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4.1 out of 5 stars99
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2015
HIMYM – Final season It is a "legendary" final season - but not for the reason that the writers wanted.

I managed to not find out the ending to this show until I watched the DVD – and I must say. I was very disappointed by the ending.

A rundown of the season:

Marshall is not in it as much as past series as Jason Segal originally said that he would bow out after the eighth season. However he came back for all episodes of the ninth season, but in less screen time, finally being reunited with the gang towards the end. So a majority of his season is in on a bus and a rental car trying to get to the wedding on time. Due to this the dynamic of the season is thrown off as, like Friends (as this show is often likened too) the best scenes are when the whole group is together.

The season as a whole is ok, but by no means the best of the 9 year run. I have always found that the casting of the main cast were spot on – apart from Ted. This is just my opinion as I cannot imagine any other actor playing Barney, Robin, Lilly or Marshall – but I could imagine other actors playing Ted and the show still being the same. This said – the interaction between Ted and “the Mother” (later introduced as the character Tracy McConnell) is great. They are both very similar characters and their shared screen time (in flash forwards) is underused as this does show what a sweet couple they are and how much they are meant to be together.

Another thing that I did like is that they did round off minor characters stories such as The Captain, Scooter, Ranji, Carl the bar man and some of ted’s old flames.

We also find out what Barney does for a living!

Now a little background about the final:

You have probably read the other reviews about this but the ending was actually thought of apparently from the very beginning. The bit with Ted’s kids was filmed while series 2 was in production – there were only a handful of people who were present when this was filmed and was kept secret from a lot of the cast and crew. This was done as by the time the show ended the kids were actually in their mid-twenties, and am guessing that the production team did not want the kids looking too old. But series 2!! That’s seven years since the ending was filmed. In that time the characters have changed, their stories changed and we, as an audience, have come to love the characters in how they have grown.

And then the series finale happened and everything that has happened over the past 9 years just kind of ground to a shuddering halt and backtracked to series 2 / 3.


Now I though the biggest spoiler was at the end of series 8 you saw the mother buying a ticket to go and perform at Barney and Robins wedding… But I think that the biggest spoiler was the ending and how in the last 10 minutes they, in my opinion, and that of my partner, spoilt a very good show. The writers have spent the last 3 – 4 years writing Ted’s character to get over Robin and move on. They have written Robin and Barney to be very similar and fans have got on board with this and wanted a happy ending to this. However (**SPOILER ALERT**) within the first 10 minutes of the final episode they are divorced (the marriage lasting three years). The final episode jumps around a bit, moving forward while missing a lot of years and shows the gang drifting further and further apart. Ted further along in his relationship with “T.M” also known as “The Mother” or “Tracy McConnell” eventually getting engaged, having kids and finally getting married.

The final 10 minutes of the show have Ted doing a voice over (**SPOILER ALERT**) – actually voiced by Josh Radnor this time, pretty much summing up what some people suspected after a certain scene from the episode “Vesuvius” (**MAJOR SPOILER ALERT**) in the final season that the mum got sick and it is six years since she died. The kids then tell him that the story isn’t about how he met their mother – it’s about him and Robin. The kids give him their blessing to go after Robin and the final scene is him standing outside Robin’s apartment with the Blue French horn.

As you can probably suspect, this divided fans. Some of whom loved this ending as they felt that ted and Robin were meant to be together – but this ending pretty much makes the whole of the 9th season redundant as they have totally made the whole Robin and Barney wedding and marriage story redundant.

The alternate ending – found in the main list of episodes and not in the special features is the exact same episode, with the last 5-10 minutes re-edited with a different voice over voiced this time by Bob Saget. This alternate ending is a much more viewer pleasing episode and both I and my partner are taking this version to be the ending of the show. If this had been used instead of the original aired version then the fan backlash would hardly have been there at all and would have made a much more happier, viewer friendly version of the show. If does not show any more footage – but the information and different tone of the voiceover gives a whole new version of the ending.

All in all the final season of the show is ok up until the final episode that was, and is going to be a very talked about final episode of any show for quite some time. The fact that this aired version falls short is that the writers have made you love the characters in the final few seasons in their new lives, after finding love with different people and moving on – only to go right back to the beginning of the show. As I have said before – if you would like a “happier” ending then just watch the alternate ending. It still rounds off the show nicely, but will leave much more of a mile on your face
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on 3 May 2015
The final season of HIMYM and my 4 star rating given on two grounds, first it's been a fantastic series, unlike a lot of series, it hadn't taken itself too serious and secondly the alternate ending here !.

So why lose a star ? the whole series pretty much dealt with Barney and Robin's wedding, which could have compacted a few episodes to have Ted's long awaited love have some focus. The finale felt rushed and the with the original ending, felt cheated too, which is why the alternate ending makes a more satisfying conclusion.
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on 11 June 2015
If my husband tell the story of how he met me and ends with him wanting to go back to the ex he was So incompatible with, I will haunt him forever! The producers wanted to do something different and realistic but ended the show in a stupid way. If sitcoms were meant to be realistic then Friends would be thus: Rachel would reject Ross goes to Paris to follow her dream. Joey would be on the street as he never works. Phoebe would be divorced within minutes as she keeps RATS as pets. Finally, Chandler would leave Monica for being a cleaning freak. And Ross, well he'll just keep getting married and divorced. The whole show is a joke and a slap! The title was slapped on by an imbecile. A brilliant title I found on a website which is so appropriate would be:
“How I Hung Out With Your Mom Until I Could Bang My Ex Again”
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on 9 July 2015
an entire series dedicated to robin and barney's wedding weekend, the writers got really lazy at the end with Ted especially you'll see, the words 'have your cake, and eat it' spring to mind here. trust me you will watch it once then it will go forgotten in a cupboard for the next 30 years!! the alternate ending is the way it always should have been!
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on 9 December 2014
Nine years to come to this? Awful. Uninspired. Overacted. Stupid. Avoid.
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on 27 December 2014
A waste of time watching a series defecate on its own legacy. This season was not only bad, but also destroyed my enjoyment of watching previous seasons in the knowledge of how it was all to end.
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on 15 December 2015
season 8 was a big step up from the previous 3 seasons i would say and i heard season 9 was poor but to be honest, its really good. I was hoping it would deliver and it really did, some will say this and that about the ending overall but its sweet and it reaches higher than it does ever before. It is funny, poignant, snappy and exciting enough for me. Well played, definetely time to bow out of course but a very strong way to say goodbye to a show that at times was inconsistent but for the most part was really good.
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on 15 October 2014
Quite simply, the worst final season of anything ever. You hang around thinking "I've come this far..." even though Seasons 7 and 8 were appalling but then this...this...piece of trash turns up and makes you hate yourself for persisting.

The ending (I won't spoil it) completely rips apart what the entire final season and the majority of the final three seasons had been building towards so they can shoe-horn a finale in that doesn't work in any way, shape or form and in 30 minutes it performs a 180 on multiple storylines that had been built and satisfactorily concluded years before. It's almost insulting.

Don't buy it. Don't encourage this type of god-awful programming to be made.
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on 7 March 2015
This is the first long term series which has a touching and fulfilling final series. I've actually watched the final episode several times. All loose ends throughout the series were wrapped up and what happens in the future is also covered. I wont go into any episodes as I went in blind and the experience was so much better. Actually sorry it's over.
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on 9 December 2014
There is already so much said about the ending of HIMYM, I will leave to you to make your own opinion;
This more a note about the packaging: we are promised the very famous "alternate Ending" but is is actually nowhere to be found on those DVDs, which was very disappointing. Big let down.
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