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on 5 February 2012
Bought the printer today so can not say anything about long term performance.

However I love it already. The set up was easy ( after second try ). And the wireless works like a charm. Printing quality seems excellent. The feeder takes the paper without problems ( my old canon printer which was taking the paper from the top was so annoying and you had to fiddle around all the time until you could even print a damn page)

Very easy to handle ( I am a woman ). Was looking for a front feeder which takes away much less space if you want to hide the printer somewhere or have it in a shelf. I also like the size of it( not too big) and the overall looks ( those pure black printers are too notorious for my taste and they are dust collectors).
The printer does not feel flimsy and looks rather `` expensive``. ( of course the most beautiful printer right now seems to be the HP ``envy`` which of course is way too expensive for my taste.

Some people say that it is loud- didn`t realize this. Sounded normal to me... Ah, and the email printing is so cool, as well.
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on 7 October 2013
My warranty ran out exactly 1 month and 6 days ago. Here is the tale of woe that occurred with this printer:

While at first the printer worked fine, I have just been on a four hour hell ride trying to fix it. Constant paper jams eventually leading to a non-stop 'turn off and on again error' that I fixed by sheer luck has left me in a state where I need the "set-up" cartridges that came with the printer or my printer will not work - PLEASE NOTE HP do not tell you you need to keep these, so like everyone else on the internet with the same problem, I used them like regular cartridges, threw them away and am now stuck.

HP SUPPORT DOES NOT RECOGNISE THIS PRINTER. To report an error (without paying) you have to first select the printer system (easy right? no!) THIS printer doesn't show in ANY of their printer lists!!!! And the only way to buy these Set up cartridges is by bloody HP Support contact - and the once in a blue moon Ebay seller - so I am quite literally STUCK and ridiculously out of pocket.

I URGE you not to buy this product. Get ANY OTHER PRINTER. In fact, go down a different route and just get something other than HP because to be quite honest their customer support service is just awful and their products eat up ink like a three days starved lion.

If you think I'm just trolling the product and HP, feel free to contact me and I'll quite happily show you the screenshots of my printer failing and the warranty identification software I downloaded from their site freezing my computer. DO. NOT. BUY. IT.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 July 2012
We bought this printer a week or so ago to use with a pc and two laptops on a home network, the main reason being that we wanted a wireless set up so that the kids could use to print their homework, which seems to account for most of the printing we do at home.

The item arrived and I was able to set it up to run on all three machines in no time at all. The only hiccup we had was that when the machine was first switched on it couldn't pick up the router wirelessly, we had to use the option to connect it via USB to the printer to find the router for the first time. Since then, it has worked perfectly.

Having had a number of fairly low cost printers over the years, I have to say I was very impressed with the print quality. Very acceptable indeed, nice crisp colours and photo reproduction is excellent.

Copy and scan functions work perfectly, printing time is very fast indeed. There is also a "quick form" option - which appears to consist of things like daily planners that you can print off and use, as well as sudoko and maze grids.

Software includes HP Photo Creations which is really just Snapfish by another name, although there are a few nice little printing projects such as desk calendars which you can use free of charge.

The email print option works fine - we have registered the printer and added its email address to two phones and have had no problem at all emailing photos to the printer for automatic printing.

With regard to paper, again I cant fault it at all - it picks up the paper effortlessly. We have one batch of cheapo paper here, which other printers sniffed at and spat out with no intention of picking up whatsoever - this printer just takes it and prints like a dream.

With regard to ink levels, I know I am on the set up cartridges at the moment, but after a week of over the top "let's see what this looks like" printing, having checked the ink level status, levels don't seem to have gone down at all since when it was first installed.

To sum up, for what we need to use the printer for, mainly homework and letters, it is absolutely spot on and highly recommended.

Edit 6th August 2012: Have been using the printer on a regular basis for a month now and still really pleased with it. Still cannot comment on the ink cartridges as we are still on the first set, although we are printing something every day it seems at the moment.
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on 20 August 2012
First, the good things:
- We had no problems setting it up
- Wireless printing is good / easy
- Intuitive to use - scanning, copying & maintenance straight forward
- Print Quality, inc photos, pretty good
- We found speed of printing better than Which? review suggests

Now the Bad:
- BLIMEY, DOES THIS PRINTER EAT INK OR WOT !!!!!! We've needed to print quite a bit of colour recently & have been getting through cartridges at breakneck speed. We bought this one to replace an older photo printer, also a Which? best buy & one that Which? described as expensive to run. This printer, purportedly a budget option, gets through ink at a far, far, FAR faster rate & is very, very, VERY expensive to run, none of which comes up in Which?'s review.
- Printer is very noisy. So much so that, as it is in our small office, you cannot print, if someone is on the phone - you have to leave room to be able to hear call.

