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4.0 out of 5 stars293
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2014
Cleaning the kitchen floor is not high on my list of enjoyable things to do, but I feel I need to do it before SWMBO visits - and this mop works well. I was pleasantly surprised to find the kitchen did not become a sauna after using it, and I didn't need the wet/dry vac to finish the job.

A few tips:

1) Go round the floor 'dry' with a broom or vacuum cleaner before starting.

2) The detergent needs to be diluted 1 part to 4 parts water. Use an empty 1 litre plastic bottle to make up the mixture and keep this handy for next use. Although the detergent is expensive compared with other types, a little goes a very long way.

3) As with steam irons, if you live in a hard water area, you risk furring up the interior if you use tap water. Keep a 5 litre container of melted snow and/or ice from defrosting the fridge handy, and fill from that.

4) After use, empty unused detergent and water into containers 2) and 3) respectively above.

5) On a heavily soiled floor, go round once to get the worst off and then rinse the head just as you would a dish cloth (take care - it might be hot). Go round it a second time to remove the remaining dirt. Thoroughly clean the the head after use and hang it out to dry for next time

6) Keep a dry mop head handy. When you have cleaned the floor, mop up any excess moisture by fitting this and push the machine over the floor WITHOUT using the 'Steam' trigger.
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on 24 December 2012
I had read about steam mops but wasn't convinced I would see a big difference to the traditional mop and bucket...I was wrong! After the first clean I saw a huge difference to my tiled floors, they actually gleamed! I also used on my wooden floors with great results. The mop is extremely easy to put together. It is sturdy and well made. I chose the detergent mop and like that it can be used with or without this option. I thought a steam mop would be a fiddly and a more time consuming way of cleaning but it is so easy and the results so good that I have thrown away my mops and buckets and hard wood cleaning tools as this more than does the job on all my hard floors. I have recommended it to my family and friends!
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on 23 January 2013
I have been shopping around and reading online reviews for a few days now and got my choices down to this one and a very similar one from Vax. As there was little or no difference between the two and this mop was cheaper (why pay £20 extra for Vax written on it!) I went for this one and wow!....... it's a great little machine, extremely well made and sturdy and heats up in a flash!
The instruction booklet that accompanied it is very clear and easy to follow.
I bought extra pads when I purchased it as I have a lot of hard floors, glad I did as I got through four of them this afternoon. The pads as very good quality and are so easy to fix on to the mop head in seconds.
I would highly recommend this mop to everyone :)
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on 5 January 2013
Very pleased with cleaning results from this mop.

It is my first steam one and I chose this because it has twin-tanks and a hard-water filter. There is a dial so you can turn off detergent if you want to.

It does leave floors a bit wetter than with a mop but the result on my floors are lots better. The tiles look particularly good. Used on wood, ceramic, vinyl flooring and carpet. The carpets and rugs look refreshed and some of the marks on the stair carpet have come off. The carpets in my house are really old and smelt a bit 'musty' through age. The steam cleaner has got rid of that 'old' smell so am very pleased.

I have given it four stars rather than five as I failed to quite insert the water tank completely on the second fill and therefore water poured everywhere before I realised. If there was a 'click' into place it would have got 5 stars. It really did look as though it was fully inserted.. i'm not a complete fool ;)
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on 11 February 2013
Update nov14

Sad to announce the demise of the steam mop after 20 months. Probably caused by neglect, it's not seen much action.

As I suffer from "mop'n'bucketisis," I often find lots of reasons not to seek out the offending items from the cupboard under the stairs. So in search of clean floor nirvana (clean floors, zip effort, oneness with God ) I pondered on the option of steam and "its amazing cleaning power" at least that's how the chap on TV described it..

So after reading through the many reviews I eventually settled on the Holme White Detergent Steam Mop. Simply assembled, and provided with appropriate warnings and instructions, mop in hand I started on our limestone flooring.

My first impression was the product's reasonably light and easy to move around; second impression, the floor is getting really wet! How much steam is coming out of the base plate? ..Then I found a new and as yet unpublished warning, don't lift the mop head to horizontal with the tanks full, as the detergent mix will escape via a small vent hole in the container--- doh!. After switching off and drying the outside, I started on my second attempt. After 30 mins and four mop heads, I had a clean floor along with slightly sore knees and lots of kitchen towel in the bin. Lessons learnt had a third go, the results were better and the floor dried more quickly.

