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  • Gioteck Megapack (PS3)
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Gioteck Megapack (PS3)

by Gioteck
Platform : PlayStation 3

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  • Gioteck EX-01 Bluetooth Headset
  • Gioteck's RealTriggers
  • Gioteck 1080p High Quality Flat HDMI Cable
1 new from £24.99

Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation 3
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product details

Product Description

Gioteck have teamed up with VGA to bring you the best possible bundle deal to grace your playstation 3.

The bundle includes: The Gioteck EX-01 Bluetooth Headset - Europe's best selling PS3 headset. Gioteck's RealTriggers - The clip-on trigger solution to Sony's finger slipping problem! The Gioteck 1080p High Quality Flat HDMI Cable. And VGA's 4 port mini Hub - A stylish USB hub that can hide almost anywhere, yet looks just as cool out on display.

Gioteck Wireless Bluetooth Headset (EX-01): The EX-01 Wireless Bluetooth Headset has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, not mobile phones. So you can now maximise your game time without an irritating and uncomfortable earpiece! Gioteck Real Triggers for PS3: How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2 and always at a crucial moment in the game? Real Triggers put a stop to that happening ever again! Simply put, if you use a Sony PS3 Controller and you're serious about gaming you should use these.

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4 Essentials 4 PS3 7 Feb. 2010
By Black Heart - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase Fun:   

I was looking for a headset on the website and I ran into this marvelous package. I've been testing it for 3 weeks and now I have something to add to the previous reviews.

Comes with the coolest headset you can find around.
- Looks great, while playing or using it with your cellphone, I'm a blue and black lover--so I'm not very objective regarding this topic.
- Ergonomic design, the mic is not static, you can actually adapt it depending on the shape of the users face, the size is good but I have always believed that it could be a little larger.
- Great Performance, no complains so far. It could be great if I had the option to charge it while using it, to avoid a 1-2 hours waiting period after playing 4-6 hours in a row -shooter's fan-
- Full compatibility, it was recognized and registered to my PS3 and cellphone in less than 10 seconds. No connection problems until it runs out of battery..

The HDMI Cable should be included with the console by default.
- Since it doesn't.. you have to find it somewhere, and this one fills all my needs.
- I'm still saving for a 42 inch LED TV to appreciate all the 1080p resolution my PS3 can deliver, but I'm happy with what I have so far (LCD Monitor 24 inch 1080p)
- I haven't had problems with the length of the cord yet -my room is very small ..so..- but I do agree with some other reviewers, it could be larger, there is people that locate their huge TVs in high places, if that is your case this cable could give you troubles.
- HD gold plated, which assures a very good speed of response and the best quality.

This one is the most useful addition to my PS3 ever: The 4 PORT MINI USB HUB
- I have the Slim version which comes with only 2 USB ports, a solution was needed--and found.
- Sometimes I have to charge one of the controllers and the headset at the same time, so I'm basically out of ports at that time. I need some extra space for: the thing that has to be connected to recognize the Buzz controllers, the other thing that I have to connect to use my wireless keyboard and mouse, the external Hard Drive and the PS3 Eye Camera (which I rarely use, I but I like it to be connected because I have the space)
- I'm lazy--and the console cant be on my bed always, but this little connector gives me easier access to the USB ports all the time.
- I've tried products like the USB HUB before with my computer, they never delivered a good speed or performance as this one does.

Giotek's Real Triggers:
- Everyone was right -damn- these cheap plastic pieces make my controller look cool, actually my personal one does not look as a regular controller anymore, not after I recently added the FPS Freek to the left analog and the SpeedFreek to the right (I aim with the left one and move with the right analog)
- I do have more control when I'm using them, as an example: when you play KillZone 2 you can just grab a grenade in your hand without having the need to eventually throw it by lightly touching R2 instead of wasting it unnecessarily if you press it completely.
- The PS3 controller fits to everyone, but lets be clear, everyone includes kids as well. Several other players complain about the fact that the controller could be a little bigger. Well mine already is. I'm also interested in Silicone Skin Case for Sony PS3 Controller BTW
- The only problem you may find after customizing your control like certain player do, is that you can get so used to, that it can make you a little dependent on the form, weight and timing of it. But you can always travel with your controller to your friend's house XD.

