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4.7 out of 5 stars195
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2013
Allie Brosh is the creator of the award winning blog "Hyperbole and a Half". Allie writes and illustrates stories from her childhood, anecdotes about her dogs and a candid account of her own struggle with depression. Allie depicts her comic persona usually wearing a pink dress with y shaped hands and a blonde shark fin ponytail.

And now she FINALLY has her own book (hooray)!

What makes Hyperbole so wonderful is Allie's mix of charming, whimsical drawings (all done using a simple program called `Paintbrush') and introspective, uproarious and honest to a fault prose.
The facts: This book is A5 size with 371 colourful pages. There are 18 comics in total, 11 new stories and 7 favourites from the blog. (4 of her stories include her beloved pets: Helper Dog and Simple Dog!)

Just for those die-hard fans (stalkers of the blog, much like myself) here are a few notes:
There is no Spaghatta Nadle! Our favourite nadle with the spach ampadamant is not here (maybe he'll get his own comic book one day!)
For whatever reason, Allie has chosen to change a few drawings. Example: The God of Cake - some of the pictures are different to those in the blog.

Of the 11 new stories, we learn how Allie motivates herself - through shaming; Helper dog has issues and how to distract your kids with pine cones if you're ever lost in the forest (I feel sorry for Allie's mom)

Buy it, read it, share it - ALOT! (ha - the ALOT is better than you at Everything - see Hyperbole Blog: April 2010)

P.S. Allie, if you're reading this - there damn well better be a volume 2!!!
0Comment|17 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse is a popular blog started by Allie Brosh in 2009 that sets out stories from her life to an accompaniment of crudely drawn (but completely hilarious) comic strips. This book contains a mix of existing material from her blog and new strips.

I had heard of Brosh’s blog and seen some of the strips, but had never checked it out. As a result, all of the material in the book was new to me but those who do know the blog may find it old news. The comic strips are crudely drawn but that’s kinda the point and it’s amazing how much emotion Brosh manages to pack into the pictures – particularly those relating to her account of dealing with depression. I found it a hilarious and moving read and would definitely check out Brosh’s blog and any further books with the caveat that given how expensive the book is, I’d prefer to buy something with all new material rather than another collection.

My favourite strips were the stories from her childhood – especially the account of the battle with her mother over a chocolate cake, which had me doubled over and Brosh’s account of the day a goose invaded her home (which made me laugh so much on my commute that latte shot out of my nose). However, there are serious sections in the book and I think her account of depression is very moving. Having suffered myself with it in the past, I could really relate to what she was saying – notably about how useless it is to be given advice – and as such, I would recommend it to anyone who knows someone with the condition.

All in all, I completely enjoyed this book and would have no hesitation in recommending it.
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on 11 December 2013
Anyone who reads my reviews regularly will know that I can be quite hard on these blog to book transitions. I usually can't see the point.

The difference with Hyperbole and a Half is the Allie Brosh can actually write. Her stories and illustrations may, at first, seem juvenile but to pass them over would be an affront to comedy. The tales from her childhood are extremely well structured. The hilarity of the situations is really just a plus. I think Allie would be capable of writing about anything.

What really makes Hyperbole and a half appealing is Allie herself. Her childhood stories are very relatable. Most people would be able to think of similar happening in their own lives. As for me, I found her explanation of depression and it's effects to be one of the most accurate I've ever read! Anyone who's ever suffered from depression will note themselves nodding, then laughing and then feeling guilty (sorry Allie!)

I have been a follower of her blog for quite a while so a lot of the stories weren't new to me. This really doesn't matter though. The humour is timeless and her stories never get old no matter how many times you read them.The only problem was that it wasn't long enough. It never would be. I could read her stories all day.

If you are new to Allie Brosh then be prepared to literally laugh out loud.

