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2.9 out of 5 stars240
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2013
Now I know nothing stays the same and things change, but I was hoping my children would have as much fun playing mouse trap as I did when I was a kid back in the 80's. I wish I would have read the reviews of this game, but I didn't; more the fool me! Mousetrap has changed so much and not for the better! It seems whoever designed and approved the design of this game must not be the smartest of people! First of all the toilet is screwed on to the plastic so it can't come apart and is heavy, but it sits on top of folded cardboard that come apart when you pick it up! I mean who would come up with that. My youngest daughter who is 2 put a piece of cheese in the toilet and when we tried to get it out, it got stuck and there it still remains. The entire set up is help together with rubber bands that are too big and don't do what its supposed to. there is also a huge gap between the loop-de-loop where the ball is supposed to go through, but the gap is too big so the ball doesn't actually do anything other than fall down. I thought I did it wrong, but how the pieces fit into the board won't allow me to get the pieces any closer. All in all I would say DON'T buy this game, spend the money on something else!!
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on 14 November 2010
Mousetrap - more like mousecrap. The only thing that worked properly was the toilet, and the rest would have gone down ours if it had fit. Great (old) idea, lousy (modern) execution. I would seriously think twice about buying ANY toys from this well-known brand, who should be able to do much better if they really cared to.
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on 25 December 2011
Such a pity! Maybe rose tinted glasses but I remember the original as good fun to build and entertaining to play. Not the case in this incarnation! Takes a while to build and is more fiddly than fun. Once built it is totally pointless as hardly anything actually works! The cage NEVER goes all the way to the bottom and the loop hardly ever loops. Failed to hold even my 8 years old's attention for more than ten minutes as even she grew bored with watching me fettle it in vain to achieve the desired effect! Put simply it seems that cost cutting has reduced the quality so far that it renders the product useless! SAVE YOUR MONEY DON'T BUY!
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on 6 July 2015
Like many here, I remember the Rube Goldberg-esque original and it's mouse machinations fondly. I saw the modern version for sale in a charity store recently and decided to pick it up; My copy had a broken piece that I was able to fix, but otherwise it was complete and in very good condition. And it looks lovely when set up, there's no denying the sheer joy of seeing a little machine take form in three dimensions. But there's a number of fatal design flaws that mean that even if you have a perfect copy, it can never be anything but an exercise in frustration.

Firstly, the game is built so there are no metal balls flying around at anything like injury causing speed, which is a fine idea in theory, as you don't want to shoot the eye out of the little 'uns; but in order to make the traps work with smaller inputs, they've been designed with such a tiny level of tolerance that absolutely anything can set them off. This is intensified by the fact the builders have tried to minimize the actual plastic used, and thus squeeze every last micro-profit out of the purchaser, such that the stable state of a set trap is almost impossible to achieve. The Toy Box with the flipping lid is the most obvious example; it's held in place by less than half a millimetre of plastic, and would often spring with even the slightest vibration nearby. Which means flushing the toilet, which requires quite a hard pull on the lever to release a ball, can trigger it before the ball even leaves the centre.

This could be avoided with just the tiniest amount of extra plastic; to use another example, the ball run off into the basket that turns the wheel for the cage trap could have had guide rails both left and right to ensure it always hit the target, whilst the bucket could be a little larger to give extra insurance, with the far end of the lever being extended a little out to counter-balance. Instead they've left just one side closed, the smallest possible bucket and lever, so the ball can fly off at odd angles and miss the bucket entirely, which it's especially prone to do with all of the larger walls being made of easily bent, sagging or shrinking cardboard. They even try to excuse this as a gameplay feature in the manual, "Note: if the trap goes off and the mouse isn't caught (for example if the trap was not set correctly) then that lucky mouse escapes!". Oh dear.

Another example, where a gradient is essential to increase the ball's speed, they've left the plastic almost flat to again save on having to put just a little more plastic into the 3rd dimension; the tube to the frying pan is the worst example, and unless you force it to hold a different shape, the ball simply doesn't have the momentum to roll down it. Lucky mouse again, I assume.

Likewise, all 3 traps have open ended paths, so when it reaches the end, the ball merrily rolls off the board and under the sofa. There's a reason for this in theory again; because you don't want the tykes reaching over the board all the time to retrieve balls, which would just end up triggering all the traps. Unfortunately the ball dropping onto the board, and thus shaking it when released can do this anyway. And the holes are probably really there just to gouge you by millimetres again...

