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4.6 out of 5 stars376
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 6 November 2009
Careful - some reviews will tell you the entire plot of this film and ruin it for you - I won't
Before I buy a DVD for my kids, I always ask myself 2 questions:
Did the kids enjoy it in the cinema?
Will they want to watch it again and again?
It's a resounding yes on both counts here
This was a top afternoon's entertainment and the kids (6 and 8) absolutely loved it, were never bored and talked about it for hours afterwards.
What more do you want?
We thought this was the best Ice Age yet; a lot more adventurous, exciting and fast-paced than the others.
The 'Lost World' premise and a couple of excellent new characters really brought the movie to life and opened up new possibilities.
Inevitably, this will be compared to Pixar movies and I think it stands up to that comparison very well - VERY HIGH praise indeed.
Buy this and know your kids will get pleasure from it over and over again and you will too!
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My husband and myself nearly did ourselves a mischief as we laughed so much watching this brilliantly made film. Sometimes sequels don't always live up to the hype but in the case of the Ice Ace trilogy the producers just can't do any wrong in my opinion.

The old 'herd' are back together again and there is exciting news on the way for Manni and Ellie. However, Diago and Sid are starting to feel like cuckoos in the nest and Manni's rather blunt remarks don't exactly help poor dimwitted but kindly Sid. Diago meanwhile is feeling his age and he too strikes out on his own.

It is not long however before Sid gets into an inordinate amount of trouble (he wants to be a Mother) and of course 'the herd' go to his rescue ending up in a kind of Dinotopia, only it isn't exactly that! There they meet an totally loopy Weasel who has evidently been on his own too long and has his own personal reasons for staying there.

Scrat, who has to be my favourite character is back again reprising his role as chief nut hunter/loser/finder until one day he meets his Nemesis and possibly his love, Scratte.

This is a hugely enjoyable film suitable for all the family and there is not a dull moment in it. It's also the sort of film that you could watch again and again and still get something out of.

Will there be Ice Age 4? It's possible and indeed I hope it comes to pass.
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on 21 October 2011
I have only just got this film today, It is great in 3D without any ghosting at all. I highly recommend you buying this film as so far it's the best I have in 3D quality.
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on 23 July 2009
I was a bit apprehensive about seeing Dawn of the Dinosaurs after the dull and unimpressive The Meltdown.

I'm happy to say though, that Dawn of the Dinosaurs is actually really good, joyfully revisiting the chaos and momentum of the original. Obviously it's targeted at younger kids, so lots of the jokes undoubtedly fall flat on their faces with slightly older viewers. Some are decidedly 'cheap' too, unfortunately- which is what brought the film down for me. Still, the gag rate is incredibly high. Some hit, some miss, and when the good laughs do come, they're really damn funny.

As ever with Ice Age, the animation is rather low-fi (not to the horrid extents of Hoodwinked, don't worry), but it's uniquely beautiful. This time around, the animators have really upped their game: We're treated to lots of gorgeous, colour-saturated landscapes and magical set-pieces. What I liked about Dawn of the Dinosaurs was that we literally take a trip into a whole new world.

The voice cast are all excellent, even though certain characters, such as the genius of Sean William Scott, are foolishly pushed aside. One of the film's main attractions is Simon Pegg, voicing the new character, Buck, who adds an energetic sparkle to proceedings.

Overall, if you're feeling reluctant to see the third in this trilogy due to the dire sequel, there's nothing to worry about. I'm glad to say that Dawn of the Dinosaurs is actually in the same league as the original. With enough one-liners and visual gags, it's almost impossible not to be entertained. You'll like it as much as your kids will.
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on 6 January 2010
The Blu-ray transfar for Ice Age 3 is one the best I've seen and just like the first two Ice Age flims you will be laughing nonstop. Scrat are nut hunting nutter has got himself a girlfriend/nemesis called Scratte whom is even more nutty. Sid is even more insane then normal and steals eggs which belong to a T-Rex. Manni and Ellie are going to be parents and Diego is having a mid-life crisis. all in all this an excellent family film in which everyone should enjoy alot.
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We have the same group of friends as before, with hairy mammoths Manny and Ellie (who's pregnant), Diego the sabre-toothed tiger, Sid the sloth, the twins Crash and Eddie and the funniest of them all, Scrat, despite the fact that he can't talk. Sid gets kidnapped by the mother of three newly-hatched dinosaurs and his buddies set off to rescue him, which takes them on a journey into a land they have never seen before, one which in spite of the film's title is completely devoid of ice but full of dinosaurs of course - some very large and possibly on the scary side for the youngest of children. As a back-story to all this, Ellie is about to give birth and Manny has been making preparations for the newborn baby mammoth. The only new speaking character is Buck (voiced by Simon Pegg) although Scrat, in a much more prominent role than in the first two films, finds love for the first time in his life, and for once it isn't a huge acorn - it's a flirtacious female called Scratte.

