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4.8 out of 5 stars120
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2005
There can be no better souvenir from any amazing concert than a well put together live CD / DVD set. And this is exactly that. Experience all the fun and excitement of Green Day @ Milton Keynes 2005 without the 6 hour wait in the blistering heat, dehydration and long queues for the bogs I went through along with 65,000 other people. Believe me it WAS worth every single penny for my ticket - just to witness Billie Joe overwhelmed by the crowd and and near to tears - but this DVD/CD compilation is the next best thing. :o)
The set comprises an outer card sleeve with a a slide out card inner which unfolds to reveal a CD and DVD set. I was expecting a booklet with it, but there isn't one - instead there's a bill of credits on one of the inner flaps. No matter though - the set is special and looks far nicer than any other Green Day release in my opinion.
The DVD is filmed from plenty of different angles, (including arial shots from the helicopter) and there are plenty of shots of the crowd as well as the band - taken from both Saturday and Sunday's shows - so there might be a small chance you'll see yourself on camera! There is also behind the scenes filmings and interviews with the band members between each song.
The CD is the live show - but without the interviews.
If you're a Green Day fan you need to have this - and you won't be disappointed! Put it in your DVD player - turn it up loud and hear that crowd roar!
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on 22 November 2005
As a Green Day fan and one fortunate enough to catch them live on the American Idiot tour (Nottingham Arena, January 05)I felt buying this CD/DVD combi was a must....if only to try to create the goosebumps and shivers I got that night as they launched into the title track opening and for the duration of the show.
Let me put it bluntly. I bought the studio album and was blown away by it on the very first play. It is a masterpiece. In my opinion up there with Floyd's "The Wall" or The Who's "Quad" epics. Definitely one to be listened to from start to finish at each play.
Bullet In a Bible is the same...but louder and even more aggressive than it's studio counterpart!!! I have just sat through the live DVD from the Milton Keynes shows in widescreen and 5.1 surround sound. It is mind blowing!!
What struck me upon viewing was the sheer volume and quality of the DVD. The vast majority of the show is there. The photography is erratic at times but reflects the energy of the show perfectly. The sound quality is fantastic. It has been superbly put together and interspersed with band member interviews and thoughts between each song. This disjoints the concert footage a little but gives an insight and (without wishing to spoil anyone's viewing) a picture of how lonely life on tour can be. The interviews are between songs, not during so each song on the DVD is performed in its entirity.
Anyone buying this would not feel cheated by the DVD.It is pure quality not some sales gimmick to woo people into buying the CD. This DVD is the real deal and would easily stand alone as a purchase in it's own right.
The music CD is a straight lift from the concert DVD without the interviews. It is editted very very slightly but certainly not to its detriment. It has pride of place in the car CD player!!
My advice?? Buy this CD/DVD, reserve yourself 2 hours, crank up the surround and re-live a truly awesome event!!!
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on 20 February 2006
i have been lucky enough to see Green Day live, so when i heard that there was a live dvd coming out i knew i had to buy it. It is brilliant and really captures how good the band are live, tho they could have done some more of their old songs but as another reviwer said it may be lost on the newer fans. It just makes me want to see them again...and anyone that hasn't should make sure they go see!!! Or at least buy this dvd, you wont be disappointed...i wasnt and im a really big Green Day fan!!!
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on 9 November 2005
I was at the concert in Milton Keynes and it was one of the best nights of my life!!! I was also lucky enough to go to the Premiere of Bullet in a Bible on Monday night at Leicester Square and believe me this DVD is worth buying!!! It was like being at the concert all over again and shows just how talented Green Day are!!! All Green Day fans should buy this.... you won't be disappointed!!!
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on 25 March 2006
This Green Day cd/ dvd is a must have for all green Day fans. It is amazing to watch and amazing to listen to! Most people would buy it just for the dvd but you might not have nimrod, or insomniac, or american idiot so this would be the one for you. In Milton Keynes you might see your friends (if any of them went). It might go into Black and white every now and then but thats just the way Green Day wanted it. Enjoy!
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on 24 October 2005
I've been to a number of Green Day gigs, but this one at Milton Keynes Bowl has got to be the best! As I entered the area I could see the vast number of fans who had turned out to see their idols, it was hard to find space! But anything was worth it it for this gig. The group played a number of old favourites, as well as some of their new numbers and some classic covers (like We are the Champions). And like the great live band they are, they entertained the crowd with their shenanigans (getting fans up on stage to play, a drunk pink bunny and Billie Joe sticking his hands down his pants and getting the crowd to copy his sex noises!) This is definately worth the wait!
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on 15 December 2005
I bought this live CD/ DVD straight after it was released, and I was not disappointed. The CD is a real kicks of with American Idiot, and it sounds absolutely fantastic in front of 65,000 delirious fans in Milton Keynes. Billie Joe Armstrong manages (easily) to get the crowd going and the banging that goes off at the end of the song drives the crowd mad. On 'Jesus of Suburbia', it is another excellent performance and the crowd love it. Track three, 'Holiday', is brilliant. 'Are We The Waiting' opens up into 'St. Jimmy', which is mesmerising. Superb.
