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Initial post: 3 Apr 2012 04:33:33 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
If anyone needs it:

Use 7-Zip to extract the rar file:

The links in the were not working when I posted this so I uploaded this version which includes Livesuit, Market fix and instructions to install

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 10:18:06 BDT
Adam says:
Thanks M. A. Coburn. Which firmware have you included? Is it from the manufacturer website or is it Selby or reactor ROM?

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 11:43:47 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
It's just the official release and the tweak script. I can upload whichever package you want...think I have them all except the last 2 by selby

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 11:47:34 BDT
Adam says:
Which would you recommend overall? I've heard some good things about the reactor ROM

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 12:32:29 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
I'm using Reactor ROM, uploading it now, again with instructions and the market fix file. I found the problem with that is that it has an adblocker, hence sites like don't work. I removed the adblocker using Android Overclock, although there is probably an easier way. I also used LCD Modder Pro to fix Market Compatibility issues, though I believe the script I'll upload does the same thing.

Although all of these roms claim to be rooted, they are not rooted properly. You will need this if you wish to do that:

Connect your tablet via USB while the tablet is powered on....make sure USB debugging is enabled. Open the downloaded file, ignore everything except "root me". Double click on that and follow the instructions. By rooting the device you will lose the option to use Google Play Movies. They claim it's about piracy, but rooting has nothing to do with that

The best thing I have found is an app called Lucky Patcher, which I can't upload. I own both Titanium Backup Pro and Ttorrent, but they were not working on my tablet. I patched the files with the app and now they do.

Every Rom uploaded so far requires extra work to be done on them, either with market fix scripts or rooting. I personally like the Reactor Rom, but I use my tablet for Internet, playing films and Facebook games. I believe the Selby ROM is being modified for gaming and has more DPI tweaks.

I'll upload Reactor later. There is a new Selby Rom uploaded, links are found at:

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 12:41:06 BDT
"They claim it's about piracy, but rooting has nothing to do with that"

It does actually, but I can't say why without committing a criminal offence that would have me extradited by the Feds and incarcerated in a US jail. Long live Freedom of Speech.

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 13:07:06 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
Not for me it doesn't. I root to get shot of the pesky apps I don't want and so I can modify settings I am fully entitled to modify. It gets even more silly when google sell rooted apps via their store. It's rather like a tv manufacturer saying you can only watch BBC and not ITV

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 13:25:26 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
Reactor ROM:

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 15:32:04 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
1st Selby Rom

Posted on 3 Apr 2012 18:58:50 BDT
It''s certainly true that the vast majority of us root our devices for reasons that have nothing to do with piracy. But the attempts by some developers to stop their apps running on rooted devices have everything to do with a fear of piracy, which is why I took issue with the claim that rooting and piracy aren't connected.

If it wasn't for the paranoia and crazy business accounting of the big media companies, no-one would give two hoots about whether people rooted their devices, except maybe phone companies who wanted to make it harder to unlock devices sold at a big discount, which they need to recoup via tying users to their own tariffs.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Apr 2012 09:52:09 BDT
Antony says:
(M.A.Coburn) A bit off this topic, but on the subject of Facebook games when I have tried to play any they start to load and then Flash gives an ! which I understand is an out of memory error. Do you know of any settings to fix this I was coming to the conclusion the tablets just don't have enough memory for these games?

Posted on 4 Apr 2012 10:10:49 BDT
Palexr says:
On the subject of rooting, its relationship to piracy are tenuous at best. It is more to do with controlling the "user experience". Users who root their phones are more likely to do other things to their devices which can make apps hiccup badly. Developpers really don't have the time or inclination to try to support someone who has done something funky to their device. They have no way of knowing what is going on under the hood so to speak.

It also allows service providers to make deals with hardware providers, rooted devices can try to "spoof" an app by pretending the device is other than it is. An example would be Sky releasing their Sky Go app for a restricted number of devices. I can get my phone to try and pretend it is one of those devices, which is not a good thing as far as Sky, Samsung, HTC and others is concerned. So the app checks for Root, if it finds it the app doesn't work, even if it is on one of the approved devices.

All of the above applies to the tablets we have bought and upgraded to ICS, using the FW from some, basically, unknown source "selby".

You can hide root.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012 12:38:41 BDT
Adam says:
Is there any improvement on battery life with the reactor ROM?

Posted on 5 Apr 2012 18:08:03 BDT
Rob H says:
Another shoutout here for the Reactor rom. Easily the less problematic of the roms I've tried.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012 19:40:25 BDT
@ palexr Alright, before I give up, I'll say it one more time: the links between rootedness and piracy are by no means "tenuous". The reason neither I nor anyone else can tell you why is that we don't want to end up in a US jail with the full co-operation of HM government. But your essential point is correct. People can wreak havoc with root permissions, then badmouth device manufacturers or developers or drive support people crazy with problems of the user's own making.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012 20:39:22 BDT
Adam says:
The market fix does not seem to work with the reactor ROM? Is there another way to gain full market access with this ROM?

Posted on 6 Apr 2012 01:31:01 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
Yes. Buy LCD Density Modder Pro. If you can't get it on market, google it, then buy it when you can. There is a market fix to make google play work in it

Posted on 6 Apr 2012 01:50:08 BDT
M. A. Coburn says:
As to root vs piracy, if I didn't have root in ICS, I would be unable to use a great deal of apps I have paid works both ways I guess. We would all benefit greatly if all software had to have a full usage trial by law. It's not the same as video and music, knowing what your software can do is essential to find out whether it's tailored to your needs.

Posted on 2 May 2012 15:28:07 BDT
Alan Smithee says:
Sorry to be pedantic but it's Seby not Selby. The jester from Leicester has nothing to do with it.
This is for all the people doing a search on Google. You'll get more hits spelling it right.
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