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Risk II (PC)
by Hasbro
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hello susan, i have the 2 versions loaded onto all my pc's and laptop(1 & 2) and have found that the early versions of windows 7 play all the games,incluiding vista,with no problems but my later model 7 doesn't as it is an older game for earlier pc's-you may get a better answer from a risk website regarding a patch or pc tweek to make it run ok-strongly suggest caution on these sites and protecting your computer with a good spyware detector/pc protection as these places attract the downright weird-have found that a lot of people still use vista pc's as a much more simpler system without the problems that w7 came with and am pretty certain that changes can be made within the pc to make it run on earlier system-hope this answers your question. james
3 days ago by James Toner
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