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Standard size SIM. Fits underneath the battery pack. Mine came with a Three pay-as-you-go data SIM, and works very well indeed.
10 Mar 2014 by Amazon Customer
The battery lasts all day or evening and we recharge it every day.
11 Mar 2014 by Richard Scrimgeour
If the kindle fire has " wi fi " functionality it should work .
5 Mar 2014 by ROY SPEAKMAN
Hello Liza B, I use mine with my new (2013) Nexus 7 and an old Windows XP laptop. When it is switched on it appears just as a WiFi router using the WiFi connection. If that is how you connect your Kindle Fire HDX, then it should work without any problem. The connection code to log-on is inside the cover. P.S. I have a sim card. This enables you to have WiFi data for FREE, you only have to watch an advert, now and again. Works fine when caravanning, miles from anywhere.
3 Mar 2014 by L. W. Slee
You would need to provide a little more detail. The dongle is just a wifi modem using the GSM network. It is no different to the internet that most have in their homes (ADSL which is a fixed line), however it relies on a good signal in the same manner as your mobile phone. If your CCTV is IP and not analogue then you should be able to exploit the camera feeds.
1 Mar 2014 by JH
Yes it can. When inserted with a data capable sim card this device creates a wireless network that will allow your Kindle access to the internet.
26 Feb 2014 by Ben J.
Hi Spiffy, I am really sorry but cannot help you, we only use ours in Spain for our iPads so have a Spanish sim which we had put in by a telephone shop that supplied it. Neither my wife or I are technical (too old) so you are asking the wrong people. I assume you have fully charged the dongle? I recall we had a problem linking the dongle, sim & iPad due to not knowing the password, my neighbour sorted it out using Admin as the password. Only suggestion is to go to a o2 shop. Sorry to be useless but hope you get it sorted. Alan
24 Feb 2014 by Alan C.
Yes there is a charger included.
22 Feb 2014 by Terry
I haven't tried but I don't think this device supports 4G. The Huawei E5776 is 4G but it is considerably more expensive.
22 Feb 2014 by Weevil
MI-FI is simply mobile WI-FI which works from a sim card. This means that you will need access to data download from a mobile phone provider. WI-FI is often provided by either a landline or television provider and is therefore usually faster and has greater data download amounts. Your MI-FI can be used anywhere you can get a signal from your chosen mobile provider allowing you to securely browse the Web in public or away from home as long as you have the device with you and registered to your computing equipment.
17 Feb 2014 by Amazon Customer
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