Technically it's as good as ever if not the best of the three as far as animation quality is concerned, even if the story is a little simplistic. It doesn't flow as smoothly as its predecessors with some occasionally awkward editing, and if anything there's a sense that it might be one too many - but Buck makes it worthwhile, he has some funny lines and breathes some new life into the viewing experience. My own primary-school-age children thought it was as good as Ice Age 1 and 2, and after a second's thought they decided it was the best. Personally I think the first is still the best, this one is a worthy addition although I hope the makers stop here, it really looks as if it has nowhere to go from here and a fourth variation would weaken the brand overall. It's still good for adults too, there's that clever mix of humour that appeals to all ages and while there were fewer laugh-out-loud moments than in either 1 or 2, I still enjoyed it and did not hesitate to get the DVD when it was released - it's a must-have for repeated viewing.

Disc One:
* Filmmaker Commentary
Disc Two:
* Two Scrat Shorts
o Gone Nutty - Scrat's Missing Adventure
o No Time For Nuts
* The Sabre-Toothed Squirrel: Natures Nutty Buddy
* Scrat: From Head To Toe - learn how to draw Scrat tutorial
* Scrat: "Breaking Story"
* Scrat: "News Report"
* Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making A Scene
* Buck...Easel to Weasel
* Falling for Scratte
* Unearthing the Lost World
* Walk The Dinosaur Music Video
* Activities
o Scrat Pinball
o Eggshell
o Bubble Trouble
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on 4 October 2011
This was my introduction to 3D blurays and it convinced me that it was worthwhile paying for the 3D experience.
I have the panasonic TX-L37DT30B model and believe that it does justice to the 3D blurays on offer and visa-versa.
I have enjoyed the Ice Age trilogy and this film was in keeping with the former two films (IMO), except that the 3D version added to the atmousphere and the viewing.
As the previous movies, it has humour and extremely good animation throughout.
I am happy with my purchase.
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on 21 September 2009
I laughed my socks off at this the third in the Ice Age Saga. With laughter and tears I welcomed back Mannie the "Jewish" Mammoth, Ellie the Mammoth who was raised by Possums, her two Possum brothers Eddie and Crash, Diego the Sabre Tooth Tiger and of course Sid the Sloth who creates disaster wherever he goes.

Add to this melee of fun Scrat the Squirrel and his new love interest Scratte a flying squirrel, three T-Rex eggs and a hidden world under the ice and you have a story that is just waiting to be told.

With humour for all the family adults and kids alike, Ice Age 3, Daw of the Dinosaurs is a hoot from beginning to end. Ellie is expecting a baby Mammoth, and Mannie is the panicking dad-to-be. Sid adopts three T-Rex eggs and ends up being adopted himself by their grumpy but basically good mother who realises that Sid is not all bad, he just isn't a meat eater and he certain is no T-Rex look-a-like.

There's the mysterious "Rudy" that even the T-Rex's fear and the fearless Buck, a one eyed weasel who is somewhat insane but totally lovable.

It's none stop laughs and humour from beginning to end and like the previous two Ice Ages, the story line is as funny and as heart warming as it gets.

This is a movie that is just for fun, no hidden messages, no "oh God, that is so INTENSE" moments, it's just about enjoying yourself. And the best part for me? The Acorn Tango with Scrat and Scrattee, I laughed until I almost fell out of my wheelchair.
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on 13 January 2012
There's no spoilers in this review...

I give it 4 stars for but its for the value of entertaining the children alone. It's a kids film and our 6 year olds love it. They could watch it back to back all day if we let them.

Now, I know won't get any 'helpful comments votes' but for family (that includes parents!) entertainment I wouldn't give it any stars. It was mildly amusing but not very funny. The humour is generally based on sly remarks at the expense of another character.

I have to admit I can't say it was boring as there was constant jeopardy until they objective is achieved. It was the constant repartition of the perilous situations that was boring.

It's not like choice is restricted as it cheap for a DVD but if it were I'd choose almost any Pixar film over Ice Age.
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on 9 January 2010
Fantastic entertainment for the whole family. Kept us all watching from start to finish. It was laugh out loud funny, and the addition of simon pegg as the one eyed weasel added loads to the fun. Dialsogue was hilarious. well worth watching over and over and adults will also love it. Highly recomended.
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