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3.8 out of 5 stars103
3.8 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Silver|Size: 16GB|Change
Price:£209.99+ Free shipping
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Colour Name: Grey|Size: 16GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Running the latest version of Android and the latest version of HTC's Sense UI enhancements is one thing.

Adding that to an absolutely premium build quality handset takes things to a whole new level.

I've been using an HTC One (M7) for almost a year now and absolutely love it.

Meanwhile my partner uses an original HTC One Mini - her choice after A LOT of deliberation - and she absolutely loves that.

The HTC One Mini 2, although a bit of a mouthful in its name, brings the Mini almost up to the spec of its big brother.

Spec wise, this is still a mini. Lower resolution screen, slightly less powerful processor and a couple of other bells and whistles missing (like the IR blaster that allows the phone to be used as an Infra Red remote control for your TV etc) mean they are not direct equivalents, but size and weight wise the Mini 2 is much closer to the HTC One (M7) than the original HTC One Mini.

This means it's a real contender if your choice is between the older One (M7) and this one.

- The price is about the same as the One (M7).
- The size is about the same as the One (M7).
- They run the same OS and Sense UI versions (with HTC there are always very slight variations between models but they are essentially the same when the M7 is allowed to run its auto-updates).

The One (M7) has the full HD screen (One Mini 2: 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches -vs- One (M7): 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.7 inches), the slightly higher spec processor (One Mini 2: SnapDragon 400 Quad-core 1.2 GHz -vs- One (M7): SnapDragon 600 Quad-core 1.7 GHz) and a couple of extra bits and pieces. Plus the One (M7) had BeatsAudio processing, if you like that kind of thing whereas the One Mini 2 has 'BoomSound'. So why would you choose the One Mini 2 over the One (M7)?

A couple of reasons.

1) The build quality has gone up (the body is almost 100% metal with a really stylish brushed effect) and the style of the One Mini 2 is faultless. It really is an absolutely gorgeous phone.
2) It's a newer model and though HTC have been very good at keeping the One (M7) up to date with Android OS updates and Sense updates there will be a time that those updates stop coming and it's likely that the One Mini 2 will receive at least an update or two after they dry up for the One (M7).

Oh, and did I mention just how good this phone looks and feels?

Performance wise in normal use I've actually found no real difference between the One (M7) and the One Mini 2 so I really wouldn't let that put you off. And though some say the screen on the One Mini 2 is not as vibrant as the One (M7) any difference really is so slight as to not worry about either - the screen looks great on both.

The One Mini 2 actually up the ante on the camera, beating the One (M7) by a large margin. The One Mini 2 packs a 13 MegaPixel main camera where as the one on the One (M7) only had 4 MegaPixels. HTC sold that as having 'UltraPixels' which were supposedly better pixels, but still if you are spec comparing it's worth noting.

# HTC One (M8) #

The obvious comparison for the One Mini 2 would be it's biggest brother - the HTC One (M8). However as the successor to the One (M7) this is HTC's current flagship phone and therefore demands a price premium.

The One (M8) has the same style and build quality (in fact slightly better as there is no plastic at all in the regular 'One' phones whereas the 'mini's have a very narrow plastic band around the sides) and ups the specs yet further.

However, I'm comparing the One Mini 2 with the One (M7) here because the price and size are now almost identical - putting then in the same class in terms of pockets (both spend and physical).


Android is a great operating system and there is an app out there for just about anything you can thing of.

The build quality and performance is use of the One Mini 2 is faultless.

If this is your price-point then this is a _fantastic_ phone.

(Note: The phone uses a nano SIM card, so if your current phone has a Micro- or Mini-SIM then you'll need to either order a new SIM from your network provider or but one of the cheap SIM cutter tools that are available. They do work, though it is a bit scary chopping your SIM up!)
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on 28 August 2015
AVOID THIS PHONE - QUOTE FROM A USER ON VODAFONE E-FORUM "The lady in the vodafone store said that she doesn't let people buy this phone because of the issues being reported by most customers."

It looks good, but it's deeply unreliable.
I have had 4 replacements in 6 months. Each has broken down within weeks. Primarily software issues, and no, I don't put many Apps on it.
The tech inside is last generation - which I wouldn't mind if it actually worked - but it doesn't.
It gets terribly hot - almost to the point you can't hold it - just by regular use.
That HTC have abandoned any providing any software updates on it tells you all you need to know about its capability.
Don't take my word for it - read the links to the Vodafone customer eforum where you can see the same flaws cropping up time and time again to many different people.
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on 2 July 2014
Colour Name: Grey|Size: 16GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE 12-Dec-15: HTC screws its customers, do not buy this phone

● My rating for this phone WAS 5 stars.
● They have closed down BlinkFeed, showing total contempt for their customers.
● You can move to "NewsRepublic", which has adverts.
● In other words, out of the blue, HTC have removed a core feature of the phone!

