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4.7 out of 5 stars526
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 July 2014
I found Laurelin Paiges "Fixed Trilogy" very late. I only met Hudson about 7 weeks ago, but as soon as i strarted i knew i had found a treasure of a book. luckly at the end of the trilogy Laurelin had put in a few chapters of "Hudson" so i knew that the story was going to continue and very soon.

In "The Fixed Trilogy" you find out a little bit about Hudson, but at the end of the series there was alot of unanswered questions about his past and his relationship with his family and Celia that i felt needed to be answered. Luckly you get all the answers you need in this book and more to keep you fully satisfied and making you fall in love with Hudson a little bit more.

"Hudson" is told completly in his point of view. The book is very complex, making sure you understand every little thing you possible could about Hudson. The book alternates between the past and the present so you get more insight in his past, but also a better undering of his rerlarionship with Alayna. Laurelin created a perfect balance between telling Hudson past life and his current life.

Laurelin did a amazing job at telling Hudson's story and making the story original. i find alot of books that are wrote after a series and then are released in the males perspective are just retelling a story that you already know. Luckly this wasnt the case here and i couldnt of been happier about that.

This book was just as amazing as "The Fixed Triolgy" if not better. The story had the right amount of sex, hot men, lies, betrayal and games in it to keep you 100% engaged.

I loved every second of the story and i am very glad that all my questions have been answered.

A must read for everyone whose read The Fixed Trilogy and for those of you who havnt read it yet a met Hudson thern you need to 1 click him immediatly.
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Reading Hudson made my heart ache all over again for Alayna, and the depth of emotions I felt for Hudson further cemented my love for him as his thoughts came into view. I loved reading his pov especially on seeing Alayna for the first time, which left me with butterflies followed by anticipation to see his rationalised thoughts on love being swayed. His instant need to protect Alayna from Celia was heart-warming and sweet, you could feel his battle to keep her safe and away from the game plans Celia concocted, in order to examine the depth of emotions being played and wanting to prove how easily someone with a past compulsive disorder could still be broken down. God I hated Celia the woman was even more evil as we got to understand her friendship with Hudson, and the sick influence she had on his life made me want to slap her! I hurt for Hudson as his life before Alayna was played out, keeping himself void of emotions and detached from the world always studying others, until he felt Alayna's presence touch his soul and shift everything into focus, trying to stay one step ahead of Celia as he worked on liberating himself from his cognitive patterns of behaviour to finally find happiness and real love. The scenes between Hudson and Alayna were even hotter in his pov! Great insight into Hudson's mind and the epilogue stole the show!
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on 17 July 2014
I loved the fixed trilogy loved the story between Hudson and Alayna. But Hudson just didn't hit the spot for me. I found it to be very long . Yeah I know things have to be explained. I could but fixed down and was reading them in a matter of days but Hudson took me over a week cos it wouldn't hold my excitment. But at least I can say I've read it. Hopefully free me will be better
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on 8 July 2014
Loved Hudson's story after reading the fixed trilogy. It makes you understand what made him tick. The player of games gets played. Loved also the epilogue. Please read the fixed trilogy first before this story. Thoroughly recommended. Now looking forward to the book about Gwen. Thank you Laurelin
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on 14 July 2014
"Alayna Withers changed everything for me. I can easily divide my life into two parts - before her and after......... Before her, I never really lived. So there's is only after."

I've enjoyed other books retelling the story from the male perspective, such as the Legal Affairs series by Sawyer Bennett, and so was very much looking forward to seeing the story from Hudson's viewpoint, and it's great. Some of the book is retelling the story of the Fixed trilogy from his side but some of the book is his past and how he became the man he is. We're told the story of how his 'experiment' with Celia changed her making her his future partner in crime. He teaches her well and in terms of the game, she outplays him in the end but is put to a stop by his clever business mind backing her into a corner. Even though did a horrid thing to Celia I still hate her! Hudson carries out his 'experiments' so he can study people's reactions to circumstances, he's curious because he doesn't feel these emotions himself. He is cruel but what's worse is Celia helping only because she wants to see people hurt and in pain.
Before Laynie Hudson doesn't understand emotions, not feeling was his "superpower", believes they play no important part in life. "Emotions. How they weakened the strong. How they deluded the intelligent. How they transformed a person into someone unrecognizable". After meeting Alayna he's confused. "I'm also completely lost. I've never been so without answers......Has therapy actually changed me? Is that why she makes me feel the way she does? Because as scared as I am to admit it, that's exactly what's going on with Alayna - I'm feeling. She makes me feel. What, I can't say. I'm not familiar enough with these sensations to explain any of it."
The way Hudson speaks of Laynie shows he's truly in love, deep, painful, breathtaking, love. "She's not just my light; she's my sun. My world revolves around her." When he thinks he's lost her and he is crying, hugging himself, feeling all the emotions he has refused to feel before, it's heartbreaking.