But as the title says, even if they re-engineered all the traps to allow for much more rough and tumble, the game will never be good, because astoundingly it's designed to encourage the very thing which ruins it now. The path the players take goes under, around and over the traps and even right into the centre of the board; It looks a nice idea, mice scuttling into all your little places. And the idea of spanners being used to block traps is a good one, but for some reason, it's placed in the centre by the toilet. There was no reason the players had to reach over everything to get one. Especially when children have such tiny little reaches they'll likely end up knocking over the pieces to do so. The original sensibly kept the traps all in the centre and the paths ran around the edges to avoid this. A toolbox for the Spanner could have been placed on the edge of the board too. They didn't care enough about the basic reality of the game to do this.

And it leads to the game being horribly visually cluttered; the left and right sides of the toilet aren't visible to each other unless you stand up, or move around the board. The distance between spots is too far apart and inconsistent, so on some sides rolling a 6 will take you across two entire sides, on others you'll still be on the same side. The boot flicks mice off the board, which is a nice mechanism for choosing who goes first by awarding that honour to the one who flies furthest from the board, until you realise that unlike a dice roll, it's biased to the mouse it hits directly, glancing blows won't move them as far, so expect punch ups ahoy until you change this rule. And when playing the actual game, the boot both flicks you off, and you have to pick up your mouse and move it back to a previous trap, where of course you can immediately be trapped again by someone triggering one on their turn...

Further more, with 3 traps instead of just one, you're risking tripling both the annoyance factor every time something goes wrong, but also ensure up to 3 other players lose progress when you do trigger a trap, which draws out the game to agonizing lengths. They also added "Carlos the Cat" who scares all the other mice into traps. Because that's what mice do when they see danger, run into some more of it. But anyway, you can imagine what this entails, yet more trap set up and frustration.

The next time I attend a games night amongst friends, I may just take this version of Mouse Trap along for a bit of "I can't believe this is so bad!" fun. But you dear reader don't have a copy yet, do you? So you have to pay real cash money for this self abuse. DON'T DO IT. Cross your fingers for another redesign later, and avoid making a mouse-ive mistake by purchasing it now.
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on 8 September 2010
Bought this game hoping my children would enjoy playing it as much as I had enjoyed playing the original and have been so completely disappointed by it.
It is so badly manufactured that almost half of the 'traps' don't work due to inferior materials used to produce them. It claims to be a game targetted towards 6plus year olds but it requires such manual dexterity to construct and set the traps that i think even the finest jeweller or seamstress would struggle to get it prepared. I doubt the bosses at MB have actually bothered to watch children setting up or playing this game. Have never been able to finish a game all the way through. I urge you NOT to part with your money and waste it on such an inferior product - so sad that a concept so wonderful could be delivered so spectacularly badly.
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on 25 March 2008
Initially I was very impressed with the new version; the three different traps get set off throughout the game which makes it more interesting, and it seemed pretty sturdy and a big improvement on the old version. But one piece arrived with a broken hinge which was irritating; also like another reviewer the loop the loop section didn't work, the ball just didn't have enough momentum. Unless I'm doing something seriously wrong this is a pretty major design flaw. As there is no help or support number to call this one is going straight back to the shop; shame, if it worked properly it would be a great game.
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on 4 September 2008
Having had this as a child, I remembered just how over sensitive our trap was. After setting this up - which took quite a while, I was quite impressed at the new traps... the loop and the flushing toilet especially and couldn't wait to play it.
Boy was I disappointed! The ball hasn't enough momentum to EVER go all the way round the loop, and our cage NEVER goes down - even when we hit it, it gets stuck half way. It looks great till u play it.... needs a lot of tweaking by the makers!
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on 6 January 2008
This game is very unreliable. There's a trap which requires a ball to do a loop-the-loop, and predictably the ball loses momentum before reaching the end to trigger the trap. Many parts are made of cardboard rather than plastic, and it's hit and miss whether any of the traps actually work correctly. Don't waste your money on this game. I haven't - I'm taking mine back to the shop I bought it from.
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on 8 December 2008
Like several other reviewers, I loved Mousetrap when I was a kid, and eagerly anticipated playing it with my own kids on Christmas day. But alas - it was the biggest disappointment of the day. We took it back to Argos on Boxing day. The fun of the original game was building the whole trap mechanism during the game. And it was entirely buildable. This new version - two adults (not unintelligent!) spent an hour trying to work out how to build the thing, without success. We gave up. Thankfully, Morrisons supermarket did a wee cheap version for a fiver, that was pretty much like the original Mousetrap.
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on 8 November 2008
Same as the others on the page - the traps don't work!! We bought this for my 6 year old as the big birthday present and after 1 hour of fiddling with the cage (which gets stuck) and never seeing the loop-the-loop work, I am putting this in the closet with the other cheap plastic games. A disappointment.
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