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4.0 out of 5 stars976
4.0 out of 5 stars
Size: 4 - X Large|Colour Name: Leather Padded - Black|Change
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on 29 October 2011
My not so docile springer has used a halti for years. He has sniffs and pulls on a traditional collar, but is a dream on a halti! Definately recommend them! The leather padding on the nose part makes it look even more comfy. Speedy delivery even on standard option
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on 24 September 2009
A good aid in handling dogs who tend to pull on the lead. I do get fed up with people asking why my dog is wearing a muzzle, though! A size three is ideal for a Labrador Retriever. The nose is nicely padded, and the Halti Link is brilliant!
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on 14 August 2011
We had a harness on our little Parson's terrier but it didn't stop him pulling. He gets very excited whenever he goes out and is also dog aggressive. He didn't take to the Halti headcollar at first and pulled it off quite easily.The safety attachment means that even if the Halti comes off the dog is still attached to his lead. We used rather a lot of treats to get to the park the first time and this tactic worked - he got rather attached to it! After only 2 walks he accepted it really well. The Halti has an instant effect, when the dog pulls the noseband tightens, which they don't like. As soon as the dog stops pulling the noseband loosens. I can't say my dog is the sharpest tool in the box but he instantly responded and now walks to the park at heel perfectly. As we were leaving the park this morning, 2 dogs nearby began an argument. My dog had his halti on ready to go home and as soon as he barked and lunged at the other 2 dogs, it tightened and had an instant effect. He knows that he can't fight it and calmed down instantly. This product was half the price online than in my local pet superstore - including the cost of postage.
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on 23 September 2009
Have always frowned upon these items as I have had little trouble training my dogs in the past, I have always objected against dogs being fitted with what resembles a horses harness.
HOWEVER, I now have a 7 month old ridgeback cross whom has got quite large and heavy, and is very easily distracted and pulls on her lead. My wife is only 5 foot tall and cannot control the dog whom has almost pulled her over on occassions, so against my better judgement I tried this product as a last resort.
AMAZING, to overcome the dogs initial resentment on having the halti fitted, I took her on a brisk 15 min walk, moving at a good pace so she did not get the oppotunity to paw her face. there is absolutely no need for me to tug or correct her becauseshe cannot attempt to stray as her head is fixed in position next to me. After only 5 min she was wlaking in a relaxed manner by my side. The next day I convince my wife to walk the dog, - amazing the dog remained next to her, no tension at all on the lead. When I let her run I remove the halti completely by releasing the quick release buckle, and again on fitting it takes seconds to slip on.
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on 4 January 2013
Purchased one for my one year Italian spinone as choker chain just not having any effect. Instantly he walked to heel with halti witout any pulling which makes walking much nicer for both of us. I bought size 4 but was too big and size 3 perfect fit ( large dog weighing 38 kg). I have always used choke chains on my other dogs and they have always responded instantly but with this pup a halti has become a god send.Will use halti on future dogs rather than choke chain. Great price, also bought long lead which can be tied round your waist which means they just trot along aside you, making a real connection with the dog.
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on 25 November 2013
I had tried most things with my over enthusiastic German Shepherd pup with little success. At a year old, she was still pulling despite weekly training classes. My Halti arrived promptly and as noted by everyone else, my pup hated it. However, after 15 mins she gave in trying to get it off and just accepted it. She occasionally has a flip out moment when she pulls. and then jumps around like a lunatic kangaroo. I just stop, get her to sit and start again. Walking is once again a pleasure and I don;t need to grip the lead for dear life. In fact you hardly need to grip at all.

What they don;t tell you about this halti is that it is brilliant for dogs that go mental when they see another dog. Mine does and it's a nightmare. On a choke or a harness she can still pull backwards and away from me - so I'm walking by and she's trying her hardest not to whilst going nuts at another poor random dog. My shoulder is in a bad way and it's made walking miserable and anxious.

When she sees another dog and lunges forward / sideways, it immediately closes her mouth and clamps it shut. The first time this happened with the halti on she did a major flip out and looked like an untamed horse. However, she has very quickly realised that going nuts is pointless. She still spots a dog and starts the routine but for the first time, I have control. It is less scary for others, and I can walk her by other dogs with far less problems.

If you have a lead aggressive dog, try this Halti. It's in the booklet that comes with the Halti but they don;t really tell you about it before you buy. With this harness I can have nice reasonably calm walks again with the knowledge that if I meet another dog, I am in control and my pup is not. Brilliant product.
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on 19 April 2010
i have a husky dog.I've spent a fortune on harness's, choker's, semi-choker's.You name it i've tried it,it literally got to the point that to take the dog out for a walk was dreaded by everyone,then i was told about the head collar.FANTASTIC even my 4yr old grandaughter can walk him.Yes i agree with the other review he hates it for the first 5-10 mins,rubs his face,scratches his nose, but a quick tug and told NO he's great.I would highly recommend this product for difficult to walk dogs it definetely brings back the pleasure in walking the dog(also stops recurring pulled muscles and shoulder injuries!).Halti Dog Training Head Collar Black Size 3
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on 5 January 2012
i bought this on the strength of the other reviews and i am glad i did. My dog has always wore a harness but would still pull to the point of almost walking on her hind legs at times, but i took her for her first walk wearing her halti and she was like a new dog she was resisting at first trying to get the halti off, but after 15 minutes she just gave up and enjoyed her walk. I was delighted that she was walking to heel something she has never done and at one point she seen another dog and went to pull and i could control her with one hand, i am now looking forward to taking her for walks as before it could be a chore with all the pulling
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on 20 November 2012
for the last 6 weeks, our 9mth old golden retriever pup has been pulling more and more on his eager to get to the field, meet dogs, and people. think he knows he is stronger than us...someone recommended this as a solution. OMG first walked with him wearing it last night and was like a different dog!!! no pulling whatsoever, my arm was completely relaxed at my side :) before taking him out i did put it on, take it off, repeatedly to try and get him used to it. we had maybe 4/5 times where he rubbed at it during the walk, but that was it. didnt worry when we walked past people /dogs that he was going to pull me over in his excitement to make friends . again today he rubbed at it, but the difference in pulling is amazing! am sure he will get used to the sensation of something over his nose in time. in the meantime, i'm not getting pulled here there and everywhere and not ending up frustrated rather than enjoying our walks. and he seems much calmer in general ( that is probably just us being more relaxed though tbh)i would recommend this product to anyone. with a little patience and perserverance he will get used to it. i am so impressed with the already huge difference it has made. no idea how it works so well, but it does!!!
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on 30 December 2012
It's a very good invention and certainly helps to prevent my dog pulling on the lead. However the fabric under the chin is easy for the dog to chew on and chew through so I had to reinforce it with extra fabric which prevents it sliding well. A more robust fabric in the first place would improve the design.
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