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3.3 out of 5 stars99
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2003
.... unfortunately this film really isn't any good. I spent several years barracking the film until I came across a nice surprise. Whilst whittling away the hours sat in my office, I came across a Highlander website. I noticed that Director Russell Mulchacy, along with the producers, had been given permission to 're-edit' this film. The result being 'Highlander 2 The Renegade Version'. Apparently the original idea for Highlander 2 was quite different from what was actually produced. The studio's did not like the script and several scenes were cut down, changed, or removed altogether, resulting in this 'Quickening' Version.
I was fortunate enough to have been able to obtain the 'Renegade' version and no longer do I feel that this is a bad film. There is over 20 minutes of unseen footage, all reference to the planet Zeist has been removed, and what we now have is a film that does follow on nicely from the original.
What the producers and director wanted, was a film that did follow on from the original, but also a film that could stand alone, so people who had not seen the original could still watch the film without having to have seen Highlander 1.
Although this 'Quickening' version is poor, the 'Renegade' version is well worth checking out!
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on 29 March 2016
Oh my god ... this is SO bad!

It's not bad in the way that allows it to become good ... rather, it's just too bad.

I'm a fan of the first film in the series. I like the actors. But the story of this film is utter nonsense. It fails to connect to the first film in any meaningful way.

I bought this 'special edition' because I'd been told that the director had re-assembled the material to create a different version of the movie. Okay, but it's just as bad.

I suggest avoiding this film.
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on 11 February 2005
*NOTE: This article relates to the Renegade Version and not the Cinematic release of Highlander 2*
I remember the anticipation of the release of the sequel to 1986's 'Highlander' and only too well the disappointment of the confused and mucked up product which appeared in our cinemas.
The story behind the 'Renegade Version' of Highlander II is simple. The reason for the botched cinema release was pressure exerted on the production company by the films insurance companies after the movie went over budget. They went over the directors head and made sure a 'film' was released to recover any overspend. The fools.
This version is the way the movie was meant to be. McLeod is not from Zeist, nor is Ramirez. Look back to the first frame of the original first movie. There lies the answer. In all there is about 20 extra minutes including scenes where Connor's wife dies (giving him the reason to construct the shield and save man).
The best part of this re-edit is the movement from scene to scene, just like the original movie.
I was a sceptic, but this version restored my faith in Russell Mulachy. Watch you won't be disappointed.
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It's the year 2024 and Connor Macleod is now an old man, mortal after winning the prize at the end of the first film and the Earth is under a huge shield built by Macleod to protect it from the vanished ozone layer. He is attacked by 2 immortals and becomes immortal again triggering memories of being banished 500 years earlier from the planet Ziest. Completely contradicting the first film with a plot that makes no sense and is thankfully ignored in future sequels and tv shows, the film does have some good action and effects and fun performances from both Christopher Lambert and an oddly revived from the dead Sean Connery with a hammy over the top performance from Michael Ironside as the main villain. An odd curiosity.
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on 9 January 2008
The 'renegade' version of 'Highlander 2' is the only version any self respecting film fan should bother with.
For anyone unfamiliar with the 'renegade', it's quite simple.
Director Russell Mulcahy, who had successfully helmed the original 'Highlander' movie, pretty much had 'Highlander 2' taken off him during the production of the film as greedy producers wanted a quick cash in and felt that Mulcahy was taking too long and spending too much money on the picture. As a result, the version of 'Highlander 2' released in theatres was a world a way from the directors original vision, hence the poor reviews and horrendous reputation the film has garnered ever since.
This, the 'renegade' version of the film, shows director, Mulcahy getting his hands on the original rushes and footage he shot, and reconstructing the film the way he wanted it in the first place.
The results are strikingly familiar to those of Ridley Scott's when he finally got to piece together 'Blade Runner' the way he had originally intended, without film company suits, sticking their noses in.
'Highlander 2' now has certain scenes switched to different points in the film, which makes it flow much more smoothly.
The idea that the immortals are aliens from the planet Zeist has also been changed, and with the use of extra/added scenes, the film now has more continuity with the first film, as we see the reason why Macleod builds the 'ozone layer' device to begin with, as well as the reason for Ramirez's return.
The digital remaster shows off the excellent production designs in the movie, and the touched up special effects give 'Highlander 2' a much slicker feel. In fact the overall cinematogrophy on 'Highlander 2' is vastly superior to the original.
The cast is still a strong one with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery reprising their roles in good form, Michael Ironside at his villainous best and solid support from Virginia Madsen as a romantic interest who can hold her own in a scrap. Watch out for 'Scrubs' John C. McGinley as a greedy, weedy businessman.
Stewart Copeland's score is also worthy of note.
It's a shame that this version of 'Highlander 2' never made it to the cinemas. Watching this version of the picture simply reinforces the point that film directors should be left to do their own work, without men in suits ruining everything for everyone concerned.
'Highlander 2' the renegade version is a far cry from the Paul Verhoevenesque trash originally seen in the early 90's. Mulcahy's reconstructed version is a smoother, longer, more satisfying film with more emotional depth and better continuity. It makes more sense, and comes across as a more intelligent picture.
Coupled with the terrific special effects and production values that were already in place, as well as some top shelf action set pieces, this incarnation of 'Highlander 2' is a quality sci-fi adventure.
It's the only one to watch, and restores faith, not only in the 'Highlander' franchise, but in Russell Mulcahy as a director.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 December 2014
I seen this film at the cinema, I remember feeling very lucky because my mate had opening night tickets, I remember the theatre being packed, there was a buzz in the air, and when the film began there was nothing but silence. I was buzzing I could not wait. HOW WRONG!!!!!, what a awful film, all I can remember was groans and moans coming from the other people in the theatre and they were not sat on the back row, but one thing sticks in my mind was when every one started laughing at the awful special effects the part when you could see the wires holding the actors up, it was so funny if not the best part of the film. I have never seen so many people leave a film so quickly at the end. This film is the worst sequel I have ever seen in my life, this film makes you think can films get any worse than this. But hay great days.
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on 30 November 2001
Sequels are rarely as good as the original but this doents even follow smoothly from the first. suddenly conner is from another planet and that is why he is immortal and he must have just conveniently forgot that in the first film when he claims he was born in the village of glen finnen in scotland. The film starts poor and gets worse i would only recommend buying this film to complete the set and are a die hard highlander fan.
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on 24 May 2015
Yes turning back the years with Christopher Lambert for some reason the highlander movies have taken a good battering but I loved them, okay maybe after the third becomes slightly off putting but it's fine.
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on 13 June 2013
The first rule of making a sequel is don't just remake the first film, by that criteria Highlander 2 is a triumph, by any other standard it is laughably bad.

I really don't have the time to state everything wrong with this film, you can't be told how bad it is you have to experience it for yourself, so buy it watch it and it will instantly make you feel better about every other aspect of your life, no matter how bad it gets you still didn't make or star in Highlander 2 and that is a comfort.
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on 18 September 2015
Dislike. Way too weird and pompous for my liking. I was expecting better than this and am disappointed. My fault for not checking all the negative reviews before I bought it.
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