There are clearly many steps to clean floor nirvana and this steam mop only goes part of the way. So the main product issues (some particular to this model but I suspect common to all types of steam mop) and lessons learned are:-

1) Physics 101, steam condenses on cold surfaces like stone floors. More steam generated equals more water on the floor, added to the fact that the steam has to pass through a sodden mop head, just means more condensed water to collect; in my case its on hands and knees with kitchen towels.

2) When using the detergent option, even more water collects on the floor.

3) Depending on the state of your floors the microfibre head rapidly turns from something that collects dirt into something that just spreads dirty water around.

4) If your kitchen floor suffers from something called "corners" and most do, the mop head provided with its curved corners will not easily reach into them, so its hands and knees time again.

5)If your floors are only lightly soiled then you can work quickly, thus avoiding water pooling on the floor. So regular light use is probably a big part of the answer.
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on 2 October 2013
I won't waffle on and tell you my life story, it's a great steam mop for £29.95 It's fairly lightweight, heats up in seconds, has water and detergent chambers that click into place easily and a very long cable.

It is supplied with detergent but I found it streaked a bit (and it's extremely expensive).

I switched to Astonish floor cleaner at 79p for 750ml (B&N Home Bargains). The mixture for the mop is 25ml of Astonish to 75ml of water. Smells lovely, no streaks and cleans the floor very effectively. It's not tested on animals either.

Holme say you must use their expensive product - they would, wouldn't they! The machine is cheap but their consumables are a rip-off.
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on 4 March 2013
So far so good - does exactly what it says . Easy to assemble , clear instructions and simple to use. Feels sturdy and has a very long cord which saves constantly having to change sockets. Left our tiled floors looking, smelling and feeling squeaky clean - quite a feat considering we have six dogs .
There is some slight evidence of smearing when the floors have dried but we suspect this has more to do with the surface finish of the tiles ; the finish when the floor is dry is certainly better than when we use a traditional mop and bucket. The appliance did not leave the floors excessively wet - they had dried in the time it took to have a not so well earned cup of coffee. Seriously cleaning the entire ground floor of our home was a "doddle" with this cleaner
There are no gadgets or gimmicks this cleaner is designed to steam clean floors which it does very well - just wish we'd bought one earlier!
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on 20 February 2013
I'd looked about for a while for a steam mop as I have a floor area over 50 square metres and had enough of the mop and bucket!

I bought this product because I wanted one that had a built in detergent dispenser (it comes with two bottles of detergent included in the box). There is a separate rotating switch to turn on and off the use of detergent. At the time of purchase I paid £55 and it said that the normal price was £100. There seems to be a wide range of prices for steam mops and I believe there are two main reasons 1) the power usage which equates to steam, 2) whether they provide a detergent system.

I can clean the floor with one fill of the water tank (roughly 500ml) plus the detergent tank (250ml of diluted detergent mix = 50ml + 200ml of water) they provide a measuring jug and instructions.

It heats up within a minute, and then is ready to use and provides ample steam to clean my tiled (porcelain) floor. I also bought five extra pads as they had an offer on when I ordered. It comes with two pads as standard.

I must admit I do find the removal of the water tank to be difficult. It's quite stiff to remove, but I'm hoping with regular use that this will get easier. Hence the four out of five stars.

It also has a long power lead, meaning I can do the entire area without having to unplug it.

When it arrives the handle and steamer are separate, and simply click together and you can wind the power lead onto the hooks on the handle. The top of the handle has a trigger which controls the steam.

The box also contains a plastic triangular glider to be used if you want to steam a carpet.

I've now used this a few times and it works great, the floor gets clean and when I'm finished I throw the used cleaning pad into the washer.

I do find that leaving water in the tanks will result in water dripping out of the bottom of the steamer when sat idle. Not sure if other brands do this so I just make sure I've emptied the tank.

One last thing, the steam mop will stand upright without any support when not in use, and glides well over my tiled floor, and with the triangular head means that I can easily get into corners to clean.

Bottom line, glad I bought it, and I've thrown my mop and bucket out!
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on 31 December 2013
Bought this mop last year. All started well but then the thread on the detergent bottle section snapped. Ok I can live with that. Then it stopped producing steam all together. Emailed the seller twice asking them what their refund or replacement policy was given that the product was less than a year old. I recieved no response.
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on 19 January 2013
I have had my mop for a month,I have liked using Steam mop, found it very efficient, easy to use.
At first had difficulty taking out water containers,once you get the knack easy to remove.

use on tile wood and carpets no problems, head swivels so you can clean into corners and along skirting boards.

I have arthritis found a little heavy to carry upstairs.
Would recommend to anyone.
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