'Longview' sounds brilliant, with Tre's sharp drumming and Mike Dirnt's strong bass. The crowd love this one, too, and it really is a fantastic song. 'Hitchin' A Ride' is a power-riff laden extravaganza, and captures Green Day at their best. 'Brain Stew' is good, but for me, the weakest track on the album. If 'Jaded' followed afterwards, it would be excellent, because they are supposed to come together. 'Basket Case' sends 65,000 fans instantly singing to the infectious verses and chorus and for me, it is one of the best songs on the disc. 'King For A Day/ Shout' is an entertainment stunt really, but it does show the band's versatility, and is it excellent to watch on the DVD. 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' is an excellent song as always, but is slightly let down by Billie Joe- something happens to his voice in this song- whether it's personal and it affects him or not I don't know, but take nothing away, most of the song is brilliant. 'Minority' is fantastic, as I would imagine it to be, and Billie Joe drives the crowd delirious by stating that 'The UK is now the official home of Green Day.'
'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' is brilliant and 'Time Of Your Life' is a fitting song to put at the end of the disc. Two excellent songs, but 'Time Of Your Life' stands out and has 65,000 fans singing along all the way.
Yes, Green Day have produced an unbelievable exhibition of their talents in this concert, and yes, in my opinion, they are now the world's biggest Punk Rock Band of the moment.
As far as the DVD goes, it includes all of the footage played on the disc and a few edited scenes, plus interviews with band members between each song. It is very well set out and an excellent idea. It also has interviews with various fans and what they think of Green Day. Well worth a look.
If you are looking for a CD and don't know which one to get, and if you haven't already got it, buy 'Bullet In A Bible.' You will NOT be disappointed if you like Green Day, I promise.
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on 1 December 2005
I passed up an opportunity to see Green day live. After watching and listening through this DVD/CD combo, I have realised that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. If the DVD is this good, to have actually been there would have been phenomenal.
So I feel lucky to get a chance to still see and hear the band live - and as this is their first live set, it's also incredibly gratifying that it is a recording from this country - Milton Keynes to be exact.
Most of the CD concerns songs from their latest album, American Idiot, with a handful of their older songs thrwon in for good measure. The DVD is the best value. Nearly two hours of footage, including all the songs featured on the CD interspersed with interview clips, behind the scenes footage and backstage clips. It is one of the most in-depth concert packages I've ever watched.
The CD is basically a recording of the songs that appear on the DVD, although slightly edited. On the DVD, Billie Joe talks to the audience a bit more, but for the purposes of listening to the concert through your headphones while on the bus, then this CD is perfect.
It's such a simple idea - why has nobody ever done this before? We can watch the energetic concert on DVD, and when we leave the house and can't take a TV with us, we can still listen to the concert thanks to the CD!
The crowd interaction is phenomenal. Green day really know how to get a crowd going. They sing along, chant and respond to the band as they play. It really makes you feel like you were there.
However, I would say that the crowd noise is ever-present. It's great to hear the crowd and hear them interact, but the cheering is heard constantly throughout, which can irritate slightly when you want it to be time for the band to make the noise! Also the DVD footage is such a riot of colour that when the DVD occasionally slips into black and white it is annoying. It feels like you re missing out on the all the colour. Obviously they were trying to make it look artistic, but I would have preferred it to stay wholly in colour.
But they are minor gripes in a major package. It is exciting, fist-raising, air guitar thrashing, noisy, loud, funny, bright, incredible. It can't get much better than this.
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on 28 November 2005
As soon as this was released, I raced off to the shops to get it. I'd usually get it off amazon.. but meh.. couldn't be bothered waiting 1-2 days.
I've been to plenty of gigs in my life, one being the oh-so grand Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
but NOTHING has and could top this concert.
seeing this dvd, it is obvious that Tre cool, Mike Dirnt and especially Billie Joe Armstrong were born for the music industry.
Billie Joe make you laugh with his infamous performance and will pull on your heart strings as he gets emotional when singing 'when september ends' as he sings the lines 'like my fathers come to pass, twenty years have gone so fast'.
The other members of the band.. Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt.. can't say that Mike Dirnt does a lot for me.. looks kind of vicious to be honest.. but Tre shares his 'beautiful' vocals and his interesting facial expressions.
Between each song, you get a glimpse in to the reality of these rock star's lives. They share their thoughts on performing, thoughts on their lives back at home, one on one footage of their fans, they share their emotions and most importantly, their humour.
With fire works and flames, this truly is a spectacle.
The performance concludes with the well known 'Time of your life' which tops it off perfectly.
this neat little package.. is a MUST buy for any green day fan! You won't be dissapointed!
'Why are there no clouds in the sky?'
'Cause God wants to watch his favourite band again'
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on 27 December 2005
Finally i got Bullet in a Bible for christmas. I had being DYING for its release since i went to the gig on the saturday night and it went straight into my dvd player!I am a complete Greenday obsessive and i think that everything theyre ever done is amazing, but this really is something special folks. The dvd really captures the atmosphere of the day(s)!I think that Shout is a really good cover and worked really well, also it shows just how brilliantly Billie Joe can sing!nice to hear old favs longview and good riddance time of ur life as well as lots from American Idiot (their best album to date in my opinion).Billie Joe is such a good entertainer and really gets the crowed going. Its nice to have the interviewing inbetween songs 2... brings it all together ( and keeps the interest of those who dont wanna sit through 2 hours of my mum)...and to have a laugh at Tre's bizarre antics!!i do agree with another reviewer (cant rmbr who it was now sorry) in saying that it is a shame that we are the champions wasnt on the cd/dvd!!!also wud b great to hear something from kerplunk or 39/smooth...but i suppose it wud throw sum of the younger fans, bless.
u HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO buy this, even my parents said that having watched the dvd they would love to come with me to see greenday next time, now thats some conversion.....anyway i could go on forever as i cant big-up this cd/dvd enough :D
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