More@ [...]
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on 21 February 2014
This book is ab-so-lutely hilarious.
For those who've never heard of Allie Brosh, the book is named after her online blog, (which I also recommend to anyone). Although the book contains some material from the website, it is still very, very funny even if you've read it before. On top of that there is plenty of new material as well, which is also very, very funny.
I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour. And to anyone who doesn't have a sense of humour, this book could probably fix you. (OK, that last claim was a bit of a guess!)
My only reservation is that there is a little bit of swearing, but not that much, and most people will probably be fine with it. In any case, you'll probably be too busy rolling around on the floor laughing to be bothered by a smattering of bad language.
Honestly, I would give it 6 stars out of 5 if I could.
Thank you Allie, thank you thank you thank you :)
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on 11 March 2014
I got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day... we've been following Allie's blog for years.

When it arrived, I thought I should browse through it for a sneak preview, (just to make sure he would like it) and I have to say- NEVER read this while drinking a cup of tea at the same time. Or any liquid, for that matter.

I laughed so hard I nearly spewed hot tea all over it, and I had to put it aside in case I ended up by giving him a stained, soggy book as a gift.

Nearly a month later, we've both read it now- and it is brilliant. The illustrations are great... quirky and unique, but so expressive- and so, so funny, even when she write about the depression she has struggled with, and more serious ruminations on her life in general. In fact, I think that her depiction of depression using the dead goldfish is the BEST explanation of depression I've ever seen, and anyone planning on becoming a therapist or counselor should have to read it.

I was going to choose a favourite bit, but I can't- I like them all. The trip to the dentist, the letter from her ten-year old self, the psychopathic goose, her mad dogs, (and her attempts to train them) and CAKE, (actually, that one might be my favourite) and all the rest. I'm sitting here with it and going through it again laughing over Helper Dog in the snow, which is why it's now taken me over half an HOUR to write this review. I'm never going to get to the shops.

As to the book's much thicker than I had anticipated- 369 pages, full-colour printing on good quality paper that actually feels nice.

Buy it.... so she'll do a sequel.
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on 19 January 2014
This book is genius, I was laughing all the way throughout. My mum also read the book and was crying with laughter.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes her website, and if you are unsure check out her blog and I'm sure you will find yourself buying this book in no time :)

Brilliant stuff, just sheer genius!
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on 23 February 2014
Allie is hilarious and sincere. She has a self-deprecating honesty that somehow serves to raise her up instead. Oftentimes, her stories are like listening to my own way of thinking, only now it's funny, and it makes me feel less alone in my awkwardness.
Also, the world has not seen an artist of this calibre since Van Gogh.
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on 9 April 2014
For those who aren't familiar with Allie Brosh's popular online cartoons, these are hilarious, sometimes moving tales of her life and an absolute necessity for anyone who is or has ever been an adult, a girl, a dog owner, a teenager, a child, or someone who sometimes just wants to sit on the sofa and not do the things today... Deeper than just comic strips but not quite a graphic novel, they are great to dip in and out of, but once you start you may find yourself reading the whole thing. An excellent gift for older teens, especially with regard to the parts dealing with (ultimately resolved) mental health issues.

Hoping that a second volume emerges soon!
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on 2 November 2013
Allie Brosh is just as good if not better than all the anti-depressants and mood stabilizers in the world. Whenever I'm having a really bad day, I read her blog on the net and no matter how sad I am, I end up giggling like the lunatic that I am. And now, on the rare occasion that I venture outside of my house, I can use her book as a comfort blanket. I recommend this book to everyone!
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on 15 February 2014
There's very little to say about this that hasn't already been said. I'm a huge fan of Ms Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half blog, which i've followed since 2010, and this book is a continuation of it's sheer wonderfulness - a combination of some of the best of the posts from that blog (of particular dearness to me, her writings on her struggles with depression - described more beautifully, eloquently, accurately and, perversely, humourously than anyone one has ever managed in the history of the written word!) as well as fresh new material, which is guaranteed to make you giggle.
Buy this book, you really won't regret it.
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