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4.6 out of 5 stars84
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2004
That's what's in this package. No serious message, no brutal revelations; just fun, historic fun. From a time when the Beatles (and a whole generation) took themselves less seriously, HELP! provided the soundtrack to many of our lives and times.
Ringo's life is imperiled by an ancient sacrificial ring stuck on his finger. The ring makes him the target of a group of hilariously demented oriental mystics, who chase the boys from London to the Swiss Alps to the Bahamas.
But wait! There's more to this perfectly restored classic than meets the eye - namely an electrifying encoded Hi-Fi soundtrack, adding an unprecedented dimension to the original songs: HELP! "You're Gonna Lose That Girl," "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," "Ticket to Ride," "I Need You," "Another Girl" and "The Night Before".
The visual execution of these songs is incredibly stylish - so just relax and experience this movie event, and let the memories of a lost era flood your mind!
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The Beatles HELP! was released on Blu-ray with very little fanfare - I only saw one commercial on TV to announce it. This is probably because there is nothing new offered here, just an HD version of the earlier DVD release - no 4K remaster or additional bonus material is to be found here. If you don't have the earlier DVD release then this Blu-ray would now be the best version get - but comparing the DVD upscaled on my Blu-ray player to this new version didn't reveal much difference on my 32" Sony TV, but the audio through my sound-bar may just have favoured the Blu-ray version a little.

The film itself hardly needs much comment from me - intended for a different audience in a different age it is now quite dated and rather non-PC, but it does still have some genuinely funny moments! What you buy HELP! for is the music - treat it like a collection of Beatles videos and you won't be disappointed! Some great, timeless music and the audio restoration is worth hearing.

Unless you are a Beatles completist you probably don't need this Blu-ray version if you already have the 2007 DVD release; if not then get this new version - if you have a Blu-ray player of course! Amazon has currently grouped reviews for different versions of HELP! with this release - any review dated before June 2013 will refer to an earlier release so check the date before assuming the review refers to this Blu-ray version! It's the Beatles- it's HELP! - so how could I give it less than five stars? Even if you only watch the whole film once - play the music often. Enjoy it!
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on 23 July 2013
The touch and style of this movie, although perfectly representing its golden era (swinging london, free cinema, pop culture, all aspects so beautifully preserved thanks to a great BD transfer) makes it so stunning because you can appreciate how ahead of its time, daring, beautifully shot it was.
Richard Lester managed to be as brilliant as a director like The Beatles were as a music band: witty, british, unpredictable, pop and fine and funny as only few can be.
Of course the whole movie is a vehicle for Beatles music and songs (visually the best scenes of the film) still you can enjoy all the rest, have fun with the crazy touch and mood of the situations and the gags. Not just a musical masterpiece, but also a cinematographic one.
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on 27 October 2009
I watched this film on VHS two nights ago and it was the perfect escape.Lovely singable Beatles songs(including perhaps my favourite - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away),a silly and hilarious plot,John,Paul,George and Ringo,Eleanor Bron ("I am not what I seem") as Ahme,stylishly dressed high priestess of a nutty Indian religious
cult,and some super photography,make up a jolly romp of a movie,without pc,without violence,without swearing,indeed without any of the vulgarity of the late 20th/21st century.

What more could one ask for in a film?

