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on 29 August 2012
My first impressions are that this stand is excellent value for the money. It appears to be made of strong plastic and is hinged in such a way that it would probably take a fair amount of force to break it. Folded up, it's about 5" long by 2" wide and so should fit in most pockets and at only a few ounces it's light, too. It is made of almost-transparent plastic which might not fit the Nexus colour scheme but doesn't detract from it, especially as the stand will be behind the tablet most of the time.

The lip at the bottom is exactly the right size to hold the tablet in place without covering the screen, whether it is placed in portrait or landscape orientation. I would imagine that the stand would also be suitable for 10" tablets but I don't have one to try it with. At this low price, you might think it worth a try.

As the stand is made of plastic and doesn't have rubber feet, you will have to put it on a flat surface or it is likely to slide. But this also makes it easy to slide to another position if you want. It's also very easy to pick up the tablet and stand together with one hand.

As you can see in the picture at the top of the product page, the stand can be angled at one of five positions, the most upright being far enough from the vertical as to make it unlikely that the tablet will topple unless you knock it, even in portrait orientation. However, at this angle you'd have to be some feet away from the tablet to view a video straight-on and the screen is probably too small at that distance; the next position down might be better for this. At its lowest position you could watch a video with the tablet a foot or two in front of you on, say, a desk.

I imagine that watching videos is where the tablet will get most use, or perhaps as a bedside stand in clock mode, but of course there are other things you might want to do with the tablet on a stand. And this is where the angle becomes important. With the tablet in portrait orientation, there is obviously more 'give' when you touch the tablet than when it is in landscape orientation. It is possible to type on the virtual keyboard when the tablet is at its lowest position, but above that you would not only have difficulty stopping the tablet from bouncing around, it would also be a lot harder to see the screen. Things don't get much better in tablet orientation so if you plan on doing any more than a short piece of typing, you'll want to take it off the stand. However, you should have no problems whatsoever tapping icons and web links, dragging, pinching and zooming, and most other tasks you use your fingers for. In portrait orientation the tablet will bounce a little more but you'd have to be very heavy handed to upend it, and as well as videos, the stand should work well for book and magazine reading (though perhaps not in bed), and probably web shopping too. It would also serve well for copy-typing onto a PC.

I gave the stand 5 stars because it seems to do what I want to use it for very well. But there was one small problem, hinted at by the title of this review. If marks were out of 10 I'd have given it 9 and a half stars.

The problem is this: when the stand arrives and you take it out of the padded envelope, you're confronted with what seems to be a slab of three pieces of plastic welded together. There are no accompanying instructions showing how to 'unweld' them. The photo at the top of the product page is some help, though it gives no indication that the upright piece of plastic is hinged to the bottom piece. I spent some minutes pulling and pushing at the stand trying to get it open and having arthritis didn't help one bit. It seemed that it must take a fair amount of force to open it but, as I said at the start of this review, it would probably take a fair amount of force to break it. And that's what I was afraid of.

The answer is to notice that the piece with the slots in is the upright piece, then to hold it so that this piece is towards you, gripping it at the sides with the curved lip at the bottom facing towards you; then put the first finger of your other hand behind the flat piece at the top front and pull it towards you. You'll hear it click and the stand should open.

It's only my first day of using the stand but my overall feeling is that it's a good product, especially considering the low price. It seems well-built and suitable for the purpose and arrived within a couple of days. There may be other, better stands on the market, but probably not at this price.
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on 16 September 2012
This is a excellent little stand for the price. Very basic design that works well enough. The plastic is a little stiff on the first few uses so will need a little bit of pressure. Other than that is does what it says on the tin. I use mine with a Nexus 7 tablet and a iPhone - no problems holding up either.
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on 1 February 2013
I use a case for my Nexus 7 which doesn't prop up in portrait so needed a stand for this purpose. Was a little concerned that this stand wouldn't hold the device in its case. No probs in fact. Excellent solution if your case doesn't have the full range of propping actions.
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on 14 January 2013
This is a great little stand. Other's here have said it, I'll reiterate. Here are the things I like:

- it's cheap and cheerful

- While it's plastic, it is sturdy and doesn't feel at all like it will break easily.

- It folds up completely flat and slides nicely into my little neoprene n7 case

- It has little rubber feet that keep it from sliding, as well as a little bit of rubber (that you don't see on the photo given here)which is on the part your N7 leans against - this keeps the N7 from sliding easily - little bits of rubber are great - and when you're using your touchscreen you won't easily push the tablet around the table

- it has several choices of angle

Finally, I'll just say that I was tempted to buy one of those fancy new cases that have a built in keyboard and also serve as a stand for your N7 - but I decided against it. instead I have a slim neoprene case with this stand and it's much much easier to carry, less bulky, and more useful because the cases with the built-in keyboards have no adjustable angle (unlike this stand). I bought a separate HP Bluetooth keyboard (bought from amazon:[..]) - which is a really nice keyboard, and is slightly larger and easier to use than the ones that are built into the cases. Since there are only a few times when I'll want to use a keyboard, but I'll always want a case - this seemed to be the best way to go. When I want an external keyboard, I bring it, otherwise the neoprene case and THIS STAND are all you need.
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on 11 March 2013
Mr Knight's review covers it all really. This is a great little stand. It will take the Nexus in its cover (the official grey rubbery one) both in landscape and in portrait positions (leave the flap to the top).

For those who don't like rulers, the size is roughly one and a half credit cards long, by a credit card wide. Yet though it's small, the Nexus is stable when sitting on it. Unfolds easily - once you know how - thanks Mr Knight - and is easy to carry around or pack if you are travelling.

I think it will last, as long as it's not abused - it does slide a little if pushed, but for me that was not a serious concern. Excellent value for the money.

Delivery was very good as well. Arrived two days before due date.

Why one star off ? Well once you've got it open, it ain't half difficult to close/lock it again. It can be done by using a nail file or knife through the clasp slot to push to plastic clasp back while you snap it shut - but either that's a design flaw or my one is (very slightly) faulty. The other very minor niggle is that because it works like a deckchair in reverse (the hinge is at the bottom of the support rather than at the top) it tends to collapse if you plonk your tablet on it without a lot of care. Once in place though - it's fine.
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on 10 February 2013
Great little gadget. The hinges are stiff on first use & you feel you might break it but moves fluidly, freely and noiselessly thereafter. With 5 positions for different viewing angles, this works amazingly well even on soft surfaces such as a duvet and can hold my nexus whilst still in its case. Excellent value, would definitely recommend.
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on 3 February 2013
the size is just perfect to carry along with My nexus. I love it. 4 star well... to connect the charging cable, usb-otg or earphone se need to use it in landscape mode.
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on 21 February 2013
Not only for Nexus tablet - I use this for my Kindle Fire and it is great!!!
Keeps it safe when not in use and tilts at various angles. Love it
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on 2 January 2013
When I first bought the case I was quite unsure what quality the stand would be because of its surprisingly low price, but after trying the stand, I found it to be made to a very high standard and was definitely worth buying.
Even though the stand is quite small, it supports the weight of the nexus 7 very well and comes with 5 different angle settings for easy use of the tablet.
For the quality and price of the stand, to buy it is a no brainer!
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on 21 August 2013
So many peripheral items that you buy to increase the pleasure you get for your tablet are often quite expensive for what they are, but this is not the case with the Asus Google Nexus 7 stand. It is plastic but nevertheless does the job of holding the tablet. If you treat it carelessly then of course it will break but that goes for anything, so as long as you are careful I see no reason why this cheap and cheerful stand will not last.
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