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4.0 out of 5 stars18
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2006
This is one of the best books I have ever read. This book reveals the plight of the American Indian in painstaking detail and focuses on the events of 25th June 1975 when two FBI agents were fatally wounded after having trespassed onto Indian territory as part of an ongoing process of violence and intimidation carried out by both the FBI and the Government freindly indians - or goons as they were known - in which hundreds of traditional indians were murdered over a period of years. I the spirit of Crazy horse focuses on why these events took place, and eaxmined the case in minute detail, revealing a disgraceful, ongoing miscarriage of justice. As late as November, 2003, the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals acknowledged that Much of the government's behavior at the Pine
Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed!
Human rights organizations worldwide have long called for hearings into the use of the criminal justice system by the FBI for political purposes. Amnesty International has called for his immediate release on the grounds that Peltier does not have adequate recourse to justice.
In March 2004, the Peltier legal team submitted another formal request to the U.S. Congress for an investigation into the actions against Peltier and the American Indian Movement during the 1970s. This request calls on legislators to fully investigate the FBI's role in the violence on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota from 1973 to 1976, and the now documented official misconduct against members of AIM during that period. These efforts are ongoing.
In the spirit of Crazy horse is an incredibly powerful book and demands to be read by anyone interested in justice, the current plight of indigenous peoples the world over, and the destruction of our natural environment. Crazy horse is a vital addition to the understanding of the history of the native American people and stands alongside such classics as Bury my heart at Wounded Knee, and Black Elk Speaks. Quite simply, this book demands to be read!
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on 3 January 1998
I have read this book three times so far. It is a very interesting book which deals with the way the American Indian Movement ("AIM") and Leonard Peltier were prosecuted by the government back in the sixties and seventies. I urge all people who would like to know the truth about the incident to read this book. The book deals with some very difficult topics but once read, you'll walk away shaking your head and asking yourself "How can this happen? This is America?"
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on 30 December 2000
My daughter gave me this book for Christmas and I finished it within 4 days. I could not put it down. I have had my own personal experiences with the Federal and S.C. State governments, and it saddens me to find out that it appears to be uniform apathy and corruption throughout the system. This book appears to be one of the finest, most painstakingly researched books on today's Native American culture and what it has faced at the hands of the United States government. I wish the author could see some of the items I have concerning the "Department of Justice" and their unwillingness to prosecute local officers who commited perjury and obstruction of justice.
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on 4 June 1998
This book is an excellant read. It covers the history of the American Indian Movement (AIM) up to the point of the of Leonard Peltier. This book opens your mind to the harse reality of the U.S. Government and it's ways. If you like true stories of Gov't conspiracies and it's molestation of human rights, I recomend this book highly. I also suggest you buy the two "Rage Against the Machine" albums, they touch on this subject several times. Also you should take a look at the award winning documentury "Incident at Oglala". A special produced by Robert Redford that also tells the story of Leonard Peltier. Fight the power!!!
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on 16 July 1999
EVERYONE should read this book. I find Matthiessen's writing style to be exceptionally readable and entertaining strictly on literary merits, and the topic here is riveting and disturbing. Matthiessen's pro-Indian bias in this book will be apparent to many, but nevertheless, this book's presentation of well documented evidence speaks for itself, and for Peltier's obvious railroading in a sham 'trial'. Admittedly, it may take two reads of this book to fully absorb all the information - there is a lot in there.
When I first learned of Peltier's case, I was very skeptical (actually, disbelieving) of his claims. But my associates with Amnesty International encouraged me to check into the facts, the court records, legal documents, etc, and I was so utterly shocked at what I discovered, I had to change my position 180 degrees.
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on 18 May 1998
I'm writing this review shortly after Leonard's latest parole hearing. During that hearing, the head honcho on the panel told Leonard, "We know you didn't kill that agent, but someone in Indian Country did, and someone has to pay." The prosecutor, Lynn Crooks, has gone on record as stating, "We don't know who killed the agents." Read this book to see how the case against Leonard was made. Then read "The Trial of Leonard Peltier" by Jim Messerschmidt, and "Agents of Repression" by Jim Vanderwall and Ward Churchill. While your at it, rent "Incident at Oglala", produced by Robert Redford.
Another reviewer here has commented on Leonard's fingerprints being found on the agents' car; he wrote his review before completing the book, so he doesn't know how the fingerprint got there. It's explained in the book (Leonard helped move the car after the shooting was over.)
This isn't an easy read, but it's well worth it. It covers not only the shootout at Oglala, but the Civil War taking place on Pine Ridge in the prior years, and the aftermath of the shooting - including the trial of Leonard's co-indictees, Bob Robideau and Dino Butler, who were acquitted in Cedar Rapids on the grounds of self-defense. (Information the jury wasn't allowed to hear during Leonard's trial.)
I read this book when it was first published - before the lawsuits by Gov. Wm. Janklow and S.A David Price caused Viking Press to pull the book from their catalog. After Mattheissen and Viking won the lawsuit, it was republished and I was finally able to buy a copy of my own. It's still a book I re-read annually.
Everyone who reads this, please write to the LPDC (address given in the book) to see how you can help Leonard Peltier.
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on 28 March 1999
During the American Civil Rights Movement there is an area that most of the country refuses to study or examine; the struggle for civil rights among and for the native peoples. In that movement there was an organization called AIM (American Indian Movement), I guess you'd call them the Black Panthers of our movement. They did some things that I do not agree with, but their motives can't be argued with. The United States Government did some very wrong things to these civil rights activists and one of them, Leonard Peltier, is still in prison. This is a DETAILED account of the incident he is imprisoned over. I may not agree with everything this man did; but hey, looking back at my own life I don't agree with everything that I've done. That doesn't meen he did what the FBI has accused him of. And this book is the proof that he didn't.
If you are a student of the American Civil Rights Movement or of Native History, or even of the History of the F.B.I., you should have this case study as a reference.
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on 21 September 2001
When i first got this book i was quite excited but in a way i was very let down by it. I mainly got it for the story of the Leonard Peltier trial (which i had some knowledge on) and the coverage on that is excellent but unfortunatly the remainder of the book was mainly speculation and only really is very one-sided. If you atre going to purchase this book i suggest that you keep a very open mind whilst reading it. It is worth buying though just for the coverage of the Leonard Peltier fiasco
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on 22 April 1999
I have read this book (and many others) as well as other sources regarding the case of Leonard Peltier, and I find Mr. Matthiessen's work nearly flawless. Leonard Peltier's incarceration is yet another injustice dumped upon the people who were on this continent long before the European invaders came; it does not surprise me in the least. I applaud Mr. Matthiessen's great effort here to at least shed some truth on the matter.
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on 5 September 1999
This is not even a one star book; it is a no star book. As an Oglala Sioux and a history teacher, I was dismayed and angered by the blatant and overt dishonesty of the author. The Sioux have a courageous past and enough genuine present day obstacles to overcome without the additional burden of Peter Matthiessen as their spokesman. The book is not just one-sided, it is preposterous. Read the books of authors like Robert Utley, Evan Connell, George Hyde, or Royal Hassrick to really learn of the Sioux culture.
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