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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars35
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
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on 11 June 2009
I loved the first three Indiana Jones films as a child and enjoyed the new one too. I have always thought that the last two Indiana Jones games The Infernal Machine which I have on the PC and The Emperor's Tomb on the PS2 were a little bit behind the best Tomb Raider in terms of quality. The Staff Of Kings fixes this because the developers have put alot of time and effort into giving Indie the most excellent Wii controls. There are three types of punches that you can do japs, hooks and uppercuts by using different motion movements with the Wii remote or the Nunchuk for left and right punches. You can grab your enemies and throw them into different objects such as a table or through a door. Indies whip is put to good use as you can disarm a enemy or ensnare them on the neck, waist or feet which is done with motion movements on the Wii remote. He can also destroy parts of the enviroment with his whip and cross large areas too. Indie can dodge by pressing A and B on the Wii remote simultaneously and if you are successful in dodging your attack, Indy will spring up and counter the attack. There are also objects that Indy can pick up and attack with or throw. Later on in the game you get to use a gun which is always the fastest way to kill a Nazi! I am trying my hardest to find 35 artefacts so that I can unlock Han Solo which will be rather cool. The graphics for a Wii game are excellent and it really captures the feel of Indiana Jones films very well. The music is spot on and indys voice sounds good too. This game is out on the PS2 as well and I think that the brilliant Wii controls will make this the better version because it really adds alot to the gameplay for me. So if you are a Indiana Jones fan or enjoy the Tomb Raider games then this really is a must have game for you to buy.
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on 14 June 2009
I've been a fan of the films for a long time and the prospect of this game got me very excited. Got the game yesterday and i love it, everything an indiana jones game should be, fast paced, good story, constant action, spot on music. It's like being in the film. I highly reccommend this for and indy fans.

My only problem with the game is that for those who are more gamers than followers of the film may be disapointed. The controls although fun are a little clumsy at times, and it is quite easy so shouldn't take too long to complete. The replayability is questionable, but if you are like me and you enjoy short fast paced games then you will probably play it over and over again.

I wanted to give it 5 stars (as i say indy fans will love it) but i dont think as a game it is quite polished enough so 4 stars it is.
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on 23 June 2009
I am a lifelong fan of Indy stuff, played most of the games like Emperors Tomb, Infernal machine and Fate of Atlantis, Lego etc to be honest, I would have bought this game anyway....

Going into it with an open mind however, i started about 6 days ago and haven't stopped playing it since...the Staff of Kings game is incredibly addictive and does use the WII hand unit to it full potential. That said, its a shame this game is not compatiable with the WII motion advanced upgrade, as at some points it really needs it. The part of the game where it really needs it is where i am currently stuck on - like a previous review, its a part where you need to swing a piano around on a crane using the WII hand unit.....for some reason it doesn't seem responsive enough.

For the time being unless someone can advise me on a way of doing this, I have switched to Fate of first, when replaying this, you are struck by how bad the graphics were on games this old (1992 was the games release), but once you get back into it, you remember how fab it actually is. To be honest a lot can be relearned from looking at this again - the game is all about using your brain, not relying on graphics, controls etc....

Also to add the game has crashed on me a number of times, as mentioned before in a previous review....

All of this seems bad, but I must say that this is a must buy for WII owners, who want something a bit different from the usual sports simulators etc....not sure how well this game translates onto other platforms though...the use of the WII controls is what makes the game.
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on 21 July 2009
While Staff of Kings is a considerably short game it's also a very enjoyable game to play, just try not to exhaust yourself on the controls like I did. Anyhow, Indy is of on another globe trot for the Staff of Moses (Staff of Kings) before the Nazi's get a hold of it (we'll come to this little problem later).

The environments are engaging for the Wii's limited graphics, the controls, though a little stiff at fighting times, are fun to use particularly when kicking ten-barrels of snot out of the baddies - more fun to push them off cliffs though. I though the story line was excellent for the game and something that is a vast improvement from the fourth instalment's baffling plot.

So, here's my gripe, the Nazi's as I mentioned before are never actually mentioned *as* Nazi's, just "Germans"... even the swastika is nothing but a black cross! What on earth is happening!? Have the programmers suddenly gone PC and decided it'll be too offensive if Indy is fighting Nazi's? That's just wimping out on a big scale. Another little gripe I have is that there are errors every now and then... not too many to make you switch off the game and have it sent back to the retailers but the odd one's like dodgy sound or one incident when I was supposed to climb up on a ledge, Indy fell through the floor and I had to restart the level. Minor inconvenience but, like I said, nothing to ruffle your feathers too much.

