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4.7 out of 5 stars306
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2012
Own a Samsung 46" 3D LED TV and just watched Groundhog Day and also compared it to my DVD version.
Amazing transfer. Well worth the upgrade. Pictures and colours are nice and sharp.

You know the details of this now classic comedy, so I won't go into it.

You also get :-

25 mins doc - Groundhog Day - The Weight Of Time
6 mins doc on Groundhogs (Marmots)
6 mins of deleted scenes
10 mins interview with Harold Ramis

Head down to Gobbler's Knob and get a copy ;)
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on 2 August 2009
Just dealing with the Blu-ray transfer, this was better than I expected and played in the UK (I assume the disc is region free). There was less grain than I presumed there would be. Details were sharp, colours pleasant and overall I really enjoyed the upgrade from the DVD version to the Blu-ray. Very fresh.
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on 31 August 2015
Classic film, still just as enjoyable as when it first came out. Phil is a weatherman dissatisfied with life. He's sent to report on the annual 'Groundhog Day', a day which turns out to be a very bad one. But when he wakes the next morning he finds he's living the same day over and over ... This may sound a boring storyline but it really isn't, as he gets to learn a lot about himself along the way. But will he ever reach the day after? Bill Murray is excellent in this film, and I'd definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 March 2013
There's really not a lot you can say about Groundhog Day that hasn't been said before. It's unlikely that anyone remotely interested in Bill Murray would have long since seen it by now, and in all likelihood loves it because it's nailed on one of Murray's finest pictures. Of course, as is the case with comedy in general, there are those who don't like it, but in my experience it's the one comedy movie that tickles the funny bones of most the most! Some have seen it just the once and loved it but feel it is a once only movie, others such as myself return to it yearly like an old friend because it's a pick me up, a tonic for the troops, it never fails to deliver the goods.

That it has struck such a chord over the years is no surprise, it's a genius premise. Grumpy misanthrope TV weather man Phil Connors (Murray) is once again sent out to Punxsutawney to cover the Groundhog Day festivities. It's a place he considers as dull on earth, the festivities pointless and beneath the broadcasting talent he feels he has. The plan is to get the broadcast done and get out of Punxsutawney as quick as possible. But a snowstorm prevents him leaving and waking up the next day he finds he is stuck in the same Groundhog Day as the day before, and soon he finds that every day is the same day.

"I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get that day over, and over, and over..."

The film then follows a trajectory that sees Connors go through a number of psychological transformations. From despair to using the situation for nefarious means, to despair again and onto using his unique situation to do good. It's material tailor made for Murray who excels with a number of running gags that get expanded upon with each day. However, the ace up Harold Ramis' (director) sleeve is that the film is more than a comedy, it is also an intelligent character study, a message movie and it also doesn't lack for dramatic purpose, often proving to be a moving experience once the tickled rib pain begins to subside. It's a picture as deep in human awareness as it is rich with comedy value.

Andie MacDowell as Rita, Phil's producer and object of his lust throughout the story, proves to be surprisingly good foil for Murray's comedic ebullience. While elsewhere a number of reoccurring characters are performed memorably by the support cast (Stephen Tobolowsky and Chris Elliott standing out). Ramis keeps it brisk, never allowing the plotting to fold in on itself and the sound tracking is irritatingly catchy. But it's with the screenplay (Ramis and Danny Rubin) where ultimately Groundhog day is judged, be it the comedy or human interest, it's a zinger as written. And thankfully, with Murray at the top of his game, the brainy fun on the page is brought vividly to life on the screen. Groundhog Day, one of the finest comedies of the modern era. 10/10
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on 27 July 2015
I've resisted watching this film for so long, and only caved in when the offer came along!

It was great to see a fairly old and much referenced movie for the first time, and what a treat too!

I'm not sure what I was expecting, I didn't even know the "story" until just after it was delivered, but it was a nice film to watch and, despite the time-looping that is thankfully never explained, it manages to be creatively repetitive in way that illuminate the changes that Phil Connors/Bill Murray undergoes as he realises and profits from his time-looping and the complete reset that each night brings. It isn't a film you come to for insights into people, but they're there all the same - nicely done!

It isn't fall-about comedy - although we laughed often enough - but more subtle humour that is all about timing and delivery. In fact it's often not a funny film, but more situational and setting up expectations as to what's coming next, only to find humour in how Phil/Bill deals with it. I have to admit that with a couple of decades build-up I was expecting to be a little disappointed, instead I think we've found another Christmas eve film to join other things in a similar vein such as Maverick (funnier), the Despicable Me/Toy Story franchises and such films that go nicely with some forbidden food and a tipple or two, all while cuddled in front of the box!
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It's almost 2 February... It's almost 2 February... It's almost Ground Hog Day, again, and again, and again. This
[1993] twenty-two year old movie is a favorite of mine. It has been often repeated in various forms... "12:01"...
and, a recent one "Pete's Christmas". From my Amazon "Pen" name, you'd guess... and verify (if you SEE my
profile photo) my love of MONSTERS and TIMETRAVEL. This IS a great movie because it draws you in... with-
out just spitting you out. It's a fun trip that you actually enjoy MORE each time you see it... again... and again...