Old title → "This is a damn fine phone"
Old rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📱 I'm writing this from the perspective of a long time iPhone user.
ℹ️ I experienced my first Android phone, a Moto G, a few weeks ago. Whilst I was impressed (stunned, actually) with the screen and the price, I was let down in terms of usability.
👌The Mini2 solved the weight and size problem, and the keyboard is really good [more on that below].

The Mini 2 is the perfect size. I don't know why it's called "Mini", it's not really that small - it's a sensible size. It's about the same size as my iPhone 5S. I can use it one-handed as I walk down the street.

☑️ Of supreme importance, to me, is the keyboard autocorrect!
Although it is very cramped, on the keyboard, super-fast and the autocorrect _almost_ always changes it to what I intended to say. (As i'm typing it looks like a mess, but once I press space after a word it somehow, magically, fixes everything)

☑️ Also, when I press the spacebar twice it puts a full stop - something i've become reliant on!

✌️ Learn this: 2-finger swipe down from the top for quick access to settings. Super-useful!
There are numerous other little things that HTC has done, that all add up to make this a great experience. [1]

🔊 This is dead good. I think, in a previous iteration, this was called Beats by Dre? Perhaps THIS is why Apple have bought them? Thanks to the stereo sound, i consume a lot of entertainment on this - on 4od and iPlayer. (The SD card means I can download LOADS of stuff).

⚡️ Also new to me: Bit Torrent. I was really curious to watch 21 Jump Street and was able to download it on a whim. In minutes. With no computer. This is new territory for me! [This was for educational purposes only - I paid for the Blu-Ray to support the content creators; I just had to have it there and then!]

💭 I prefer to have this in bed, for entertainment. More than my iPhone and more than my iPad.

⏰ Oh, and thanks its powerful speakers, the alarm wakes me up every morning with a punch!

Everything is buttery smooth. I'm very careful about what I install on the phone since it's too easy for bad guys to do bad stuff.

📞 I love it, that after a new person calls and the call is over, it prompts me if I want to add the number to my address book. this is just a little touch but I love it.

The screen pixels-per-inch is as good as the iPhone ("Retina").

ℹ️ 326 PPI (Pixels per inch)
📏 4.3 inch (10.9 cm)
🎥 HD 720

It's brushed metal and plastic. (It gives the illusion that it's mostly metal but I think it's plastic, with a metal shell?)
It isn't "unibody" (carved out of a single slab of metal).
That said, it still looks and feels really nice. (It is still really slim) [2]

I only download a small number of apps, official apps, to help reduce the risk. [3]
It's strange that so many apps ask for more permissions that they need, and we are just conditioned to accept without reading (or thinking).
I still have more (possibly misplaced) confidence in the iOS, because of the way apps are sandboxed. I'm quite lazy, as well. If i was more inclined, I could probably research security issues and stay on top of it.

Google Now can be incredibly useful but I am mindful of Google (potentially) being creepy and misusing our data. I feel uncomfortable with one company having such a deep reach into our lives. (It's why the iPhone will remain my primary phone.. that said, I am using the Mini2 more and more!).

Most people won't care about that, because they aren't tin foil hat wearers like me! I refuse to use Facebook, partly because it's free. (Again, I'm a cynic and I've worked in the industry - I think people overestimate how private their stuff is..)

The "Photos" app wants me to have a Google Plus account and I refuse to use GooglePlus. Get lost! 👿 (You can still use the "Gallery" app).

I thought i'd mention that if the "Google" app is already open, then you can say "Okay Google" and it will await your command. However, if the app is not open, you can scream "okay Google" as much as you want to the phone and it won't respond.

(Re: voice actions: It's comparable to Siri in that you can say "wake me up at 8" and it will set the phone's alarm for 8am. I personally prefer Siri as it seems better at launching apps).

I have to say that Google Maps is damn good. Far better than Apple maps, and has integrated public transport info that's surprisingly accurate. (Though you can get Google Maps on the iPhone, too)

💤 The only very slightly niggle is that I have to do some awkward finger gymnastics to press the wake button on the top left of the phone. (this is probably because I'm so used to it being on the top right side on the iPhone, which I have been using for the last 7 years!)

🌟 I can't think of any other negatives! This really is a superb phone that has exceeded my expectations.


