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4.8 out of 5 stars209
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2014
This is the first Katie Price book I have read and although I finished it I did feel somewhat cheated. The story is OK, but the writing shows no flair or feel, it's like someone has read "How to write romantic fiction 101" and then decided they are an author. I know that Katie has a ghost writer, which makes it even more disappointing. The writing just feels childish, the sort of thing you would expect from a teenager. It just doesn't flow along, just feels very "bitty". I felt no empathy at all with the characters. They all irritated me.

The story just doesn't gel for me. The author spends a long time setting the scene in 1999 and then leaps forward in time ignoring the fact that it would have been really interesting to explore how Liberty and Zac got on together when they first arrived in Hollywood and why they had so many marriage problems years later. Back in the UK the story did get a little better, but was so full of cliches it was laughable ... the fat best friend, the gay best friend, the best friend she wishes was a boyfriend, the wicked ex-girlfriend ... the sex scenes ... predictable ending seen a mile off ... This was a story which could easily have been so much better and because of that I was really disappointed.

I won't be buying any more of Katie's books.
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on 15 August 2013
I purchased 'he's the one' for my kindle as I have read all Katie price's other novels and enjoyed them. I liked the fact that the book is on two parts, so you get Liberty's life in 1999, up until she moves from Brighton to LA to get a break in her acting career, then you fast forward 14 years to 2012. I also liked that in the second part in 2012 it reads from Brooke's (Liberty's daughter) point of view as well as Liberty's, so we get to follow both their journeys from LA back to Brighton and all their individual ups and downs throughout. Overall this was a good page turner and an enjoyable read, which I would recommend to anyone who has read and enjoyed any of Katie Price's other novels.
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I wasn't a fan of Katie Prices books until I read In The Name of Love last year and was surprised at what a great read it was. Katie Price hides no secret that she has a ghost writer, Rebecca Farnworth, and I feel this needs to be mentioned as when I talk about the author in this review it relates to both ladies.

He's The One follows two generations, mum Liberty and her daughter Brooke. The book is split into two parts in the first chapter we are introduced to Liberty and we follow her early years as a single mother and a quick blossoming romance with the gorgeous Cory. When Liberty gets offered her dream job in LA that will mean she can provide her daughter with a better life she can't wait to tell Cory about their new start.

In part two of the book the story has jumped forward 14 years, Brooke is now grown up and Liberty is married but life for her daughter is not what she hoped it would be. Liberty feels that it is best for her and Brooke to return England but for Brooke LA is home and the last place she wants to go is back to England.

When I started to read this book it was exactly what I was expecting. By then end of chapter two our main character had met a new man and had already ended up in bed straight away. At this point I felt as though the book was going to be terribly predictable and trashy and was debating if to carry on or not but I decided to try another couple of chapters and I am pleased I did. By the time the book got to Part 2 the plot was really growing on me and surprisingly, so was Liberty's character. I found I was actually quite sympathetic towards her character, I expected her to be a little diva like but she was actually very down to earth and it was lovely that she always had her daughters interests at heart.

Brooke was a character who has you cringing each time she talks or should I say sulks! Yet she is another character who I found came full circle and by the end of the book I actually really liked her. Having been handed everything on a plate ( spoilt being an understatement!) and then throw in a large helping of hormones you can imagine what a mini diva this little lady was but I loved her!

I devoured this book in one sitting as once the storyline picked up it soon became impossible to put the book down, I really wanted to see what was going to happen next and to see if there was going to be a happy ever after.

This book sees the return of a couple of characters from her previous books which was a nice touch, it brought a little familiarity to the book. Katie Price brings the world she knows well, the world she lives in in this book the glitz and glamour, stardom and troubled relationships. This is an entertaining easy read that is pure escapism.

This book is definitely one to take on holiday with you if you like a modern day, glamorous romantic easy read that makes for pure escapism. I really enjoyed this book and think it is on par with last years book so well worth a read.
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on 21 April 2016
I loved this book. What I like about Katie Price's books is that they're all linked together in some ways through the characters. Characters from her other books pop up which is really cool. It's very easy reading, with a story line that gripped me as I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen at the end. Loved it, i'm onto the next one now 'Make My Wish Come True'
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on 30 July 2013
Another absolutely brilliant book by katie price, loved it!!!! cannot wait till october 24th (even tho i pre ordered it back early this year along with this one) i have started from beginning again as this one got me hooked again!!!! keep up the good work. p.s bring another angel summers one out....xx
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on 1 January 2015
Katie Price never fails to deliver a perfect romance. This book follows the story of a mother and daughter. I loved reading how the daughter (Brooke) changed and developed as a character throughout the book. The ending is slightly predictable but it is happy and I finished the book feeling good.
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on 11 November 2014
Had me hooked from the very beginning. Once again Katie did not fail!! I really hope there's a follow on?
Great story and an easy read, read it in 4 days as I couldn't put it down. As do all of her books they get you fantiscising and imagining yourself in the story.
Recommend 100%
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on 6 April 2016
I have read and loved Katie's previous books, this unfortunately bored the life out of me and I found most of the story was written from the teenage daughters perspective , which was beyond annoying.
Honestly if you have not read any of Katie's other books , don't start with this one.
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on 23 June 2013
Ever since Angel I have been addicted to Katie's books as they are full of love, glamour, heartbreak, joy and laughter. While I'm still reading He's The One I cannot fault yet another amazing book. I discovered she was bringing another one out, and because I am impatience, I bought it on my Kindle for the first time ever, as I usually buy the book. I cannot wait to read the rest and she will remain a firm favourite.

I love Liberty and fell in love with her within the first chapter and I love how this is the first (spoiler alert) book which she has done a large jump in time in one book, and it's nice how she always manages to bring the books around to Angel Summer, Cal Bailey as well as the lovely Jez and his husband. I just hope we get another Angel book in between or a follow up to Eden or Sapphire.
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on 14 January 2014
A love story no matter how old you are. I own every novel Katie price has written and this is certainly her best. It takes you back to first loves as well as those hard adolescent years. Truly heart warming, I cannot wait for her next book!
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