I've owned this in America on a video-cassette-tape-cartidge; in England on a 12" Laser-video-disc; in America
on a DVD; in Germany on a Blu-ray... and I'll buy it again on an 8K-chip... Kryptonian Knowledge Krystal, etcetera,
etc., again, and again... it's THAT good. Literally, time-less!

The writer/director, Harold Ramis, is dead now, but this MOVIE will be as popular as IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE,
and other classic movies that just get better as they age... like a smell cheese that just repeats... and repeats...
and repeats in your empty stomach.
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This is one of my all-time favourites. It shows the journey of one obnoxious man who repeats a day hundreds of times until he finally redeems himself and becomes a good, unselfish and kind human being.

The lead characters are great, with Murray just right as the wise-cracking big mouth and MacDowell looking gorgeous and doing a great job as the sweet and kind producer. All the supporting actors play their parts well in making this a real feel-good film at the end.

I really liked the scenes at the dance towards the end, where all the good things he'd learned and done finally came together.

It even seems realistic in the way that he goes from hedonistic, unfettered excess through to the kind, unselfish and helpful deeds which make him the good person I'm sure we'd all like to be.

For a 20 year old film, the blu ray is definitely better than the dvd, but not reference material. Not that that matters when the film is this enjoyable.
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on 2 August 2012
This film is a classic and can withstand repeated viewings. I just can't understand why Amazon is releasing the film in September 2012, I've had it on bluray since the spring of 2012, and that's not a US version. The picture of the bluray version I have is sharp and crisp throughout the movie, and I'm seeing details that I missed on DVD. Bluray adds tremendously to the enjoyment of The Groundhog Day.
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on 13 January 2004
What would you do if you had to live the same day over and over again? 'Groundhog Day' follows the story of Phil Connors - the cynical and egotistical weatherman for an american regional TV station who feels he's just on the verge of leaving it all behind for the big time except he's being forced to attend the annual groundhog day festival down in rural Punxsutawney (and for the fourth year in a row, for that matter). Little does he realise that this time around, strange forces are at work and that he will find himself replaying the same day over and over again - possibly until the end of time.
I have to say that Groundhog day is one of my favourite comedies - one of those feel-good movies almost guaranteed to cheer you up on a rainy day. In terms of comedy, it delivers consistently - Bill Murray's lines are crisp as a Punxsutawney winter and his timing has really never been better. Harold Ramis also has to be congratulated for managing to play the trick of repeating the same scenes over and over again just enough that you get an idea of what hell Phil Connors is going through without it becoming an irritation (as I found it did with the more serious film "Memento").
Murray's character seems effortlessly at home in the lead role who at times both offends with his arrogance and amuses with his razor sharp wit. It's no surprise then to note that in his director's commentary, Ramis notes that Bill Murray's own changeable character is not a million miles away from the incorrigible Phil Connors.
It's to Murray's (and Ramis's) credit that we fully emphasise with Murray's transition when, as each new day seems to remain February 2nd, he becomes at first baffled, then drunk with the power to do what he wants and then lonely, depressed and suicidal before he realises what life is really about and tries to turn his life around.
In that there's a little message for all of us living out our own little groundhog days. I particularly enjoy the moment where Phil (crying into his beer with his new-found drunk friends) begins complaining about his lot: "What would you do if you were stuck in one place and everyday was exactly the same and nothing that you did ever mattered?" he says, fishing for sympathy. His friend weighs up his life stuck in a dead end job in Punxsutawney and says with a drunkard's irony: "That just about sums it up for me". Priceless.
I'd recommend you buy Groundhog day and put it on one lazy Sunday. I'll guarantee you'll play it again and again. You just won't have to play it every day (unless you really want to). My only negative comment is that the DVD package itself is not very inspiring and the menu itself just a little embarassingly twee.
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on 22 February 2002
This film can be best described as Family man meets (pursuing his career, to find out he really misses loved ones) Ghostbusters (comical ghost chasing adventure film). Which is perhaps why this is one of the best films I have seen, as it is very funny and a movie which can make light of any situation which makes this movie a worthwhile purchase if you like humour and romance mixed into one.
If you liked Ghostbusters then you will love this, Bill Murray returns in this film as a weather broadcaster and has much the same attitude as in Ghostbusters.
The film is also directed by Harold Ramis, who if you do not know as the director of Ghostbusters then will be more familiar as the Ghostbusters Igon.
The story is about a weather broadcaster (Bill Murray) who has to go to the annual ground hog event, which he hates and has to do every year. However this year is different to all of the rest, as he keeps on reliving the same day with comical, romantic and heroic results.
However if you did not like the comical way of which Bill Murray was associated in Ghostbusters then this film is not for you.
This is a must see film, a classic, in which Bill Murray must find his true self before being able to continue with his life. However whether it is a worthwhile DVD has yet to be seen, as there are no extra features, which give DVD’s in my opinion the added value that you don’t get from tapes.
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