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4.1 out of 5 stars70
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2012
Have had the HTC Desire x for about 2 weeks now in some ways
its it looks just like the desire s though its a bit lighter and thinner the back is made of a kind of rubberised plastic which makes it good to hold some of the tech website reviewers have had an issue with the back cover and its removal it is on the thin side but with a bit of care its no worse than some of the other big brands as for the insides it runs on ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.0
And has a 1ghz dual core processor so far I've had no problems with lag and reception is really good call quality is clear battery is OK for this type of phone can get 2 days at a push but only a day if its been a busy one screen is bright and can be seen in direct sunlight (has to be on 100%)overall its a well made not to big in the pocket good responsive screen and a decent camera and although is only 5m pixels has the same spec that's on the one x. Hope this helps.
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on 1 November 2012
I've had a Galaxy Ace for nearly 2 years and while it was never fast it became increasingly frustrating to use - 800mhz processor really not sufficient, with frequent freezes and lagging. Enter the Desire X which I waited for and chose over and above the Xperia U, Galaxy Ace 2, One V, Xperia P, Huawei Honor. The dual core 1ghz chip does the job just fine , no slowing done or freezing while using the phone for regular tasks. The camera also is a highlight - it's fast, take pics while shooting video, almost instantaneous focusing, burst mode ( several frames a second, pick the best one, delete the rest)and Back side illuminated(better low light shots),incremental flash to help prevent white out shots. It has a dedicated image chip to make the camera zip along and is really what HTC say - best in class camera. Phone works perfectly without any of the problems experienced and documented with the One V,or the Home button problems of the One S.HTC Sense is a nice addition to Android ICS.
The Xperia U in comparison performs well (similar processor but has a smaller 3.5in screen which is quite narrow) is good but the one I used the camera was awful, focusing problems,orange tint to photos, blurry and lots of noise. The Galaxy Ace 2 which I have also used, performed fine but again the camera was a let down, nice shots but very slow to focus. Desire X - Best in class
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on 29 April 2013
After going through 2 Samsung mini S3s in less than 10 days due to freezing screens and cutting out during calls I decided to opt for the trust HTC again. I used to have a Desire S and although good, the Desire X is far superior. It is fast, clear, well laid out and very easy to use. The phone is stylish, incredibly light and half the size of the giant smart phones which don't fit in a pocket! The battery is amazing too, I use it for calling, texting, Internet and Facebook all the time and am only charging it every 2-3 days.....not sure how this is possible but I am definitely not complaining. All in all a cracking phone for a very decent price.
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on 20 December 2012
I am a moderate user with little Android experience having freshly come from iOS. I am using a Google account to sync calendar, contacts and email. This phone and HTC's Sense UI make that very simple. The handset is light and slim with a 4 inch screen, the rear is slightly rubberised making it wonderfully tactile and unlikely to slip from your grip. I cannot quote screen res but it is a excellent screen, comparable to my recent iOS handset. This handset will take a micro SD card I am using a 16 GB one with no issues. One is NOT supplied with the handset, it is also not accessible without taking the back off. Taking the back off is easy but not something I would guess you would want to do often as the rear case once off is quite fragile, the volume rocker looks easily broken for example. However once back on the phone it is robust. The build quality is good but it is not as bullet proof as the HTC Desire's predecessor. Also to note is that it takes a full sized sim card, although I am using a micro sim with an adaptor. It comes with ICS which is fast and easy to use. You can have only 5 home screens but with an excellent range of widgets. Battery life is good but not great. I get one day really heavy use or two days normal use, this is about normal for most of the recent handsets I've had. It does 3G and the HSPA data and of course wifi, although oddly enabling the wifi does affect battery life a little. I also dimmed the screen to extend battery life which is not a problem as the screen is so good. Touch sensitively of the screen is good, I have stuck with the standard keyboard without a problem. Summary. I like this phone, quick, easy to use and robust ( for a modern 4' screen smart phone) with a good screen. I would like a bigger battery and slightly quicker processor however this is a mid range phone and what's on offer here is really good for the price and that probably sums up this phone- a very good mid range phone.
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on 4 February 2013
I was looking for a replacement for my old HTC Touch, one of the best of it's era. I didn't want the huge HTC One as it has to live in my shirt pocket. Only a slightly larger footprint than the Touch, the Desire X is lighter and has a fantastic screen. It is a dream to use.
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on 24 January 2013
When people ask me what phone they should buy I always answer with the question "what do you do/want to do with your phone?"

