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3.5 out of 5 stars58
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2011
This book is not worth the money. The font size is huge compared to Bullet, in all honesty this is a novella with ambitions not a proper novel. If you must read it check it out from your local library or wait for the paperback because it is a rip off at hardback price.

This basically reads like Obsidian Butterfly part deux only without the pacing, plot or general entertainment factor. Its like LKH was following a power point presentation and all of the characters were cardboard cutouts trotting around a sound stage. Anita gets in a fight with the local marshalls, check. Marshalls doubt her loyalties, check. Anita shows off her super special knowledge, check. Anita meets yet another super special wer to add to her harem, check. Anita gets in a gun fight and gets injured, check. Medical people are astounded by her healing ability, check. Anita gets weirded out by Olaf, check. Anita shows her humanity by aiding a fallen officer, check. Anita angsts about everything, about a million checks through the whole book. Then all of a sudden the book ends, its like LKH got bored or couldn't be bothered anymore and wrapped it all up in about ten pages. Really? I mean really, really?? Anita has been fighting Mother Dark for how many books now and it all ends in less than three pages? The ending was poorly thought out and just lame with yet another unexplained power up and one of the enemy switching sides out of the blue. It left me annoyed, frustrated and feeling cheated that something that should have been fleshed out and detailed was treated like an after thought.

What writing gift LKH once had seems to have abandoned her in this book. Supposedly the book is set in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area but it could be anywhere. No attention at all is paid to setting up the area or the details of their surroundings aside from a moan about it being cold in the first paragraph of the book. Maybe its because LKH is obsessed with describing her characters' eyes and hair. How many times did we really need to read that Edward's eyes were like the winter sky or moon? None of the characters are fleshed out well, not even Anita who comes off as whiney and mostly unlikable. This book had a tiny glimmer of promise but it was buried under the angst driven bad writing and hurried ending. Its almost as if Anita isn't humping someone or angsting about humping someone then LKH isn't really interested in writing her characters anymore. She's tried to write a back to business mystery novel with Hit List but it reads like a sad wannabe knock off of one of her earlier books. I used to be a rabid LKH fan but this book may be the end for me. I think from now on the first few chapters will be downloaded on my kindle app and if it looks to be more of the same, well, I don't think I'll bother.
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on 11 June 2011
I am SO DISAPPOINTED in Ms Hamilton. I am so GUTTED with this book. I LOVE Anita Blake Series. I have read all of it and alot of them more than once. I was so looking forward to this book - waited nearly a year for it to come out!! A waste of my anticipation.
The font was too big which means there wasn't much to the book to read in the first place, the plot line was so weak that it's pretty none existence. I love the bit about Ethan but the rest was so not believable. I mean here's Anita fighting not only the Harliquin but also Mother Dearest and she's on her own with only Edward. Come ON Ms Hamilton. Where's Anita's Jean-Claude et al? The whole thing should really start from St Louis with a huge attack then dragged across US in the bad guys trying to lead Anita away from her core support. There should be more crime plots. There should be an answer as to why Rabourne had it in for Anita. There should be some sort of after effect at the end once Anita dealt with Mother Dearest. There should be a longer Epiloge at the end. This was a really important point for Anita's story. The Finale and Ms Hamilton you've blown it big time for us. It was so boring!! It was too quick a read. The plot was so weak. There's no grit, no tension, pretty much no nothing. Even the sex scenes are blah blah. And there were loads of recycling of descriptive text reused from the other books. I was really expecting another but bigger version of Narcissus in Chains. What I got was well... I actually think this is the worse and weakest in the series. It should have been the best in the series. Very very disappointed. I now actually don't know where Anita series going to head to ... if the next one is like this one I'm dumping the series. I've invested alot of time, emotion, recommendations and money in this series so far. I'm heartbroken.
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on 17 June 2011
I tried to think of ways of describing this book and then it came to me.

Its like a One Night Stand. It feels good at the time, but at the end it feels kinda hollow and makes you think why did I do that again?

Don't get me wrong its better than the sex-saturated previous books but I felt that it was unfinished or lacking...I like that Edward's in it, I don't like that Edward has been somewhat 'tamed' by the love a woman, feels a bit cliched to me. And like some other reviewers have said, I am getting tired of LKH's 'stock phrases' you know the ones I mean.

"eyes had gone as pale and distant as a winter's sky'
"tightened things low down in my body"

I think I used to be able to look past it because the stories were exceptional but now...? I'm not so sure, I feels lazy to me, and a lot of the scenes just seemed rehashed from previous books, her encounters with Raborne and Bernardo etc. If I have to see her assert herself once more through a combination of feminine wiles (that she refuses to believe she has) and macho bravado I might call it done. I do prefer Meredith Gentry in that respect as a person she makes no excuse for who/what she is...and she's more likable for it.

