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4.2 out of 5 stars89
4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 8 June 2005
Bruce Willis plays the part of a veteran negotiator who's been there and seen it all. However one hot day things take a turn for the worse and after a fateful turn of events he decides to get away from the city and take a new job in more tranquil rural surroundings. Things don't always seem to go according to plan, and despite an initial peaceful settling in period things are about to get very complicated for Bruce who finds he has ironically become the victim of a hostage situation.
I saw this film in the cinema a while back and I'd been hearing that this was the best movie Bruce had appeared in since Die Hard, which I enjoyed, so obviously I was looking forward to it.
Hostage isn't exactly the most original concept, but it does all come together well. There's a decent story and a quality cast to help things along and keep you watching to he end
As you'd expect with Willis there is a bucket load of action and several good twists that keep the film interesting and very easy to watch. It isn't all blood and guts though and when I went with my girlfriend she loved it so maybe this is one for everyone.

Weather it's as good as Die Hard is debateable, but I think it's a good quality action film that any fan would enjoy.
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on 15 April 2009
The Blu-ray transfer of this great thriller preserving its 2.35:1 PANAVISION ratio is suberb. The soundtrack includes a remastered 5.1 HD track which BOOMS! .This disc is region free, so it should play on all Blu-ray players. Beware of the Canadian Blu-ray release,although also excellent, it is formated to 1.85:1. Even though the movie was filmed in Super 35mm, the PANAVISION theatrical release is more impressive on the BIG screen. Great job!
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on 13 August 2005
This is a very good film, mix of action/ thriller that is well acted and directed. Bruce Willis plays a cop who decides to move to a quieter area for an easier life where they have "no crime Tuesday" but this goes wrong when 2 brothers and there recent acquaintance upgrade from car theft to hostage taking, but they pick the wrong house and Bruce must does his best to solve this quickly for his own personal reasons!
It's a good action thriller if a bit predictable but I did feel some things were left unanswered by the time the film had ended but still very entertaining despite this one minor gripe. Fans of Willis or good action films will enjoy!!
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2007
Hostage is a pretty decent film with plenty to keep you entertained. Bruce, playing a predictably, burnt out negotiator finds himself embroilled in a new and deadly situation when a rich accountant's fortress like home is broken into by teenagers and they are taken Hostage.

If that wasn't enough for Bruce to be getting along with, he also has to deal with the fact his estranged wife and child have been kidnapped. Bruce finds himself facing an impossible choice... does he rescue his wife and child, thus condemning the life of the accountant and his children, or see to it his own family's life pays forefit for his non compliance?

Yes, there are implausable twists - but Bruce Willis is excellent here, settling into his world weary, but as ever smart ways. Don't confuse him with his Die Hard character however, John McClaine, for there's liitle of the dry humour here which made the Die Hard films such a joy to watch. Here, Bruce's character is a downtrodden man who faces an impossible choice.

It's a decent film all round, just at times don't expect to get a lot of answers at the end of it.... just what was that all important disc all about???? It's unanswered questions like this which wil frustrate the viewer, but if you can put plot holes aside and focus on Bruce doing what he does best, you'll enjoy it anyway.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 9 September 2008
Bruce Willis is always in danger of being a parody of himself, most often typecast as the maverick save-the-world cop a-la-Die Hard, but in fact he has tried to explore other character portrayals in recent years. Yes, he's a cop again in this one, but he never looked as if he was about to do any yippee-kai-yays at any time. Thanks mainly to a solid writing base from a Robert Crais novel of the same name, Hostage is a pretty good thriller and not as formulaic as many might expect. The odd thing though is that there were a few signature images that reminded me of other seemingly unrelated films, notably The Crow - one of the hostage takers, a psycho named Mars and played by Ben Foster, looked bizarrely like Brandon Lee's portrayal of Eric Draven a decade earlier.

Bruce Willis' real-life daughter plays his fictional daughter in the film who along with his wife is also kidnapped in an unusual twist on the standard hostage fare, so that the under-pressure negotiator Jeff Talley not only has to get a man and his two children safely out of his home that has been taken seige by three would-be car-jackers, but at the same time he has to try and save his own family who have been abducted as a direct result of his involvement. Never conventional or predictable, this is actually worth watching even if you think you've seen it all before.
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on 2 May 2006
I don't know just quite why I enjoyed this film. I found the violence upsetting in some scenes, yet the film keeps you guessing and runs at a pretty hefty pace. A sort of cross between Pulp Fiction and your average cop vs. bad guys movie, but with an adrenalin fix.
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on 19 May 2006
We watched this as a family and were really entertained on a night in with popcorn. Bruce Willis is really great in this. We loved the tension & excitement in this movie, it had us biting our nails. The cinematography is good too.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 May 2015
For my money, "Hostage" is easily Bruce Willis's best effort since "Die Hard". This white knuckle thriller has Willis as a jaded hostage negotiator turned small town police chief, who finds himself thrown into a hostage situation on his patch. As events turn uglier and messier by the hour, Willis's cop must walk the proverbial tightrope in attempt to save the lives of not just the hostages, but those of his own family.
Given that "Hostage" is a Willis film, there's naturally plenty of action, but there's more on offer here than just car chases and shootouts. This is an intelligently written and directed effort with enough twists and turns to keep the palms sweaty and the attention focused. A very satisfying piece of work indeed, and a great watch.
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on 24 August 2006
Bruce Willis plays the action hero once more in this tense thriller and again he lives up to his reputation as the king of the action genre. He plays the role of a psychiatrist/negotiator in the film and finds himself in the uneviable position of trying to save a family taken as hostages whilst attempting to protect the lives of his own partner and children. The movie throws up moral dilemmas for Willis who must decide on whom his focus is to be placed. Does he perform his job and save the lives of the hostage family, or does he seek to rescue his own family risking the safety of those his job demands he protect?

The film is an interesting watch and keeps the viewers interest throughout however it does contain what could be perceived as minor flaws. The storyline itself is genuinley exciting, however, how we reach this scenario seems far fetched. Also Bruce Willis finds himself battling what appears to be an unbeatable opponent. Thrilling to watch but unrealistic when you realise you're merely watching a crazed man. Finally, though the makers of the film claim to have taken guidance from genuine hostage negotiators, Bruce Willis' character seems almost cavalier when dealing with negotiations in the film which seems unrealistic and undermines the drama that is unfolding.

Being another Bruce Willis action film many have compared this to his earlier 'Die Hard' trilogy films but i feel to do that would be an injustice to them. The 'Die Hard' films were almost the making of Willis and are easily some of his best work and where they exceed 'Hostage' is in the light humour which helps release the tension of the drama. You won't find any humour in 'Hostage' and the drama almost becomes exhaustive towards the film's conclusion.

Finally the DVD contains a few special features. You can expect a short documentary showing some of the stars of the film talking about the process of making 'Hostage'. You'll also find some deleted scenes and a commentary. A reasonable watch but far from absorbing. The film however is solid but unspectacular.
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on 24 July 2005
Now this IS a good film. Great character development early on and later on in the film you are gripped on the edge of your seat.
This is not your everyday hostage situation and the plot is very clever. I don't think this film should be compared to the Die Hards as both are good in their own right. If anything Die Hard script is much more predictable, but then that's because it was made awhile ago and is looking dated I guess.
I read the other reviews and decided to buy rather than rent. I'm glad I did, cos this is a top film
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