Naturally, people want a phone with all the bells and whistles. They want a phone with the best camera, the biggest and brightest screen, a long lasting battery, the latest software and it needs to be fast. The problem is that a phone like this (Apple iPhone 5/Samsung Galaxy S3/HTC One X+/Nokia Lumia 920 etc) comes at a price. So if money is no object then these are the phones I would recommend. But what most people don't realise is that for half (or less) of the cost of a high-end device you can get a phone that has far more than half of their features. All you need to work out is what features REALLY are important to you.

The HTC Desire X falls exactly into this category of being a very capable device at a fraction of the cost. It is fast (1GHz dual core), has got a large enough and vivid LCD screen (4 inch across), a capable camera (5 megapixel with a f2.0 aperture lens), a battery which can see you through the day with medium to heavy use, and a sound enhancement (Beats by Dr Dre) which gives music lovers reasons to be cheerful.

In addition, the Desire X comes with features which are missing on some of the high-end devices. The battery can be removed and exchanged against a fully charged one, should the need for this arise. And the phone's memory can be easily upgraded via the built-in micro-SD card slot. For me those two features alone made the Desire X a very viable choice.

But all is not rosy in the bang-for-bucks department. In their quest to produce an affordable AND capable Android device HTC also omitted features which can be found on phones even cheaper than the Desire X. For example, there is no front-facing camera for video calls or self-portraits. And for some reason the otherwise very capable camera does not record videos in HD (the phone's screen resolution of 800x480 pixels is the limit).

Another strange omission is the lack of gorilla glass, which makes the screen prone to scratches, so a small investment into a good screen protector is more or less a must.

Still, apart from these (minor?) issues the HTC Desire X is a very commendable device at this price point (around £220 SIM-free). Internal memory is actually higher than most other phones in this class (768MB). This, combined with the Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, makes the Desire X faster than any other phone in this price range. Pictures taken with the 5 Megapixel camera are sharp and the f2.0 lens gives it an almost instant auto-focus. It even features the continuous shooting mode like the one found on the (much more expensive) HTC One X, where the camera takes pictures in quick succession. And even the feature which allows you to take stills WHILST recording videos is here on the Desire X.

Music lovers can also rejoice, as the Desire X comes with HTC's own "Beats" sound enhancement. Ok, you cannot tweak the equaliser settings, you can only turn the sound enhancement on or off. But it does give your music quite a punch, even if it is a bit heavy on the bass. Unfortunately HTC have stopped to supply their Beats enabled devices with proper in-ear Beats headphones. A bog standard piece of headphones is all that you get with the Desire X. But if you are a true music lover you will most probably already have a good quality pair of headphones anyway.

What might be another concern for some is that the Desire X does not come with the latest version of Android, namely Android 4.1 or "Jelly Bean". Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is still very capable, but it would have been nice to see HTC making an extra effort, especially as they need to RE-convince consumers why they should buy an HTC phone rather than a device made by Samsung, Sony or Motorola as latest sales figures seem to suggest. In a recent statement by HTC it was announced that any device with 512MB of RAM or less would not see a Jelly Bean upgrade. So this should mean the Desire X is one of the devices which WILL receive some Jelly Bean goodness at some point. Still, I am not convinced.