Thats not to say there wasn't anything good...I could feel the restraint in the first scene (of almost sex) with Ethan I was very excited when they didn't have sex. Although again, I am wondering if there's anything Anita can't do..she's rapidly gone from someone to identify with, to someone who just bitches and complains when there is really no need. The scenes with Olaf were delicious - something clearly has to be done about him...but otherwise this book continues the downward trend started in Micah and strange candy.

I would wait for it to be in the library, I read it in about 3 hours in the evening. Add in the stock phrases, repeated scenes, there's a lot that you DON'T have to read to get the gist of the book.
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on 21 August 2011
I picked up my first Anita Blake paperback perhaps 10 years ago, these stories are a supernatural detective story or whodunnit. The cast is varied with vampires, werewolves, elves and witches to name just a few.

There have been some excellent stories as we have seen Anita grow from 'merely' raising the dead to becoming something much more.

However, as the books progressed, the stories started to concentrate on Anita the person; the changes that were taking place to her and the relationship she has with the men in her life, rather than interesting storylines and sorting out the bad guys. The action has increasingly moved away from violence to the bedroom and while I dont consider myself a prude the sheer volume of these encounters beggars belief.

I can cope with all the above but the major problem over the last 3 or 4 books is that the stories have become thin in comparison to the sex and touchy feely stuff (I am a bloke I dont have a great capacity for this).

I introduced my wife to the Anita and Merry Gentry stories and both of us have become disilusioned with the direction the stories have gone - she read Hit List and advised me not to bother.

Hit List was going to be my last try with Anita so I wont be reading any further Anita Blake or Merry Gentry stories - sorry Laurell but you have lost a loyal fan.

If there are any readers out there interested in something in the same genre but without the bedroom gymnastics, then take a look at the Chronicles of Galen Sword by Judith and Gareth Reeves-Stevens there are 3 books so far in the series with the promise of more if the authors can find the time.
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OK, to be honest I used to be a fan of the Anita Blake series, then I was hit by book 13 and started to wonder what the hell happened. Since then I've followed the series and prayed that Anita would make a break from the mattress and fresh wipes and get back the serious business of being "The Executioner", but, as each tales developed it really does feel that all that seems to happen is that Anita gets mind blowing orgasmic sex about twenty times a day, the plots thrown out the window and the interesting arc is pretty much sorted out in about five or six pages.

Luckily in this title there's only the one sex scene but a lot of the recurring themes are starting to get a little repetitive so much so that a lot of the readers will be able to say it with me. Anita questions her principles, Anita gets a new addition, Anita gets mind-blowing sex, Anita fights supreme evil (Mommy Dark), Anita wins, title swiftly wraps up.

All in this series did start out with so much promise, however as its progressed it has sadly started trying to shock the reader and catered to a minority and as such has now sadly suffered. If it doesn't pick up soon, a certain "Executioner" needs a trip to the headsman themselves which, all in is a sad ending.
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on 1 July 2011
Oh how I love Anita and all the usual suspects!

However.....this book, while enjoyable at the time just ended, I was left thinking so where's the rest!?? The end of our favourite evil mother, was stunted, simple and deflating and a horrible disappointment and Anita's memory really sucks as she could have used "mother's" final means of death many, many books ago.

So many avenues where left unanswered or not invesigated in this book, nothing was followed through and for heavens sake will someone please just shoot Olaf so we don't have to read the same crap about him in the next half dozen books! (If the series manages to last that long!)

New readers to the Anita Blake series, please do not read this book first because you will be left wondering what all the hooplah is about! The first 15 books are amazing, then Anita starts loosing the plot. Bring back the zombies, her original "job", there are so many different routes our regular characters could take.

I beg of you Ms Hamilton, please give us a beginning, middle and proper end to the next book, the last 2 have ended far too abruptly!
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on 10 June 2011
I've read all the Anita Blake books to date and can say with honesty that this is not one of the better ones. Its like your just following her around while she does her daily chores, but without anything exciting. For starters, she's supposed to be this metaphysical wonder with all these powers, but never seems to use anything but her guns and knives, hmm. None of the regular men in her life are in the book apart from a couple about 10 pages from the end. This should never have been made into a full book, there isn't enough to keep readers occupied. A novella would have been much better. Hardly anything happens until right at the end!!!

