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I havent had any aftertaste with these! Once swallowed forgotten until the next dose.
17 hours ago by Mr. B. Hughes
This is the response I received from customer service. Please not I did not end up eating the capsules as I could not get them certified by an islamic scholar We only use Bovine gelatine which is certified Halal. We do not use porcine gelatine in any of our products. The bovine gelatine is extracted from bovine bone and hide. Extraction, filtration and concentration processes are carried out in order to isolate the gelatine from the bovine bone and hide materials. The result of these processes is a refined, dried powder which is eventually used in the soft capsule shells. Each batch of gelatine produced is certified as suitable for Halal diets as the cattle is slaughtered according to ritual Islamic processes. Along with Halal gelatine, the capsules are also made using glycerol (sourced from coconut oil, palm oil or rape seed oil) and water. No other ingredients are added to the capsule shell. We do not claim that the whole finished product (i.e. the actual finished capsule as a whole) is certified Halal as the finished product is not certified. However, the actual bovine gelatine used in our products is certified Halal to ensure that the final product is suitable for Halal dietary requirements.
11 days ago by T. Akram
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