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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars962
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 January 2003
I love this book! It's style is very simple, but somehow it holds you from beginning to end. It's basically three stories taking place in three different times all in one book. All three are beautifully intertwined.
The main story is about a very unlucky boy called Stanley Yelnats (notice the palindrome?) who is sent to a detention camp for a crime he didn't commit. Every day he has to dig a large hole, under the blazing Texas sun, without much water. He is told that it is character-building, but he soon realises that the camp owner is searching for something hidden in the dried-up lake-bed. Stanley finds tiny clues along the way and eventually works out why he and the other boys are being made to dig every day, and how this ties in with his own family's past, and future.
This is a fantastic story and very well-written book. Read it!
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This isn't my usual sort of book at all but I was far from disappointed. This is an extraordinary story from start to finish with not a boring page or even sentence to struggle through. Without being repetitive (Amazon reviews and the Synopsis tell it all) this is a teenager/adult book starting with a curse on a family which reaches its climax over a hundred years later with the two "stars" of the story, Stanley and Zero. After saying this is a teenagers book, I have passed it to my husband, mum and other friends, all of who agree that it is a captivating story for adults as well as teens. I'm sure most readers (of any style of book) can't help but love this one for the very clever story that it is.
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on 15 October 2004
I think Holes is a brilliant book. We did it for a reading book in school- I didn't think it would be very good but once I started it I couldn't put it down the flashbacks are brilliant. I love the way it kept reflecting back to the past and the main story line was brillian too.
I love the way the story has lots of different characters and I especially liked Zero. It's a brilliant book!
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on 24 August 2011
I loaded this into my Kindle along with lots of other random choices for holiday reading. I have to say that i was thoroughly delighted to have stumbled across it. I knew nothing of the book before I read it (was drawn by the cover!) & I found it to be a gripping tale of generations of familes that all intertwine at the end. A very clever story & will definitely look up more by Louis Sachar. I leant it to my reluctant 12 year old who also was gripped by it & then my 10 year old who is now using it for his school book review homework.
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on 16 November 2006
I read this as an adult and really enjoyed it, I would say its a fast and fun read and if you're an adult looking to get a present for anyone from 10 - 14/15 y/o depending on level of maturity and literacy I'd recommend it. The story is set in a secure youth offenders unit in the US with sadistic jailors - covers issues of literacy/lack of education, justice and injustice, bullying, friendship, loyalty and abuse of power. All sounds a bit serious when put like that, but its very funny and moving and clearly a bit of a fantasy as well as including the above issues.
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I wanted to read this book since my daughters' read it for English Literature at school when they were twelve, I didn't get chance until now but it was as good as I hoped.

The short and to the point sentences lure you in and you won't want to put it down (but with 240 pages hopefully you won't have to.)

The boys at Camp Green Lake (where the lake long ago dried up) have to dig every day. We learn mostly about Stanley and how he came to be there and about how he and his family have always blamed their bad luck on his no 'good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather'. Stanley soon learns how in a place like Camp Green Lake you have to work out how to fit in.

Amusing, poignant and cleverly written.

If anything is likely to make you believe in fate it will be this book
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 June 2014
When Stanley Yelnats finds himself in a young offenders camp being punished for a crime he did not commit he is not surprised! Going back generations Stanley's family have had nothing but bad luck. Now at Camp Green Lake he and the other young men there are made to dig holes day after day, and should they find anything it has to be reported immediately to the warder, a mean and vicious woman.
What a compelling read, love the way it was written, amusing, poignant and thoroughly entertaining.
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on 26 October 2003
I have read holes many times and have also seen the film i love the book and would reccomend it to anyone.
Louis Sachar has done a great job on this book and many others i have read such as:
Dogs don't tell jokes,
The boy who lost his face and
there's a boy in the girls bathroom.
I would like to see Louis Sachar and more books in the future.
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on 6 December 2006
`Holes' is a great book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and genres. It is short, snappy, lures you in after the first few sentences and is a master of making you want to read "just a little bit more!"

The main character is a guy called Stanley Yelnats (his last name being his first name backwards) who always seems to have bad luck on his side; supposedly because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.

He is accused of committing a crime he did not commit, and because of this is sent away to a juvenile correctional facility for boys: Camp Green Lake.

Here, along with the other inmates, Stanley is forced to dig holes out in the sweltering desert wasteland of Texas.

Digging holes each day is supposed to help build character and make Stanley a better person- or is it?

There are several subplots interwoven with this main story line, and at the end, Louis Sachar subtly ties them all together, and you realise that everything was linked.

I especially like the way that the author has carefully put in different layers of meaning, and you have to dig really deep if you want to find the bottom...!

`Holes' is an excellent book and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did!!
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on 31 January 2006
Imagine being wrongly accused of a crime you didn't commit. Imagine being forced to dig a five-foot hole everyday, in the boiling hot desert. Imagine the idea of doing this everyday for the next eighteen months. And then you might just be able to understand how Stanley Yelnats (the fourth) is feeling.
Stanley is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, which his family blames on his no-good-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. When this lands Stanley in Camp Green Lake, a camp for bad boys, he finds that there may be more to his family's history than he knows, and it has something to do with an onion picker, a kissin' outlaw, an old lady named Madame Zeroni, and the thumb of God.
With the deadly yellow-spotted lizards, the Warden and Mr Sir all there to make his life a misery, Stanley's time there is hardly enjoyable. But when he finds a gold-coloured tube while digging his hole he discovers even more holes to fill.
The book is fast-paced and contains many lives which all tie into each other. The parts transfer so smoothly that it's difficult to get lost, and the book is so addictive that it's hard to put down. It allows a deep look into friendships, hardships and relationships. You can immediately sense a character's personality, although it's easy to see that there's something more complicated there. You can feel you know the characters for years after a single chapter and quite simple it's a book you will not forgot in a long time. It shows life from different points of view and manages to do it all with a touch of humour. It contains the forbidden love of a school teacher and a Negro and two curses: one on the town of Green Lake and one on the Yelnats family. There are parts which will make you laugh, make you sympathise and make you annoyed for a character's sake. It can change how you think about the world.
So if you have some spare time on your hands, Holes is a perfect way to fill it. Dig in (but watch out for the yellow-spotted lizards!).
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