HTC's own Android skin (called "Sense") can be found on the Desire X in its version 4.1. I have always liked Sense, because it is visually very pleasing. For example, when you scroll down to the end of a list a gap opens up between the last 3 items of that list to visually emphasise "this is the end of the list". But this comes at a price, mainly performance. HTC Sense phones seem to need a faster processor and more RAM just to do common interface tasks like scrolling or opening applications at the same speed as other manufacturer's Android skins. Apparently, HTC are working on a much more streamlined version of Sense called HTC Sense 5.0. But as with the Jelly Bean upgrade, I very much doubt this will ever make an appearance on the Desire X.

Having looked so much at the Desire X's interior specifications I almost forgot to mention that this device is gorgeous to look at, and the materials used make it feel nice and solid to hold. The camera on the back is embedded in an oval of brushed metal, which gives the Desire X a very distinctive and unique look. In many ways, would it not be for the "chin" at the bottom of the phone (still a design feature from the original HTC Desire) you could mistake the Desire X for a One X mini. And the One X is one of the best looking phones around.

Looks are one thing, though. Practicality is another. Probably in order to attain a One-Piece-Look (like the One X where the battery is imbedded) HTC did not make it obvious where and how to remove the back cover to gain access to the innards. It appears that you have to stick your fingernail in to the tiny gap between the front and the back of the phone and somehow lift off the back cover. It works, but it could have been made a bit more obvious.

Some reviewers were complaining that the back cover does not sit tightly, but I do not seem to have this problem on my own unit.

Using the Desire X as a phone is a pleasure as in-call quality is loud and clear, and the phone does not suffer from dropped calls, even in areas with patchy network coverage.

So, with all the positives and negatives in mind, would I recommend the HTC Desire X? Most definitely YES! The Desire X is a stunning phone which does all the things a high-end phone does, maybe not as stylish. But at this price-point I feel that you cannot go wrong.

The only way you could save even more money is to go for the similar spec'd Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. This phone is slightly slower (800Mhz dual core), only comes with Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) and the camera is not as capable, even though it DOES shoot videos in HD (720ppi).

Personally I prefer the Desire X, and I thought it was worth spending the extra cash.
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on 26 April 2013
This phone does a fantastic job if you arn't looking to play games on it all day. The battery lasts long enough to last a whole day, charging it every night will be considered. If you don't play games and use social apps on it like facebook and twitter, then it could last more than a day, but charging at night is still muchly recommended. I love my HTC Desire X to bits, nothing to fault it at all! :)
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on 3 August 2013
Just updated my old HTC and its marvellous. I'm an OAP so don't use all the "bells and whistles" but I do text a lot and that is easy. Couldn't wish for better. Charge lasts longer than my old one too. Recommend it highly.
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on 14 November 2013
Easy to work with, beautiful screen, syncronizes with dropbox, battery lasts for 3-4 days if wifi is not used and if one doesn't talk on the phone that much, camera is excellent.
Just a minor remark that this phone doesn't come with a memory card, so make sure you buy one before acquiring this product.
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on 5 December 2012
To tell you the truth when I got the package I was shocked at how light it was and I taught it can't be the phone but it was. Brand new. I am in love with the phone's physical appearance, a beautiful device. Back cover tends to get dirty easily unfortunately but I have bought a hard cover for it (HTC HC C800 Hard Shell for Desire X) which doesn't make it much thicker, still slim and elegant with it on.
Well the performance is great. It's my first smartphone so can't really compare but I am happy with it. A 1GHz dual-core processor does it justice. I was not going to buy anything less with than 1GHz for sure. For a mid-ranged phone it is perfect. Camera quality is good. The fact that it does not have a front camera does not bug me that much. The key rockers are reachable and not hard to press as I have heard on online reviews, at least when you get used to them.
I do recommend this smartphone, I think it is a great price for the specs. Oh, and when I first plugged it I was shocked it did not start up, haha... a few minutes later it got to me though, the battery was still in it's plastic cover, hehe hope you learn from my mistakes. Good luck! HTC, surely quietly brilliant :)
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