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4.4 out of 5 stars17
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 2006
As a long awaited historical by Ms. Foley, "His Wicked Kiss" was more than worth the wait. The pinnacle of this wonderful series takes readers on a spectacular voyage of oceanic proportions. Make way for the story of Black-Jack Knight, scourge of the Knight family-or is he?

Eden Farraday is tired of her rugged existence in the wilds of Venezuela. Her father, brilliant though he is, has finally gone round the bend. He wants to take them even further into the untamed lands, into the very heart of the forbidden Amazon! Craving a life amongst London society, Eden is determined to escape her mad father. When the infamous Jack Knight floats downriver to their settlement, Eden hatches a plan to stow away. Her plan becomes reality when he refuses aid, forcing her to hide on his ship. Jack discovers the untamed beauty, and finding the close quarters of ship and berth too much to resist, the two embark on a journey of survival and discovery-of the heart. Someone pursues Eden though, a dangerous man not of mind to give her up. Enemies lurk as Jack further involves himself in the war between Venezuela and Spain. Can their differences be set aside and most important-can Jack learn to trust in love?

Many readers wondered as they savored Ms Foley's Knight series-will we ever read about the elusive Jack? Jack's story is the best of the series to date and this reader couldn't have come away more pleased. Appearances are not always what they seem, something Jack proves in his vulnerabilities. His reputation precedes him, but it does not define him. Eden is a rare lady; one raised without the negative and twisted attitudes of society. Her fresh approach to life is the catalyst for Jack's healing. Foley uses rich dialogue and plotting to engage the reader from start to finish. A superb example of a writer that improves more with every book. But is this the end of our beloved Knights? Why, no! Stay tuned for three more Knights, cousins, Georgina, Gabriel and Derek.

K. Montgomery

Official Reviewer for The Mystic Castle
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on 1 April 2013
Taken from my Blog Post (#86) in February 2011, after borrowing from the library.

This is the last one in the Knight Family series - the missing brother - Captain Black (Lord) Jack Knight.

The first of the Hawkscliffe Harlot's illegitimate children, his father was an Irish Boxing Champion.

Sick to the back teeth with the shame heaped on him by the ton because of his birth, he ends up owning an international shipping and trade company Knight Enterprises, and spends his life pretty much on the ocean wave ...... until one trip down the Orenoco River he comes across the beautiful Eden Farraday in a tree above him collecting orchids.

She's been taken to the jungle by her Botanist father and longs for London Society. A request to Jack to take her away is turned down, so she stows away on his ship .... soon to be caught by him and made to pay!

I have to say I loved this story, and Jack Knight game very close to Anthony Blake (a Stephanie Laurens Hero, and one of my benchmark heroes).

A 5 star read ****. What a shame I've now finished the Knight family series.
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on 11 July 2006
I approached this book with mixed feelings - wanted to read the last in the Knights Miscellany but really didn't want to see this series end.

As with the rest of the books - this is another passionate, adventure-filled romp, this time set predominantly on the high seas...

Great fun...Guess I'll have to start re-reading the series from the start while waiting for what's next from Ms. Foley...
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on 10 May 2011
I am quite surprised by the number of good reviews that this author has received for this series. It's billed as a Regency romance but in reality it's not much more than a Mills and Boon with a historical picture on the cover. It's about as Regency as..... well to be honest - as Regency as me, sitting here, typing this in the 21st Century. It just don't cut the Regency mustard. Both the hero and heroine have incredibly 20th Century sensibilities and throwing in a random (and sometimes incorrect) reference to a 19th Century mannerism or custom or outfit description quite frankly doesn't work. In fact it makes it ridiculous and that is pretty much my opinion of this book. Another thing that I find quite staggering is that the small synopsis of the plot on the back doesn't actually happen in the book. I honestly don't think I have ever come across this before nor can I fathom such a glaring error would escape notice but I think it shows the level of publication that we are dealing with. In summary: If you want an accurate (and delightful) Regency romance novel then I suggest Heyer who got it so right. If you want a steamy, adjective laden sexploits where the hero and heroine writhe around in uncontrollable passion whilst still managing to spout paragraphs to each other about how deep and pure their love is all set loosely (and I mean loosely) about 200 years ago then this is the book for you.
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on 31 August 2010
Love Foley's series of the Knights. Such charismatic group of siblings plus Lizzy ofcos.

His Wicked kiss could not have topped it off more gratifying. Jack and Eden are such passssionate characters.
He's brooding and romantic. She's a flighty thing but very lovable even after what them getting to London. I agree Eden should have gotten over her offence and made up with her husband but in regard to her uturn with soceity it's quite expected, the gril had been living in the jungle for the best part of her life, ofcourse she's awed and taken in by London soceity. Other than that, through in a few scenes of the Knights together and Foley got herself a very happy reader.

Foley does mystery and romance in ways Stephanie Laurens struggles to do. The romance is still there along with the intrigue and readers are still interested. All in all top novel, highly recommend.
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on 12 May 2006
This is the first time I've been motivated to write a review, such was my disappointment with this long awaited book. It held so much promise, the hero being mentioned all through the previous last we get to meet the elusive Jack!

My feeling is that the writer tried too hard. I like some latitude in a novel to make up my own mind, to be left to work out for myself through what the hero/heroine is going through. In this lastest offering from Ms Foley, I feel I was told exactly what to think and feel about the heroine. That was the rub, being told, not being shown. There are very different things. It could almost have been written in the third person, ie, not through the eyes of the heroes.

Worth reading if you, like I, want to put this family saga to bed, so to speak. If you don't like too much challenge with your reading, buy this book. If you are looking for something more, don't bother. Badly done Gaelen.
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on 15 June 2008
this is the last book in the knight series and the author has saved the best for last. this is the story of jack knight - black sheep of the family who has spent the last 20 years avoiding Society after a heartbreak. enter into his world is the lovely eden, more than a match for him who saves his battered soul and brings him home (physically and emotionally). peril on the high seas and folly in Society, a wonderful ending to this great host of characters, im sad to see them go!!!!
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on 16 July 2006
Having thoroughly enjoyed the previous books in this series I was really looking forward to the release of `His Wicked Kiss'. Unfortunately Ms Foley has slipped from her usual standards with this book. Jack whom the reader had been given tempting hints about throughout the other books, turned out to be less interesting than I had mentally painted him. But the real disappointment was Eden who, unusually for Ms Foley's normally feisty heroines, turned out to be shallow, selfish and blind to Jack's feelings in a way that did nothing to add suspense to the plot. When at the end Jack is called upon to rescue her I was decidedly torn between whether I wanted him to succeed or fail.

I give it 3 stars because as a previous reviewer stated it nicely puts the Knight series to bed and I for one couldn't have stood never knowing Jack's story. It's also worth reading for the tantalising hints it gives of her next series.
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on 18 December 2015
I love this series and each story is better than the last and I still can't decide who my favourite hero is. Although Black Jack is pretty close to the top!
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on 2 July 2013
Have enjoyed all the Knight Miscellany series. His Wicked Kiss was the best so far, Could read the series again .
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