Watch it ASAP.
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on 7 November 2007
I received this from Amazon on Monday morning and have probably watched it a dozen times since. This is a great film from the greatest group ever and is worth every penny!
The limited edition boxset includes a reproduction of the original script, a hardback book (featuring photographs taken on the sets, an introduction by Richard Lester and an appreciation by Martin Scorsese), a reproduction 1965 theatrical poster and 8 US theatrical lobby cards, as well as 2 DVD's-the first is the film, the second features documentaries, trailers etc.
Onto the film itself - I can't fault either the picture or sound quality, they're both amazing. I've heard some people say that this film is outdated/of its time, and I suppose in a way it is, but that doesn't mean that it's any less enjoyable. 'Help!', like 'A Hard Day's Night', is a great (and fun) film and you can see that The Beatles were having a blast making it.
This is a fantastic boxset all-round - BUY IT!!!
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on 22 December 2007
I bought this edition of Help as a Christmas present to myself. Being an old Beatles fan. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the packaging and content. The way it is wrapped in Help paper appealed to me. The picture and sound qualty is great and I liked the documentary.
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on 7 November 2007
I bought this boxset on Monday, and boy was it heavy!
This is more than a DVD, this is pretty much the biggest and best box set I own!
The film has been beutifully restored and you would never believe it was made over 40 years ago. The colouring is gorgeous and consumes the living room. You will not be able to turn away!
HELP! also hasn't dated at all, it's still very funny and is also a great sequel to A HARD DAYS NIGHT. Leo McKern steals the show, and The Beatles themselves, well, great characters, played incredibly well by musicians. You could show this to a non-Beatles fan and they'd enjoy it. The songs, again, haven't aged at all and sound beutiful with a sound system installed into the tv. They'll sound great on a normal tv too, but if you've got all that 5.1 stuff, then you'll hear the differnce.
The bonus features are very good, in particular, the restoration process feature, which shows how they cleaned the film. Great feature.
Now, with this huge boxset you also get a book with some wonderful pictures, and a replica script (Beatles Two) which I thought was the original, until I saw on the back page 2007! It's that much of a replica!
You also get the original poster and postcards, as I said, The best box set I own!
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Help arrives on blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 1.67:1 encode. Help first appeared on DVD in 2000 as part of a 4 disc set, including also Magic Mystery Tour, The First US Visit and You Can’t Do That! The video underwent a complete restoration in 2007 of the Special Edition DVD release. The contents of the current blu ray set are exactly the same as the 2007 Special Edition, with the same Special Features, same booklet containing the same pictures and essays (except the blu ray set is smaller in size). There is little to no information about any further restoration for this HD release. Therefore, I assume that this HD video is from an older master from 2007, as evidenced by a few niggling anomalies, the worst of which is quasi-ringing that may in fact at times simply be light roll off in a couple of backlit scenes, problems that might have been better addressed with newer technology or a higher resolution scan. That said, this blu ray offers some absolutely stunningly saturated colors (wait until you see the blue Ringo wears in an early scene in the lads' home). Fine detail is exceptional in extreme close-ups (take a gander at the first screenshot, where the fine hair on George's nose is easily visible). The final result is that this is the best video presentation of Help to date. (4/5)


The audio is where Help really shines, jumping from the original mono track in 2000 to DTS 5.1 in 2007, and now lossless DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio. There are many great songs in this soundtrack, including Help, You’re Going To Lose That Girl, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, Ticket To Ride, The Night Before, I Need You and Another Girl. This is the only place that you can thoroughly enjoy the music in fantastic lossless 5.1 surround sound. The enjoyment is simply sublime. Fidelity in both music and dialogue is excellent. Dynamic range is also wide and nuanced. The ultimate Beatles sound has finally arrived. (5/5)


This blu ray set is identical in look and content to its 2007 counterpart, except smaller in size. The 16-page booklet now comes with shiny glossy papers.


Seeing the Fab Four in bright living colour is a real treat. But the ultimate treat is the lossless 5.1 soundtrack, with so many great songs that we all know by heart. As Martin Scorsese stated in his essay: “The soundtrack of the movie, the soundtrack of our lives. Our memory. Of a time, a sense of possibility. That will never die.” Well put. Help with the current lower price is highly recommended.
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films were the vehicle that made seeing your pop - idols possible
to the many.
'The Beatles' were of course - the ultimate 'Pop Group'
as in this film the music during the early years was fresh and
uncomplicated, very commercial and loved by all ( well most )
the story line....'Ringo' wearing a sacrificial ring he'd found
and finding himself hunted by those that wanted it back, trouble
being.....he can't get it off to give it back.
it'll make ya' smile now and then for sure......the bonus......
the music is great.
with songs such as the title track....'Help' a number one, also
'A Ticket to Ride' also a number one, along with enjoyable numbers
such as....'The night before' .....'You've got to hide your love away'
....'I need you' ....'You're going to lose that girl' ...'Another girl'
the seven songs release on side one of the 'Help' album. ( 1965 )
a little tale ... I was lucky enough to see many, many pop idols of
the day on stage live.......however, how many people do you know
that actually turned down the opportunity to see the fab-four perform
live ?
a good friend back then had secured tickets to see 'The Beatles' at
a venue around 40 miles away.......great opportunity.
must have been around mid 1963, the group would have been three hits
into their golden career....'Beatle Mania' had already taken hold, in
fact probably the most talked about subject of the time.
though I quite liked their songs released up to that time I wasn't
hooked to be honest.........I didn't take up the chance to see them,
a decision I've had to live with ever since....what an idiot ?
by the time their fourth and fifth singles charted 'She Loves You' then
'I want to hold your hand' I had woken up, realizing just how good the music
really was.
The Music, truly 'Magic'
the memories will come flooding back.
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This is a superb package, presented beautifully with lots of nice touches, from the reassuring weight of it, to what I assume is a perfect replica of the original script for "Beatles 2" which would have been a working title for the film (Eight Arms To Hold You being another working title for Help!) The script is annotated which adds yet another fascinating insight, and the call sheets were equally as interesting to see. I loved the Help! wrapping paper used inside too.

As for the film itself, the audio and video have been lovingly restored and remastered and look and sound even better than ever. The bonus features alone make it worth the money. A must for any Beatles fan, and it looks gorgeous on the shelf alongside my other Beatles boxsets!
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