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Essential 22 Mar. 2009
By Moose - Published on Amazon.com
What can I say about the Megapak? It is Essential! I didn't have any problems with the bluetooth headset not connecting to my PS3 like some other people have had. The triggers are a must for any game using combinations of the L1+L2 or R1+R2 buttons such as Resident Evil 5 and Armored Core for Answer. The HDMI cable works perfectly as expected(a bit on the short side though) and the USB Hub found its way to my desktop to be used with my home computer. All-in-all, a perfect purchase for any PS3 gamer.
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Awesome 7 Oct. 2009
By Eric P. - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase Fun:   
The mic, was sooo easy to connect, and charge for that matter. The hdmi cord, I can't physically see a difference yet, but the cord is only 4.5 feet. I don't really care too much for the R2 and L2 buttons, but it's no big deal. Definitely worth the money. The mic is awesome good sound quality, and the people hear you perfectly.
5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
my review 4 essential 22 Dec. 2009
By Andrew Smith - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase Fun:   
this package is awesome 4 it's price. because the bluetooth itself is $50. and the rest of it is just $10 with tax (depends on shipping). but if you try to find an hd cable at bestbuy expect 2 pay $70. whereas here you can get that here for less than $10 (the only thing is the cord is 4.5 ft long but thats not bad just keep the ps3 kind of close 2 the screen). i didnt test it yet because i already have one but im sure it'll make a difference on your hd tv if you have sd cables. the triggers are good they really prevent your hands from slipping off the L2 & R2; they just clip on. personally i didn't need them but my friend said his hands slip so i gave mines to him. the usb hub is perfect when charging your mp3 or phones etc. or if your playing guitar hero the wireless kind has to be plugged into a usb port & if your using up the 2 usb ports that the ps3 gives this just adds more ports. and of course the bluetooth is awesome. have you seen the other types? they go inside your ear (which i find annoying). this lays gently to the Outside of of your ear. so really you bearly notice it from time to time. no need to worry it's loud enough and can get very loud (if you want it). syncing to your ps3 is easy it comes with instructions (clear to read instructions). and to save money i tried it out on my phone (which i'm sure it said it was just for the ps3) and it worked. on the ps3 the sound is exellent 5/5. tried it on uncharted 2 online my friend could hear me clearly and i could hear him clearly . i tried it on playstation home i could hear clearly and my friend could hear me clearly. on the phone i could hear & speak clearly (it depended on my phone's signal i'm still toying around with it). the only thing is i couldn't hear the music on my phone great like i wanted (it sounded like less than 128 bps which is pretty bad quality 4 music). but phone calls are clear. overall this is great it saves you over $100 bucks. im only 17 but i know a good deal when i see one. sorry about punctuations n capitals i typed the whole thing out on my ps3 controller. if you buy it and you wanna test the bluetooth just e-mail me and i'll add u as a friend (on the ps3) and we'll go from there. PSN name: kardz86
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Megapak's Essentials Really Are 31 Dec. 2009
By A. Sheldon - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase Fun:   
The Megapak truly is essential for the hardcore gamer. The price is unbeatable for the peripherals included. Normally, an HDMI cable would cost around $[...], the USB hub $[...], the RealTriggers $[...], and the headset $[...]. So for a price of $[...], you're getting $[...] worth of goods. Amazing deal!

As for the peripherals themselves...

---Bluetooth Headset---
The headset included in this package is stellar. Easy instructions and connection along with clear input and output. Voices are incredibly clear and static is virtually nonexistant. This headset specifically is different in that it is an out-of-ear set, whereas most bluetooth headsets are in-ear. There are easy to use volume buttons and even a mute button on the headset. Charge times are a bit long but it isn't much of an issue. Usage time extends into 4 hours from full charge. Lastly, the design of the model is very sleek and looks kinda badass. I give this peripheral a 10/10.

These addons for your controller are quite useful for FPS and racing games. You may have to change default button layouts, but once they're snapped over your trigger buttons, they perform perfectly. The instructions were a bit difficult to read, being as they were printed on the back of the package where they were stored, but pushing them into place is easy enough. These help your accuracy, however for console games, especially FPS, I highly suggest the Bannco FRAGnStein Wireless Mouse and Nunchuck [...], as mice and nunchucks are INCREDIBLY accurate compared to controllers. RealTriggers get a 9/10, simply because they are sometimes a bit difficult to push down but are otherwise perfect.

---USB Dongle---
This product is simple yet effective for the PS3. Since the release of the PS3 slim, which contains only two USB ports, it is easy to find yourself having to choose which is more important. The USB dongle more than doubles your USB slots. This is a cheap alternative to the PS3 Quad Charge Station, with more utility. The only issue with this I found is that if you use the previously mentioned FRAGnStein mouse, or any mouse, there is a slight lag in the response time. 8/10 for the USB dongle.

---HDMI Cable---
This cable is good for its cost. HDMI cables are incredibly over-priced. I'm not too hardware savvy, but I noticed the slight difference in graphics capabilities upon switching my PS3 over to the highest possible HDMI setting. The length of the cable gave me some issues; I'd have preferred upwards of 6' but it is only 4.5' so it was difficult to make it reach. This HDMI cable performs decently and is overall a good product. 8/10 for this one.

All in all, this package is AMAZING. 9/10. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs even just one of the peripherals inside.
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