If your reading this Ms Hamilton, Please for the love of your fans, give us some action! What happened to the wonderful ideas that started this series? If this is the best you can do, i think its time to end the series now.
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on 26 December 2011
I was not looking forward to reading Hit List becasue of all the bad reviews and put it off for a very long time, but i can safely say i am no long reading reviews because i felt this was a very good book.
One of the issue i have with this series is how it has gone from crime solving to no stop sex, but this book finds a nice balance and we see a bit of the old Anita.
(SPOILERS AHEAD) This book starts off at a crime scene, the most resent of many, of a lone tiger and Edward and Anita are beginning to realise that the Mother of All is getting her soilders to kill tigers to keep Anita away from her power-base, as such Anita does not go home in this book and we don't see any of her boyfriend (Micah, Nat, Asher, Jean-Claude...) which was in a way refreshing because of all the emotional issue flying all over the place in past book. But this in no way means that emotions were not flying, Anita discovers a new man, Ethan, and he is such a sweet heart, less dominant than many of her other men, and his sweetness was refreshing. Anita's relationship with Nicky also develops and her friendship with Edward takes on a new level, there are also some intresting scenes with Olaf (and we have definetly not seen the last of him, and i dread to think what he is going to be like when he turns...)
Also Anita is less of the angry person she was previously which made the book easier to read (sometime i just want to hit her) and she seems to have mellowed with age.
The only issue i have with this book is that it ended rather abruptly and the Mother of All's death was rather... boring. But even though she may be dead Anita sucked in all her power so god knows what Antia is going to turn into, also the epilogue felt to full, like Hamilton just gave up and cramed it all into two pages.
But overall the best in the series i have read in a while... on a sour note the ending to the book was very... final. So if their was another book there are limmited directions in which the series could go and all of options seem very dull in comparison to the Mother of All storyline, i fear the end of Anita Blake is on the horizon.
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on 19 June 2011
I agree with just about everything else said here about how awful this book is. I have followed the series religiously pre ordering and getting hard copies of each precious book as it arrived. This is such a disappointment following on from how slow and bad Flirt and Bullet were. With Skin Trade I thought the old LKH was back until it ended in two pages and nothing good has been written since.

I have to admit when LKH writes good she writes fantastically. I love her horror, her characters, and I can even cope with the harem. These last few books are a total let down of what where stunning characters of Edward, Jean-Claude, Micah, Nathaniel, Olaf, and the original Anita herself.

Come on Laurell stop being the centre of attention and start being the brilliant author we all fell in love with when you first gave us Anita and Merry.
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Remember how in "Bullet," Laurell K. Hamilton set up a thrilling, exciting plotline... and then just stuffed it into a single "here's what we did" sentence in the last chapter?

Well, her twentieth Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novel "Hit List" attempts to be what "Bullet" wasn't -- an edgy, gritty thriller about serial-killings by vampire spies. It's not. Hamilton has toned down the plotless sex, but it's replaced with an endless stream of really boring conversations, weapons porn, weretiger politics, and Anita waving her imaginary penis at her superiors.

Edward and Anita are called to Twilightland (aka the Pacific Northwest) to investigate a bunch of weretigers who are being killed, probably by the Harlequin. And after a bizarre fight breaks out at the local weretiger.... place, Anita realizes that the Mother Of All Darkness is scheming to steal Anita's body and make it her own. You know, the same dastardly plot as the last several books.

However, Anita's attempts to root out the Harlequin are foiled by a minor arm injury. So she drops the real federal marshals, and joins forces with Bernardo, Olaf, and some minor were-bodyguards. Can they finally stop talking long enough to catch the Harlequin? Will Anita pull a new magic power out of her butt to wrap up the worst-written subplot in the whole series?

"Hit List" is boring. Painfully boring. Hamilton has toned down the sex/politics considerably, but about 90% of this book is made up of dull, repetitive conversation. If you chopped out the subplots that go nowhere (Marshal Raborn) and the dialogue that adds nothing, the entire simplistic plot would be about thirty pages long.

And about halfway through the book, Hamilton gets bored with writing lots of human characters, so she sweeps them away and bring in the serial killers and "anime-haired" werethugs. The writing is Hamilton's usual hackneyed mixture of casual sexism, weapons porn ("Light anti-tank weapon." "It's a LAW"), and Anita posturing and posing as the Greatest of Experts and the Baddest Of Assassins.

The flimsy plot does become more exciting at the very end of the book, but it also becomes hilariously silly -- one of the bad guys randomly turns good, and Anita pulls another Deus Ex Machina power out of her butt.

As for Anita, she's typically horrible. When she isn't being arrogant and bossing people around, she's huddling in a corner crying because another marshal said something mean to her. Edward has transformed into a creepy pervert who is always trying to get Anita to feed the ardeur, even letting a strange weretiger crawl into bed naked with her WHILE SHE'S UNCONSCIOUS.

Even worse, Hamilton lays out plenty of groundwork for Anita to sleep with both Edward AND serial killer Olaf, and she adds yet another traumatized were to Anita's enormous harem. None of the other main characters make even a cameo appearance, so don't expect to see any favorites here.

"Hit List" is like swimming through sludge -- slow, boring, clammy and unpleasant. It's thankfully low on sexual content, but the endless posturing and boring conversations make it a chore to read.
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