Either way this game is well worth a place in anyone's Wii collection. Plus Lucas Arts were kind enough to add an extra game. Yep, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is added for some of the good old nostalgia - though I never played the game - the graphics maybe dated and Indy's voice actor sounds out of place but I loved playing the old school point-and-clicks like Monkey Island and Broken Sword and to have this game added is a fantastic bonus.

So glitches, PC Nazi's (sorry Germans, sorry), slightly stiff fight controls, and none existent flight-line montages aside, Staff of Kings has enough pros to far outweigh its cons allowing you plenty of adventuring fun.
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on 16 June 2009
I agree with everything DragonLord said in his review.

But I would like to point out that there can be times when the Wii's motion control can be very tricky to master. I especially refer to the Piano on a crane section on the last chapter in Odin, in Germany inside the blimp. I had a reasonably ok time with the motion controls until I got to this point, and I still haven't got past it - so I have just gone back through the previous chapters trying to collect all the artifacts to unlock the extra game modes, like playing 'The Fate of Atlantis' game and the skins, such as the Han Solo costume! I'm also trying to master all the glory moves for each chapter, this is a very taxing part of the game but also very rewarding when you clean up each chapter with 100% completion.

If you have high expectations of this game based on the puzzle solving element, then I may warn you that it is mainly an action game, there is very little puzzle solving - and what puzzles there are are often simple. Indeed, there are quite a few gun slinging sections in each chapter, but you will quickly work out a technique for disposing of those troublesome Nazis - and I'll not tell you the technique incase I spoil it for you!

Overall, this is worth playing if you know exactly what your letting yourself in for - and a gem of a game for Indy fanatics. There are some annoying flaws in this game though - mostly the checkpoint save system which forces you to redo sections of the game after dying, meaning you have to retrace your steps or start shooting hordes of Nazis all over again - can be quite repetitive if you haven't mastered how to approach the situation in front of you!

Oh, I must add finally...

The game has crashed on me in two seperate occassions, forcing me to reset the system, go thorugh all the introductory splash screens and then the cutscenes of the chapter I was on - and also having to redo the section I was on from the last checkpoint reached!
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on 3 August 2009
Good fun, but not for long.
It's a great way of using the Wii remote in another original way, and suits the Wii very well but the response times are not up to much and you will end up frustrated that you're getting beaten senseless by a German hardman while shouting "I thumped you!" at your TV.
Also you can't turn off the tutorials so when you have to re-start from checkpoint (because the controls didn't respond quickly enough), you still have to follow the instructions before progressing.
Despite these flaws I enjoyed playing Indiana Jones but had finished it in just a few hours so not one to get if you enjoy a challenging game.

All in all, not bad for the younger/less experienced gamer but not value for money in my eyes.
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on 18 March 2010
Im a big Indiana Jones fan and have played nearly all the games. As the Wii certainly has a large database of rubbish, poorly made games I always do a bit of research before jumping out and buying a game. This game did have quite a lot of negative reviews, so I was very unsure. However, it also had a lot of good reviews from Indy fans and others just trying it. Anyway, I took the plunge and got the game. So was it worth it...oh yes! It was very Indiana Jones like and the fights are fantastic! Sure it took a little bit of getting used to, but like anything a bit of practice goes along way. The main complaint about this game is the controls. I can 'sort' of see why people say this, but to be honest I have not had many problems. Sometimes in the middle of a fight I try to do a certain punch and Indy does something else, bit he still hits the guy and so what if it goes a bit wrong as a result, its dirty fighting and its portrayed well. The whip is used fully too, especially in fights and comes in really handy! As for the puzzles, its a pretty linear game so I dont think people will get stuck in it for long and puzzles are easy to figure out. However, the game does have certain moves called 'Glory Moves' which you need to pull off in levels to unlock more game content, hidden artifacts which also unlock more content, so trying to find these is were the challenge is, some are very hard to find! Graphics wise, good for a Wii game, nice details and looks crisp on a HD cable. One problem that bugged me was for some reason the Wii version of this game does not have Indy wearing his bag? Its a pretty big symbol of his dress code...also were does he put all his goodies? How can such a thing be forgotten! The game also includes Fate of Atlantis which is a fantastic point and click game, bit dated now, but one of Indy's best adventures! However, there is no way to get rid of the subtitles which is a bit of a let down.