This is a great book, seeing the change in Hudson is beautiful; seeing Celia's plotting is frustrating; seeing Alayna's suffering is painful. Fantastic follow up to the trilogy.
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on 16 October 2014
Absolutely loved the fixed trilogy but at the end felt there were bits to the story that needed resolving and having read some of the reviews for Hudson I thought reading it from Hudson's point of view would answer the missing questions. So glad I did. I don't normally read these companion books but I have to say this was great. For anyone reading the fixed trilogy don't read this in conjunction with it because it will ruin the plot, read it after. Although there are parts that are duplicated, they are necessary from Hudson's point of view and it isn't boring and I certainly don't think it is a waste of money if you are not with unlimited, but a lot of it is revolves around his obsessions and how he becomes so deeply involved and sinks deeper into darkness. Also the story then carries on after the fixed trilogy ends, so finishes the whole thing off nicely. I think Hudson was slightly better than the trilogy, because there was less sexual content, which got a bit boring towards the end and was nicely condensed so only the main parts were packed into the one book. At the conclusion I ended up liking Hudson a lot. I note that Gwen's story is due to be released soon "free me (the found duet book 1)" and I can't wait to read it. Hoping that Alayna, Hudson and the rest of the crew are featured in it, Well written I would highly recommend but only after reading the Fixed Trilogy - this is not a "stand alone" book.
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on 31 July 2014
This was not what I expected only better.

Fixed is written as a trilogy and to me and the rest of you that means 3! This is book 4 so you would think that this was not meant to be part of a trilogy (which is 3) but a "Quadrilogy" meaning 4..................... Anyway I digress....................

This book is excellent, not only for the way it is written but for the way Laurelin pulls together the past and the present in a way that makes books 1 - 2 and 3 make sense and the reader understands why things are as there were. You may think that again this is Mummy Porn, Mills and Boons, Eroticia but it is more than that. Yes there are parts which make you hot under the collar and you look around to make sure no one is reading your kindle over your shoulder but overall this book makes you THINK! Again Laurelin has broken all boundaries by explaining to us in words we all understand why people find it hard to love until love comes crashing in.

This is not a stand alone book but for anyone who wants to know what made Hudson the way he is then this is a MUST read. It ties up all of the loose ends we are left with and makes you understand why Hudson was the way he was and how he changed over time when he met the Love of His Life

A must read...................................
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on 1 August 2014
What an awesome writer Laurelin Paige is. She is right up there with E L James, Silvia Day and HM Ward.... She has surprised me. I read the Fixed Trilogy (the three books in one) first and was left breathless by them! Now having read Hudson, written as a sequel ( in a way) but totally from his perspective has left me further breathless! OMG.... All the questions I had about him - what he had been doing that he could not tell Alayna about until later and what he had been truly feeling - were all answered for me and some... He started off as someone without emotions who wanted to hurt others emotionally. This reminded me so much of Christian Grey who wanted to physically hurt others and also changed when he fell in love. Hudson is like a vanilla version of Christian but just as charismatic and hot! I would definitely recommend reading Hudson and finding out his motives and feelings throughout the Fixed trilogy books. I'm not sure if it would be half as good as a stand alone read. It is very revealing...It took my breath away!
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on 20 September 2014
I really loved the Fixed books and made a note to read Hudson when it was released, though I wasn't that hopeful that I would remember. As I obviously did purchase it I have to say I totally loved it as well. I even read the trilogy again too! Laurelin Paige is a wonderful author and deserves every success from this story. I know it's a cliche but I really couldn't put these books down. The main characters were likeable, I wanted so much, for them to find a way to stay together. I even related to Laynie`s obsession a little. Apart from Celia and Sophia, I liked the other characters too. There have been a lot of these types of books since 50 Shades and I`ve read several but this is only the 2nd trilogy that has had such a good storyline , and kept me hooked since its release. Obsessive love and obsessive falling in love makes for amazing reading. These are the easiest 5 stars I`ve given in ages. Highly recommended. Well done Laurelin!
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on 25 July 2014
Ok so I'm currently at 58% and I'm bored! bored of reading the exact same story that I read in three books over again. It's nice to have some gaps filled in from his POV but honestly I don't think it's enough to grab my attention, I will finish the book, just not with the same hunger that I did the original trilogy.
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