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4.4 out of 5 stars94
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 July 2012
I have never tasted anything as delicious as the Honeybuns range, and when I saw they were bringing out a cookbook I had to put in an order straightaway! Although I'm not gluten intolerant, I've tried the full range of wheat/gluten/lactose free products, and the general taste and texture tends to resemble cardboard-bread that has to be toasted to be edible, sweets that are tasteless and ultimately, food that sacrifices taste for health. Honeybuns is the complete antithesis of this-every single yummy treat I have tried has been absolutely delicious, and far surpasses any cakes, brownies and flapjacks out there on the market. They have even overtaken Hummingbird Bakery in my affections :) My faves are the hedgerow flapjack, almond moon and the lemon polenta (stomach growling now!), so these were the first recipes I tried. As I love the range so much, I was worried that there was no way I'd be able to recreate it in my kitchen, but the recipes are foolproof. My first batch came out a little soft, but I think that was down to my impatience (and subsequently taking them out a little early!) rather than the recipe. Second batch was perfect, and I am working my way through all the others now! I would wholeheartedly recommend this book, and will be buying for all my friends.
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on 10 October 2012
I love the Honeybuns g.f.baking book. My son was diagnosed Coeliac 11 years ago when he was 12 and to begin with,we adjusted ordinary recipes-with very mixed results. Usually the cake/biscuits were edible but definitely "different". I then bought some g.f.baking books which were OK but they used "ready made" flour mixes.Honeybuns book uses individual, alternative flours and the end results(thus far) are quite delicious.My son is a keen cake/biscuit maker(and eater) and he has turned out some wonderful results-no need to feel deprived because he cant have wheat-these are every bit as good.Non-Coeliacs in the family are very happy to help out with the eating of them. The book itself is a delight; tempting photos accompany most of the recipes with info.about the quantity that each recipe will make;how long to bake;whether it will freeze successfully;how long they will store (though this isn't usually an issue in this house as everything gets eaten quickly). There are extra tips on some recipes as to how to vary the recipe to get slightly different result.The only (very small) negative is actually buying the "flours" as most of them are not available in the supermarkets but there is a list in the back of the book of on-line suppliers.I googled the items that i wanted and got everything i needed from one source and as i ordered lots of different items, there was no delivery charge.I would recommend this book to other cake/biscuit lovers who are following a gluten free diet.
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on 21 June 2012
I waited eagerly for this book to become available and it didn't disappoint. Having received the book only a week ago, I've already tried 3 recipes; Snowy Hills (ginger almond and polenta shortbread with a lemony topping, 'Heathcliff' brownies (which are full of chocolate and almond chunks) and date and orange flapjack (gf oats of course). Both turned out beautifully and taste delicious. A large proportion of the recipes use ingredients which are naturally gluten free, such as polenta (cornmeal) and ground almonds in addition to things you may not have used before like linseed (available in most supermarkets) and sorghum flour (which you can replace with Doves farm rice flour if you can't find/don't like it). The book has a resource list directing readers to online shops where the more unusual ingredients can be purchased if they can't be sourced locally (I much prefer gluten free books to use a range of gluten free ingredients rather than a ready mixed all purpose flour which would generally work in substitution to wheat flour, meaning that standard recipes and books could be used rather than buying one which is specifically gluten free).

High quality ingredients are recommended for high quality results and although recipes might appear expensive to make, quantities are large (traybakes and brownies produce A4 sized results) and the end result for all 3 recipes I've made to date have been delicious and snapped up by coeliacs and gluten-eaters alike - and I think the book should also appeal to non-coeliac cooks. As a keen baker, I've also had pretty much every ingredient (or a workable substitute) available in my kitchen at the time of baking.

I have a number of gluten free recipe books at home and this definitely has the best range and the best recipes in terms of cakes, traybakes, brownies, flapjacks etc. Ingredients appear in ounces, grams and cup measures so it's easily transferrable across continents and I'd highly recommend it to an American audience - I do have some American gluten free baking books but this is far more original and while focussed on gluten-free foods doesn't try to cut anything else out or to 'health up' the recipes.
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on 31 October 2013
I gave up gluten some time ago and I thought I'd have to give up baking, because no recipes seemed to come close to the gluten versions. This book was just another one in a string of purchases and initially I didn't think it was a good one.

The recipes are overwhelming and intimidating, I had a cupboard of various nut and other non-gluten flours, so I thought I was well stocked, but after scanning a few recipes I realized I can't do a single one because I don't even know what the ingredients are (although if you know what sorghum is you may be better off than me!). It was put on a shelf and forgotten for a long while until I had to come up with a nice cake to serve to family who don't necessarily know what gluten is and would not appreciate my less-than-impressive gluten free baking repertoire. I went back to the book and found a recipe that didn't call for so many odd ingredients and with a bit of tweaking pulled off a cake everyone wanted the recipe for - the best carrot cake I've ever had, gluten free or not.

Since then I've tried several recipes and bought several odd and occassionally expensive ingredients, but I think it was worth it. The initial investment pays off with beautiful, rich and impressive cakes (and muffins and tarts). I have not used a different book for baking since that first carrot cake and have hardly even felt the need to browse for anything new to add to my vast cookbook collection. The ingredients are well laid out, the decriptions are clear and you even get additional tips on serving for most recipes.

