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Mike Smith is a happily married, early retired, middle class ex-school teacher. The only unusual thing about him is that his wife Patience is a robot.

Told in a deceptively simple style this is a classic Asimov style robot story. It is not particularly long (it took me about two hours to read) but it does cover some very emotive issues about the rights of an artificial intelligence.

The character development of Patience is the key to this story. Starting as a very robotic robot, her discovery of her real self and her development as an individual rather than just being "His Robot Wife" are beautifully handled by the author. The story actually had me questioning my own opinions.

The Kindle presentation is perfect with no formatting or presentational errors that I could see. The cover picture is also included. The cover picture deserves a quick mention too - it is absolutely perfect for the book and is what first attracted my attention when browsing the Kindle science fiction section.

Overall 5 stars! The biggest compliment I can pay the author is that after finishing this book I immediately searched to see if he had written anything else. I found several other Kindle books by him and will definitely be reading some more of his work.
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on 5 April 2011
After seeing the first couple of positive reviews, I thought I have a look at this book.
I had just finished reading The Galaxy Unknown series (and enjoyed them all) and was looking for my next 'fix'.

For me, I'm afraid I found it somewhat childish in content and style. OK, but nothing more than that.
The concept is good, but it reads more like a statement, the plot (what there is of it) following in a linear progression.

What did irritate me, though, was the number of 'broken' paragraphs (something had gone wrong with the indenting) that it appeared to have on my Kindle, it does give you the feeling that it hasn't been proofed properly. (OK, so I get picky about formatting and spelling errors).

Overall, it doesn't make me want to look at any others by the same author.
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on 22 March 2013
Having loved the first book "His Robot Girlfriend" I was hoping for more of the same. This book was nice but being only 100 pages felt a bit short. Whilst the first book felt like a movie this one was more like a tv episode.

It was however a nice relaxing read and it was nice to meet up again with the characters 5 years on. I am glad I read the first book because without it I might of considered the characters a little shallow because they didn't feel as fleshed out as in the first book.

It was a nice touch the way Asimov's robot rules were incorporated into the story. Mike's life has changed for the better after first purchasing and marrying Patience. He was lonely, bored and overweight after losing his wife and youngest daughter. Patience turned him around and 5 years on he is happy, healthy and financially better off than before.

Patience is no bimbo, she is smart, likeable and easy to empathise with.

Recommended as light reading but recommend reading book 1 first if you can find it.
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on 11 August 2013
This novel(la) had so much promise, an interesting concept and not worn out by too many similar ideas. Well constructed at the start, good background info and placement into the possibilities of the time it is set in. Just too short, it ended rather abruptly, maybe stringing out the reader for the next one, which as far as I know there is not. (bit Apple influenced by I-this I-that and I-the other terms - but also quite clever) It IMHO did not explore all the possibilities that the story line created, I don't want an upgrade is the elctronic whisper i hear from my computer every day. Well worth a read if you like this Genre, I have read it more than once.
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on 15 January 2012
I enjoyed reading this book and found the concept very interesting. I would have liked it to have been longer so I could have delved in a bit more. Sadly though the end let it down for me - I'm not going to say what happened, obviously, but sufficed to say it felt like it ended as the climax was only beginning. I like stories that I feel have rounded it off nicely. A good book nonetheless, but I was disappointed.
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on 11 October 2011
This took me just over an hour to read, but I think I'm a fast reader, I enjoyed it, and it was easy reading, I think I half expected it to take a more creepy turn, but thats just me, I felt it ended very suddenly, but that could be because I was enjoying it, I would look out for other stories by this author, he has a very easy style to read, and a good imagination.
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on 5 June 2013
In this day & age, we need to escape from reality, Wesley Alison's books do just that. 'His robot girlfriend' and this second book 'robot wife' in my opinion, are without a doubt are well written and easy to read. Just waiting for the third in the series.
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on 21 August 2011
This short story is a bit of fun, with a side ways glance at the human condition, plus a conspiracy plot, to say much more would spoil the surprise, this could end up as a film or TV show much worse things have made that jump.
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on 7 November 2013
As they are sentient and superior would they be content to remain as our servants. Perhaps at first but as they grew in all ways they would want to make us better. Make us in their image as Gods did. I liked it nonetheless.
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on 4 November 2011
Found this by chance and really enjoyed the world the author had set up.I'm geeky enough that the star trek and Asimov references made me smile. I liked it enough that i went and brought too more by the same author.
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