-Diver.
At £95 it looked a fair price although I have seen it offered at £149 so check the listings.It arrived on promised
date so that was a good start in the most bright yellow box I have ever seen. So after putting my sun glasses on I
opened the said box and there lo and behold was a watch which looked worth at least £200.The finish was much better than expected ; plating bright and clean, finish on watch and links very good (not to sharp). Good seiko movt
visible through glass back which had been engraved Invicta Watch Group (nice touch). I adjusted bracelet to fit my
wrist (good screw pins) and wore it that night to dinner good comments about "new omega"and a quizical look by my
lady convinced me I had got it right.I know Invicta produce a wide range of watches at various prices and qualities
which probably infer where it was made (swiss, USA,or Far east) so I think this model was made in the U S .
Nice watch and if you fancy a divers watch and if you have a £100 buy one of these . You wont be disapointed.
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