If what may initially look like complexity - at the end of the day everything proves easy to make - and the need for specialty shopping do not put you off, buy this book!
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on 6 December 2012
I'm an occasional GF baker for my mother and i bought this book to expand on the other GF recipes i have. the book itself seems well written, though i would personally like an illustration for each recipe otherwise i just can't picture what it's meant to look like.
Before you buy this book, how much baking are you going to be doing?
If you're going to be doing a lot and very frequently then it will be a super addition to your kitchen as you will be buying a lot of ingredients that are not cheap nor easy to find (depending on where you live in the UK). so if you will be baking lots then you will use the ingredients up.
If like me you are more of an infrequent baker maybe once or twice a month then I would think twice.
While there are explanations about what you can substitute and how, for me, i just want to pick up a book and bake.
I also dont want a cupboard full of ingredients that I will only ever use in recipes from this book - sourghum flour, ground flax seed and many more. I just dont see these sorts of ingredients in other GF baking books, so i dont think i will be baking anything from this book as the ingredients will hardly get used, which is an expensive waste.
If you'll be baking loads then i'm sure you will love this book as there is a recipe for every taste and preference!
Good book but just not practical for me.
If you want a practical book for occasional GF baking try The Gluten Free Baker by Hannah Miles (standard GF flour used for all recipes!)
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on 14 August 2013
My 2yr old has recently been diagnosed coeliac and, unfortunately, is also extremely sensitive to corn and other cereals. I loved the recipes in this book but decided to email the creators with a query about replacing corn products such as polenta etc and recieved a really fast response with great advice and an offer of help if I had any further queries. What fantastic people :)

Before I got this book I was kind of upset for my daughter that she would "miss out" on the ordinary treats the rest of us take for granted but thanks to Honeybuns she won't really have to go without at all.
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on 29 January 2013
Ordered this book as i am making a wedding cake for a bride who has requested that one tier of a 4 tier cake would be Gluten Free Lime & Coconut. What a success, wonderful recipe. Having never baked anything gluten free before i think i was expecting a heavy sponge. How wrong was i? its wonderful. Will need a third layer for height for the wedding cake, but otherwise perfect. I purchased the sorghum flour from an asian supermarket everything else was readily available at my local health food store. Thankful to have found this lovely recipe cant wait to try some of the other recipes :)
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on 2 October 2012
Excellent recipes in a well presented format. Illustrated with full page photographs which is always helpful in order to know how a bake should look. Some photographs though seem to be for enhancing the aesthetics of the book and padding, eg. teapot spouts and cups, a page that would have been better utilized in showing a recipe whose end bake has not been illustrated eg.Toffee topped almond and rhubarb cake or Bumble Barrow fruit cake. Overall having baked the courgette cake which had no illustration as how it should present, the end result was indeed very tasty and with a comprehensive range of bakes included in this book, it does gently persuade you into trying another recipe. I would recommend this book.
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on 28 November 2012
I am currently studying culinary arts at university and have found this book to be a fantastic guide and help for my first module. The practical assessment required us to bake 2 products suitable for afternoon tea, one of which had to be gluten free. Having never worked with gluten free flour or had to prepare any gluten free products previously, I found this book incredibly helpful. It gave clear instructions with inspiring photography and a range of exciting alternative ingredients to your usual bog standard gluten free mixes. Having used this for academic purposes I now look forward to working through it at leisure.
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on 13 November 2012
I first met Emma Goss-Custard and her husband Matt, in 2002, when they called to tell us that Naish Farm, former home of a milking herd of cows, was to become a bakery.

Their intention was to employ local people from Holwell village and surroundings. This was to be no ordinary bakery, but was going to produce gluten-free cakes. This was great news for me, having developed an intolerance to wheat and, also, having a sweet tooth. At last I had found not only a supply of scrumptious cakes to die for but a fab friend in the bargain.

Before friends and family came to stay, I had to order a selection of their favourite Honeybuns cakes. There were cries of horror from my great niece at the thought of Rudolph's Reward production being halted (see page 104).

The icing on the cake (sorry about that) was news of a forthcoming book with numerous recipes for cakes, muffins and so on to cookies, biscuits and puddings. This was the book so badly needed, with the answer to wheat and gluten-free delicious recipes. So no more suffering from some of the unappetising, dry products found in the gluten-free section of many other outlets.

It is a cookery book with a difference - a personal story of success, describing the beginnings of Honeybuns and the brave decision to move a business to the depths of the Dorset countryside. The book contains stunning recipes and pictures, easy to follow instructions, tested and worked out with experiments, experience and care to produce the tastiest cakes, desserts etc, which can be enjoyed by coeliacs and cake lovers everywhere.

To produce this book Emma sacrificed time with her little boy Winston to test and retest her recipes, to produce the best results. Mind you his smiling face, covered in chocolate, could have been used as an advertisement for Mummy's yummy cooking.

This cookery book was the result of great teamwork and Emma expresses this in her acknowledgements to everyone concerned.

So I say, "Hurrah for Honeybuns cookery book", its originality, flair and variety. Go out and buy it - a must for the most discerning cake lovers.

What happens next? Another book to come, this time of savoury delights. I, for one, can't wait!
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