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A Listmania! list by A. Gillies (London, UK)
1.  Fleshwounds by Skin
The list author says:
  "I love SKin's voice.  It's so emotive.  This is a great CD but quite different to Skunk Anansie"
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Post Orgasmic Chill
2.  Post Orgasmic Chill by Skunk Anansie
The list author says:
  "Skunk at their Best.  Skin's voice is just awesome.  Stoosh is also great, I'm not so keen on Paranoid and sunburnt (except for Weak)"
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Bible of Dreams
3.  Bible of Dreams by Juno Reactor
The list author says:
  "This is such a great blend of trance and rock.  It is idiosyncraticly Juno reactor.  It is, I think, the best trance album save for 'Dual' by Oberon ( available at torture-gardens.com)"
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Queen Omega
4.  Queen Omega by Queen Omega
The list author says:
  "Some top Reggae. Queen Omega is obviously angry but also very religious.  Highest high, warning and uprising are my favorite tracks"

Meteora (Enhanced UK Version)
5.  Meteora (Enhanced UK Version) by Linkin Park
The list author says:
  "A rarity in that they are hugely talented and also succesful.  I didn't think there second album would be able to live up to hybrid theory, but it does. It's a bit more rock orientated and anthemic."
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Violent By Design
6.  Violent By Design by Jedi Mind Tricks
The list author says:
  "Jedi Mind Tricks kick.  I mean, just their name is great and they are without doubt the best thing to come out of philly!"
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Under The Pink
7.  Under The Pink by Tori Amos
The list author says:
  "Tori's voice is beautiful and she's great on the piano.  I picked this album because I love 'cornflake girl' (but find the cover she did of 'lovesong' by the cure)"
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Sonic Jihad
8.  Sonic Jihad by Snake River Conspiracy
The list author says:
  "Entertaining.  Tobi has a good voice and I particularly love THEIR cover of  Lovesong.  (different from Tori's)"
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