[1] Apparently it's called "HTC Sense 6 UI" - not that you need to know. I didn't until now!
[2] To achieve this thinness, the 🔋battery is NOT user replaceable - hopefully HTC will, when the time comes, provide a replacement for a fair price, since I cannot do it myself!
[3] Big name free apps I trust and use: Flipboard, Mailbox, iPlayer, 4OD and WhatsApp. (I like having a battery that lasts ages so I won't run any 3rd party developers I don't trust)
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on 3 August 2015
Generally unimpressed over the 6 months or so since I purchased the phone. Looks great out of the box but you need a cover for it which nullifies that. The reason you need a cover is that within a week, threads of cotton in my pocket pulled out the ‘HTC’ letters on the back and I also have a couple of dents in the case. Baring in mind I work in an office and it just sits in my pocket all day.

Camera is fantastic and it feels quite nice when navigating through the different apps and pages which is great. It also doesn’t feel too big in the hand compared to other phones I have played with.

I have a fair few bug/glitches but it’s probably not fair to highlight these as I should contact the seller rather than kick off on a review (it might just be an issue with my unit). I was however underwhelmed by the audio, especially considering its sales push for this function.
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on 26 November 2015
I've been using this phone for around 8 months now, and I can categorically say its the worst phone I have ever owned (even worse than the HTC Touch Pro with Windows 6.5!)

The first model I had was broken, it wouldn't call or receive calls at random and would occassionally decide it didn't want to connect to data even with a full signal. Off to the repair man and they replaced it with a brand new phone.

Based on the second model I can say the following.

- It looks good in grey
- It's a good size to use in one hand
- The speakers are pretty good

- It's slow, painfully slow. The keyboard lags regularly, programs lag even when you've shutdown everything, HTC's custom overlay is slow and buggy often doing things at random. It can be often unworkable.
- It needs to be reset at least monthly. The phone works great when you first update/reset it, but then its a very quick rush to the bottom in terms of functionality and speed. At the moment I can't use facebook, the google app, and the gallery crashes after a minute or so. It's a constant battle with getting things to work, and after every update it all breaks again and you are back to square one.
- It gets hot - even doing basic stuff, the metal casing gets extremely hot in the hand.
- It scratches easily - I'm not overly kind to the phone, but the exterior is looking in pretty bad shape. It picks up marks and dents easily.
- The camera is rubbish - slow, poor quality, regularly loses focus, not many keepers. My old nexus 3 was better in terms of picture quality and keep rate.

In short, I have a 8 month old phone that I'm going to throw out as part of the black friday sales and buy a new one, I'm not even going to give it to a family member like I have done with previous old phones. Straight into the bin with it.

Avoid like the plague.
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on 30 May 2015
I dont install many apps on my phone all i have installed is audible and Amazon an the phone is so slow i have had it for 7 months and it is the worst phone i have ever had. Also it gets quite hot after a while i would not recommend this phone and i would say it has driven me away from another smart phone so much so that my next phone will be an old flip phone. I am all for modern technology i have a 3d printer but all i want to do is call text and send a email onece in a while.
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on 20 September 2015
I purchased this phone after my 3 year Samsung S2 was no longer working. I am extremely disappointed with this phone and have experienced an alarming amount of issues with it, starting within the first few months of use. It has come to the point where I am planning to buy a new phone because of problems associated with the phone. I have tried to contact the supplier but they have been absolutely no help at all. I described the problems I was getting with the phone over email (apps not working, phone resetting all content automatically) and received an email reply back suggesting I reset the phone through settings. This did not work and I had to reset the phone using hardware after researching myself on how to repair the phone as the company did not get back to me. The phone worked well for a few weeks until recently. A few of the issues I am now encountering are being unable to answer phone calls, launch the text messaging app, apps being erased. I am very disappointed with this purchase. The phone has not even lasted me a year.
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on 15 August 2014
Terrific phone, with huge capacity and a micro SD to expand this. Cannot find any negatives except for the need for a nasty little tool at insert the sim and micro SD cards.
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on 16 October 2015
This is the phone from hell. After owning it for 7 months I've had to go through 5 factory resets already, and no end in sight - it will work well for 2-3 weeks and then the software starts playing up. Apparently HTC don't support this anymore and won't push out updates, so you can't update Android to fix it either. One day soon I'll just chuck it in the bin, I'm just trying to get over the cost of it first.
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on 19 August 2015
If you want to make phone calls buy a £20 nokkia don't waste your money with this.

It is ok for looking at the internet and has a nice clear screen.

The voice cancelling software on my phone does what it says and cancels my voice.
You can only make a phone call on speaker phone.
So its no only me that hates it everyone at my work hates it.
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