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4.3 out of 5 stars154
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 March 2010
This novel is on the new WJEC course for English Literature, so as an English teacher I bought it to consider teaching to my pupils. It is an excellent choice, being both short and accessible, but also thought provoking with some well drawn characters.

For confident teens or adult readers it is a quick read - 2 hours from cover to cover - but this is one of its strenghs, since rereading and revising from it will be enjoyable and rewarding.
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on 13 February 2015
***TRIGGER WARNING /MATURE THEMES INCLUDING: Rape/Non-Con Sex, War and mentions of Child Abuse.***


Robert Cormier is amazing. I hadn't heard of him before this year until I had to purchase the book for my English GCSE coursework but I wish I'd discovered him sooner.

Hero's' is a short but very entertaining read that provides a brilliant insight into life in the 40's - at the time of WW2. Without giving too much away the plot is as follows:

It centres on young Francis Cassavant, a war veteran who is on a mission of revenge upon returning home to Frenchtown. There's a catch; Francis has been left extremely disfigured by an explosion, leaving his face unrecognizable.

That's probably all I should say. The books speaks for itself.

Its backed up by a strong line of secondary character's including Nicole and Larry.

Personally I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick but memorable read. Although I would strongly advise that no kids under 13 should read this because it contains mature themes and some strong language here and there.

I must stress, it isn't a lighthearted book. Its absolutely fantastic but heavy. As it contains themes of sexual assault on youngsters. Its not shown in the book directly but it might be upsetting for some people. If this is a trigger for anyone then I would skip chapter eleven. That's all I'm going to say.

I will be on the look out for more of Robert's books and I can't wait to read THE CHOCOLATE WAR.

Thank you for reading!!! Xx
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on 18 October 2005
'Heroes' by Robert Cormier
This book based on World War Two, and grips you right until the end.
The book begins by telling us about one soldier, Francis Cassavant (the main character), who was badly injured in the war and is receiving treatment in a hospital with lots of other soldiers. Francis an 18-year-old war veteran is returning home to Frenchtown to try to get back to normality and carry on with his life, but as we find out things are not as simple as that and Francis has a reason for going to war in the first place as he is trying to escape a certain past event. Frenchtown got its name as many of the people who live there are French immigrants and we hear of various references throughout the book about France, also many of the characters have French names.
Throughout the book we are told about a place called the 'wreck centre' where Francis spent most of his childhood and met a man called Larry LaSalle who also plays a vital part in the story. Francis went to a convent when he was a child and this is where he met his 'childhood sweetheart' Nicole Renard, who also attended the wreck centre. There are a lot of anecdotes in this book as most of the events discussed happened a long time ago and Francis is just trying to come to terms with them. It is almost as if while he has been at war time has stood still and now that he has returned home he has to put certain unfinished matters to rest and that he does. He revisits certain situations and goes to see certain people to put his mind at rest.
In my opinion this is a very gripping story, which captures even the coldest of hearts. Robert Cormier has an amazing ability to describe in detail certain situations, which creates a great deal of imagery. However, the one fault is that sometimes the story is hard to follow, as one chapter may be completely different from the previous. Overall I would rate this book at 8/10.
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on 13 September 2004
I'm only 15 years old and started this in school. I thought it would be another boring book like some of the other stuff. But as soon as we read the first chapter I was hooked. After this so I could find out what was gonna happen next I went out and bought it and finished it in 2 days! It truely has open my eyes to how cool books are and after this I have bought many books from this site and there are a few I could recommend, but this truely has to be one of the best, and can be read by all ages, a truely great book!
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on 19 May 2011
I am reading this book as it is on the GCSE Engish Language list of set books for Edexcel. I thought I'd see whether I'd like to teach it.

I have absolutly no problem with the story itself, it's very good. However, the Kindle edition is terrible. Almost every page is peppered with mistakes. It's obviously been typed up in a hurry and not checked carefully.

This should be amended, especially as a large body of students now download electronic books to their mobiles and Kindles. Really disappointing.

By all means, buy the book. Just avoid the electronic version until they sort it out.
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on 24 May 2016
This is an unflinching book of lost chances, sorrow and atonement. I picked it up to read in one sitting, as my daughter studied it for GCSE, and I’m glad I did. This is the tale of a soldier returning from war, nursing his injuries, both physical and emotional. On paper he is a hero, inside he feels like a fraud.

The story captivates you from the beginning, taking you on a journey through his injuries and his childhood. A young man lost amid his own lack of confidence, rescued by belief and love. The story moves from present to past and back again as love surfaces through his shy countenance and self-belief burgeons. However, betrayal sends him to war, and it’s only upon his return that he decides to atone, his facial wounds offering him both anonymity and opportunity.

I read Robert Cormier as a teen myself, and he places himself in the mind of his characters perfectly. The shyness of a boy in love epitomised in the sentence ‘The earth paused in its orbit.’ Oh, yes, many of us have been there, and Cormier’s brilliance as a writer throws out some gorgeous prose, some of which brought tears to my eyes.

Who are the real heroes? A short but beautifully satisfying read.
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on 19 March 2014
I was greatly intrigued by this book which is about an army veteran, whose face was blown off by a grenade, taking his revenge on another hero who raped his girlfriend before he joined up. Although hard to get into at the beginning I think the pace was just right as I only found out what had happened to his girlfriend close to the end. Dealing with adult themes I would recommend this book to over 12's and it is greatly enjoyable.
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on 29 November 2013
Robert Cormier makes it feel like it's only you and characters in the book that matter and the tension that time throughout the whole book is amazing and is unlike any other. This book, Heroes by Robert Cormier, is by far my favourite book and I will reread this book time after time.:)
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on 20 October 2013
I read this in order to help my stepdaughter with her GCSE English project. It's well written with irony and grown up content that doesn't patronise young people. A very good introduction to serious literature without boring the pants off kids. Diverse narrative forms - past, present, first person - and character points of view obviously makes this novel an excellent teenage GCSE text Length just about right, too. If I read this as a gift I would say it's okay. If you're looking for a teenage classic that doesn't involve vampires, puberty and diaries then buy it for some young person who you care enough about to want them to read good literature.
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on 29 November 2013
This purchase was for my granddaughter for course work required by school, she was pleased with her purchase, would recommended to others.
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