However, I may love this game and I do recommend it, but it does have its flaws! So here is the warnings. First of all, there is no way to skip cut scenes! This is not a big issue until you keep loading levels up to try to complete glory moves, look for artifacts and the odd bits in the game were you may keep dying! The controls are a bit iffy, but not as bad as people are reporting, simple small moves are best, rather then swinging your arms around like mad! The worst bit of the game I found was a bit involving a piano on a crain! The controls are much too sensitive and as a result comes very frustrating to complete this bit of the game. However, it is possible and it is near the end of the game, so if you got that far, you must be enjoying the game and hopefully will make time to practice and get past this bit! Just for the record I have completed the game 100%, so I have unlocked everything. Overall, if you are not a Indy fan, try this game, you may like it, just give it a chance, if you are an Indy fan you will love this game and have many hours of fun...especially with the dirty fighting!
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on 7 July 2009
Ok, so this is basically tomb raider with indy instead of lara. The game is more fun to play than tomb raider. The wii controls are used to good effect in the fighting and whipping sections of the game. The shooting sections of the game are fun, especially the tram one. Some of the puzzles maybe a little on the easy side but imo this is a good thing, it means you'll get to play through the whole game. The checkpoints are roughly every 20 mins with an autosave feature, which means you'll make progress nearly every time you'll play the game. If you're an indy fan you'll love this, even if you're not, its more fun than tomb raider !
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on 31 October 2009
I found this game easy, but fight scenes can be difficult.
It's lovely that you get new health at all check points, but this does not help when you are quickly losing health in a fight.

Overall, I'm enjoying the game and my arms ache afterwards!
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2009
I really want to recommend this game, as I'd been looking forward to it for so long.
I finally got my hands on it, and after much frustration I've completed it, after swearing at my TV screen numerous times and literally almost breaking my Wii remote in my frustrated grip.

The controls are the biggest let down. The button combinations aren't great, and using the D-Pad to view was a stupid idea... it's too fliddly. Using the motion controls for the fighting scenes should have been fun, but it's just tiresome - especially when two or three guys are trying to hit you. It's not always easy to hit your enemy, despite swinging the Wii remote either subtly or wildly. When you finally clear a room of bad guys, it's usually a sigh of relief that follows, rather than a cheer of joy.

Despite the wonderful promises of an interactive environment, it's not THAT interactive. If there's something for you to interact with, a little symbol appears, but occasionally the symbols appearance is delayed. This isn't helpful when you come to fight scenes, as it's not always easy to whip the objects without an enemy getting in the way, because the symbol didn't appear until it was too late.
Pathways are pretty linear, you almost literally go from A to B, apart from the occasional off-route area that uncovers a hidden artifact. How unoriginal.

There's other annoyances: Camera angles don't help with knowing where to climb/fall - sometimes it's obvious, other times you can't see anything. Sometimes you allow Indy to fall off a ledge, knowing it's not far, but you die because it's not on the linear path, despite looking accessible. Falling off ledges is something that shouldn't happen, and yet it's so easily done. And I know I've mentioned to fighting quite a bit, but not being able to run past enemies because your shoulders are touching is shoddy. That doesn't include the delayed punching/blocking reactions, and even some slow down during the punch-ups.

When it comes to the shooting scenarios, it's usually more a case of shooting "interactive" parts, rather than shooting people. I understand this supposed to relate to the humour of the films, but it's not even slightly obvious what you're supposed to shoot at. (You literally have to hover your cross-hair over parts of the stage to figure out what you're exactly supposed to shoot at.)

Plane flying isn't as fun as it should have been. It's way over sensitive. The first time you get to do it, there's no practice run, you go straight in at it, crash first time, and keep doing it until you get used to the sensitivity.

The whole package doesn't seem to know whether it's an action game, a shooter or an RPG. It's a mish-mash of all three, without being particularly great at one of them.
The only real saviour to this game is the inclusion of the "Fate of Atlantis" game. This is the original PC point and click RPG that came out at least a decade ago - and this far better than Staff of Kings.

This game plays far better on the Playstation 2, where you don't have the motion controls... it's far easier to control, and I didn't experience any slow-down. You do have some of the other frustrating elements though. The PS2 version far better throughout, even graphically.

Only buy this game if you're an Indy enthusiast, and don't mind game that have lacked some care and attention during their development. I really wanted this to rock, but I wouldn't even suggest renting it.
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