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Hi. The back is about 29 inches and the mechanism goes up to about 24. I'm 5'5 and it goes above my shoulders a bit when I'm using it. Hope this helps.
7 May 2014 by Mo-J
The unit will reach the shoulder height but not the neck area. I have found the " roll with vibration massage " particularly relaxing
29 Nov 2014 by Derek P.
As it is electric plug, I would not think so. You are only supposed to use it in 15 min max sessions. Use it before and after journey.
26 Sep 2014 by Estelle
I had to send my gel rotational one back it was to violent for my chronic back pain I had to stop it straight away and packed it up don't use this one for any thing more serious than a bad back
10 Sep 2014 by carldavid
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