All in all, quite disappointed in this printer.
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on 25 May 2012
I was so pleased with this printer, I found it easy to set up... it just seemed to connect to everything and off I went...Bought it from Curry's...was a little bit annoyed when I told the sales assistant that the offer I had bought it online including a full set of free inks, he did not realise...but would have to refund me the whole price then charge me again, then add the free inks...the re-fund would take 3 days...I did not have the spare cash in the bank to do that !!....I included the 2 year parts ect...THEN soon it ran out of black ink, no problems I had bought an extra in it went...then it ran out hubby searched high and low for copies but did not find bought another full set of inks, because he could not find just the black...THIS time I counted the number of sheets... disgustingly only got 58 then it ran out. PS of course I cleanedHP E-3070A Deskjet All-In-One the heads....I am taking it watch this space...
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on 8 March 2013
Yes, it has all the nice features that other people have written about, but it also has the bad features, such as the stupid flimsy paper tray. All this would be OK for low-volume domestic use, but the worst thing is that having had it almost exactly one year to the day, the black ink just stopped printing. I spent a load of money buying replacement cartridges of two different types and spent loads of wasted time running diagnostics (which are useless) and downloading new drivers, but all to no avail. So after hours of frustration, I have given up and ordered a new HP 2510 today. I just hope it's a bit more reliable, but it might be another year before I find out. And to add to the annoyance, I have four spare colour cartridges which are now good for nothing, plus three black cartridges which were probably discarded needlessly. All of this ink and the printer will go into landfill - what a waste and what damage to the environment.
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on 29 March 2012
Bought this printer from Amazon at the price of £66.99. I also bought the combo ink cartridge pack at £17.49.

Both items were despatched promptly - indeed the printer arrived ahead of estimate and as I was out at the time necessitated a visit to the depot to collect; annoying as this added a 2 day wait !

Readers should be wary of the fact that the printer only comes with 'set up' print cartridges. Only just set up the printer so unable to advise how long they last for. Set up was fairly straight forward - did have difficulty with the wireless set-up (due to the need to conncet the USB cable during set up rather than use the 'automatic wireless detection' service mentioned in the manual. This tries to set up it's own HP network which of course is not recognised by the computer.

I was a little bit upset to find that Curry's are selling the exact same model at £59.99. In hindsight I should have bought the printer from them and the ink from Amazon. I see that there is now an Amazon supplier selling at the same price as Curry's - makes my £6 out of pocket even more galling !

Printer looks good, feels solid and has a much more rigid paper hopper than my other HP printer. If the wireless network continues to work as at present then I will be more than happy.
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on 17 September 2012
Printing anything with more than 1 page is an absolute nightmare with this thing, because every time you try to print it just goes "Out of paper" no matter how carefully you try to load the tray or how many sheets you use. You literally have to push the sheets in, and then they have a very good chance of getting jammed inside the machine.

The ink consumption is also something incredible, after a few dozen pages of fighting with the paper feed mechanism you're out of ink.

Also, I haven't seen a scanning software without a preview option in about 20 years, but here it is. If you're unfortunate enough to have bought this product, stick with the Windows Fax & Scan software, it's a million times better.
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on 28 February 2014
This is SUCH a frustrating printer. I have lost count of the number of times I have reinstalled the ludicrously bloated HP drivers for this piece of junk. It will print wirelessly if there's a J in the month and the wind is blowing from the south-west. Maybe. Well, probably not. If you accept that this is NOT a wireless device, then you'll be a lot happier. Assuming you're happy to wait about 3 minutes whenever you switch it on while it goes through its utterly ridiculous startup routine. Unless you try to scan something - the software that comes with it (or downloads of the HP site) is enough to make you want to take a shotgun to the printer. It is the worst-written, most unintuitive, most annoying piece of software I have ever had the misfortune to use. For starters, if you do manage to get something to start scanning, if you go to any other program while it's scanning, it stops. Maybe someone should tell HP that there is a concept in programming known as multi-tasking...invented around 1954. Oh, I really can't be bothered to list all the faults with this piece of utterly useless waste of plastic and its associated software - I'd be here all day. If you're reading this, then you're probably considering buying one. Just don't. Or you can have mine, for free. If you come round while I'm trying to scan something, I'll probably actually pay you to take the poxy thing away.

It was very hard to write that review without a LOT of swearing. That is how much I hate, hate, hate this printer. I would give this thing ZERO stars if Amazon allowed it.
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on 3 January 2016
The worst printer I have ever owned or used. I thought going for HP would mean a fairly solid unit, even if uncomplicated at it's price point. I usually do a lot of research when buying anything but unfortunately bought this one on a whim in a store after not reading about it. I have experienced most of the issues that others have written about but for me, failure of the printer comes down to 3 things:
1. Completely shoddy paper-feeding mechanism, whereby it sometimes refuses to accept that there is paper in the tray at all, even with more than 20 sheets.
2. Horrendously noisy and ludicrously elongated startup process that involves whirrs, clicks, the ink head moving back and forth for about a minute before you can use the thing. Last night when I turned on the power outlet, to which all my office devices are connected, after being away for a few weeks, the printer kicked into gear so loudly, that I had to pull the plug out as I was worried it would wake my flatmate in the next room. And you can't turn it off in the middle of this process, so pulling the plug is the only option. This morning when I turned it on again a warning message chided me for not turning it off with the power button.
3. Very slow printing. This has gotten worse with age but even at the start it took its sweet time to print the simplest b/w document.

Wireless issues do occur pretty frequently, but seem to have improved with a different router, so I think it just doesn't play nice with some models. And of course there have been paper jams etc. I don't print that much so I can't really track the ink usage.

The positive is that 4 years later it's still going but it's been more of a Stockholm-Syndrome relationship than a long-term love story.

It has been enough to make sure I won't buy HP ever again.
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