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on 25 January 2007
This is quite a big Bible (imagine an A4 sheet but with about an inch off each side). I purchased for general/daily reading. My eyesight is good and I don't need glasses, but having a font size just a couple of points larger is easier for reading decent amounts of scripture. The disadvantage to this however is that it is still split column - so eight words to a column, not really any easier to read as the sentances are all broken with line breaks.

This Bible has seven high quality maps on thick paper as follows-

1. the journey of the patriarchs

2. the route of the exodus

3. the division of Israel between the twelve tribes

4. the kingdoms of Saul, David and Solomon

5. the new Jerusalem (of Bible times)

6. two page spread of map of Palestine and ministry of Jesus - very good for geographical context of Christ's journeys

7. the missionary journeys of Paul.

The maps are taken from 1986 Moody inst. Chicago.

This version has a 12,000 word concordance- which really toally insufficient if you want to do a thorough search or study (though an exhaustive concordance cannot be expected). Most importantly for me it does not have the centre column cross reference. Personally I was a little dissapointed as the cross reference would have been really handy but then again- this is too big as a travel Bible so I can use my computer for reference anyway. This large print edition is good if you have all the other study facilities you need, but for a young believer I would advise getting the "Reformation Study Bible-Esv by R. C. Sproul and Keith A. Mathison". This Bible is really designed for people with failing eyesight who will read slowly.
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on 20 June 2014
I purchased this as it is the only Anglicised version of the Bible I could find in an electronic version, apart from ones specifically adapted for Roman Catholics. I prefer larger size fonts than the average bible, but do not want to carry about a great tome weighing several kilograms.
The people who prepared this e-book do not appear to have much idea of the requirements of Bible readers.
The e-book is designed for someone who starts at the beginning and reads through to the end - the Bible is seldom read like that - it is a reference book, where ability to get to a particular place is required.
Open it on any page, and all you get is text and verse numbers - there is no header to tell you what book of the Bible is being read, what chapter you are in (unless the chapter starts on that page), and again the book name is not available, so what book am I reading chapter 3 of?.
Similarly to get to a particular chapter and verse you have to a) choose the book - you get taken to the front of the book, which has a list of chapters, and b) you then choose a chapter and c) you then have to go through it and find the verse
Similarly the footnotes are all separate at the back of the book, so you cannot see the footnotes at the same time as the test they relate to.
It just makes using is as a replacement for a paper bible un-realistic. I shall sadly be reverting to my (American Englsih) e-bible, which has much better navigation, and remembers the passages you have recently read.
There is a significant market for an Anglicised e-bible, but it needs to be prepared using Encyclopedia type software, to allow quick location of the required passage. Many people I know use computers/tablets to read the bible, becasue they want to be able to have the large print, and would prefer an Anglicised version, if it were available with decent navigation.
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on 23 November 2012
I love this book. Not just because its the bible (i have many translations) but because at the bottom of each page is fascinating insights into the people, places, things and culture that are mentioned in the scriptures. It's like sitting there with not just a bible, but an encyclopedia, insight book and cross reference. And after all that... at the back are more insights into the customs of the time and answers to the most common (and some new) questions in Christianity.
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on 13 June 2010
The ESV translation is great; it is the best out there next to the NASB. I also really enjoy the classic reference system as well, I would not buy another bible without having one. My only complaint is with the quality; although Crossway offer a limited lifetime warranty on the bible, it should however last longer than just 8 months. I found that after 8 months of continual use, the binding was beginning to split and come away from the imitation leather cover. I've had to tape it up in a few places; my Fiancée also has a crossway bible (a different one to this one) and she too has had to tape and 'repair' the binding on her bible as well (Hers is just over 2 years old). Bibles are not exactly cheap, and I don't want to be buying a new bible every year. I have to say I was a little disappoint. Other than this problem, I really do think this is a great value for the money...but unfortunately, my next bible wont be a manufactured by crossway.
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on 14 December 2007
I knew I was getting a small bible, but the writing here is smaller than I expected, but fine for my every day use.

The mini concordance in the back is extremely useful and "contains more than 2,600 word entries and more than 12,000 Scripture references"

The bible has recently begun to fall apart, although it's been bashed around in my bag for about a year. The cover has come away from main text at the front.

Altogether good.
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on 10 May 2012
This is good value for money for a paperback bible. At this price, the binding is glued not stitched, but you can lay the Bible open flat without the book closing up again. Print is about medium sized, not too small.

Each book of the Bible is prefaced with a short couple of paragraphs about who wrote that book, when and why.

Obviously, if the Bible is well used (taken to Bible study groups etc), then I can see it starting to show its age rather quickly. But then as they are only a couple of quid each, you can just buy another one once it becomes a bit dog-eared!

This particular edition is much better value than the £1 ESV Bible (also available on Amazon). That one is a little too cheap (in price and quality!), with very small print and rubbish glue binding; but this one is okay.
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on 11 April 2008
I purchased this edition of the Bible because I needed a pocket version of this accurate and readable translation; it has exceeded all my expectations. This is a beautiful edition with an excellent binding, well designed tab closing, a good concordance, and although the print is small it is amazingly clear; all this comes at an extraordinarily low price.
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on 22 November 2013
This is a lovley thing. The binding is of black boards of a thickness rarely seen nowadays, the spine is cloth (not cheap glue) and the paper is perfectly white and the pages easily readible and nicely printed. Looks like a Bookman or Roman font type size 8-9. Yes, it is "bible" paper but by no means like the proverbial transparent medicated paper in some...

It is compact though- dimensions about H 8.5" x W 5.5" x D 1.25", and does not seem at all heavy to me- often described as a Pew Bible. But would go in your personal bag easily!

This Edition is a newly printed (2012) version of the 2002 ESV. For the people interested, it has its origins in the Masoretic Hebrew scriptures in Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (first pub 1983), referenced to the UBS Greek translations from both sources now identical (that is the Novum Testamentum 4th ed, and the 27th Nestle-Aland texts). Remember that these later references are themselves originated in the KJV Greek translations, themselves started from the Tyndale translations...Note that there are subtle differences in bibles in general but the ethos of the compilers herein is in no doubt, and for those people who might try to dissemble, the authors achknowledge their heavenly aspirations as IDENTICAL to those of the KJV in the first sentence in this bible! So that for those people who wish to read an assured modern Bible without worrying, then delight in this one.

Note that this imprint has particularly useful footnotes when textual sources and translations vary (remember Jesus spoke Aramaic) and the end of the bible contains a fascinating and useful section called "Responsiove Readings" where the reader is invited to examine popular scripture/psalms/prayer, and to read it out aloud, perhaps in groups or ecclesia. Very handy.

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on 30 September 2010

In my view the ESV is one of the best modern translations in that its formal but not so formal that its difficult to use. The ESV is great for both study and daily devotion.

This is one of their lowest cost versions. Its printed in the style of a regular paper backed book. No fancy paper, and a standard card backing. There is no cross referencing in this version but for the price thats to be expected.

I would recommend this version to someone showing an interest in the word of God for the first time or for someone who just wants a cheap bible to keep in a backpack or the car.

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on 27 September 2013
I love this Bible not only because of it's contents, but the feel and lightness of this slimline look. The very added treat is it's in UK English (not American). Being a Brit I like my books to read in the spelling of the UK where English as we know it comes from, and yet most of the current publications of Bibles are not.
Thank you Harper Collins.
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