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on 3 September 2012
This will be a pretty divisive film. Unfortunately Hollywood seems unwilling to bite the bullet and give us the Ghost Rider film we deserve - one where he's genuinely dark and dangerous, where the foes are appallingly vicious and lethal, and where the peril feels real.
Instead (maybe it's Cage, maybe it's the producers wimping out) what we get is a slightly better movie than the first. A little darker and dirtier, this time we get a grungier Ghost Rider - covered in leather that's charred and flaking in the heat, and riding a bike that looks more dirty and beaten up, less 'Hollywood'. We also get Idris Elba's alcoholic warrior monk.
However we also get considerable predictability - a mum trying to save her kid (pretty ineptly), the devil trying to steal the kid for an evil prophecy, and some henchmen for the Rider to destroy. Cage is thankfully a tiny bit more reined-in this time, playing the soul torment angle better; and other improvements include the idea that his Rider will punish the seemingly innocent too ("Everybody's guilty of something") and the fact that this time his main opponents are tougher to kill - unlike in the first movie where he pretty much killed them the moment he got in range.
The effects are fun, the story is weak, the acting is patchy, the violence and threat could be better, and it's still not the film we all hoped.
Is it a disappointment? (Even to someone like me who's not a die-hard comic book fan)? Yes.
Is it still quite a lot of fun? Yes. Does it expand and improve on the original like a sequel should? Again, yes. Don't write it off. If you're looking for some decent entertainment, this Rider's still got a few miles left in the tank.
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If you hate daft action adventure flicks with idiosyncratic stars, speaking in dodgy foreign accents, riding obscure motorcycles which happen to be on fire, then you will not enjoy this film.
I loved it. It's a romping yomp with Nic Cage twitching and blazing on board a V-Max; Idries Elba speaking in a most peculiar accent and kind-of riding a Ural, and Christopher Lambert with a shaved head, tattoos and a big sword. Oh, and the devil, some trick riding stunts, lots of gunfire and flames, not too much reliance on cgi but some nifty sets and traditional FX, a dodgy script but a half-decent plot. And lots of fun.
Really, this film doesn't take itself too seriously, and it gave us an enjoyable couple of hours entertainment. The special features are unusually comprehensive and intelligent, too. I appreciate that enthisiasts of the original graphic compics will probably loathe and despise this interpretation. It's not art, but it kept me happy!
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on 22 October 2012
This film is so disappointing. I had high hopes for this film. I love Ghost Rider, and from what I saw on the preview this film was going to be a more action oriented version of the first film. The really sad part about this film is that it should have been great. They had a good story, they even had a good cast, but the actors really let themselves down, I don't know if they were working of other projects at the same time and though let's get this out of the way but NONE of them including Nick Cage brought their A game. This film is more a parody of the first film then a sequel. Even Ghost Rider himself look like a cheap imitation. I see matches with more flames on their heads. This film seems to have gotten the Highlander: the Source treatment, (no product link because I hate that film more than this one), of destroying a great franchise. The only thing I am happy about with this film is rented it from love films rather then buying it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 September 2012
If you like cheesy, daft, over-the-top action films (like me for example), you probably enjoyed Ghost Rider. Therefore, you may be drawn into watching the sequel - Spirit of Vengeance.

I'm currently writing this review while the credits are rolling. I am doing this for one reason only: if I leave it another hour, I might well have forgotten the entire film.

It was like someone took a hero, inserted a couple of bad guys along the way, added a monster at the end and an annoying kid to rescue and trotted it out as a film.

This has to be the most generic action film ever made.

I would like to try and say something negative about it - something that really got my blood boiling, but I can't. There's absolutely nothing bad to say about it. Only there's nothing good to say about it either. It's just completely middle-of-the-road.

The only way this film can be perceived as `amazing' is if an alien came down from space, after living on a planet with no action films, and watched this. Basically, if you've never seen an action film before, you'll probably be blown away.

Me, I've seen one or two before and, now I'm reaching the end of the review I'm having real trouble actually remembering what I'm reviewing. I think it had Nicolas Cage in it, or maybe it was John Travolta?

Did I just see someone's head on fire?
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The film doesn't quite equal the polish of the first one, however it does have some good one-line quips from 'Nicholas Cage' and is a visual treat.
'Johnny Blaze' is offered the chance to reverse the deal he made with the devil to save his father, he has to save a boy 'Danny'(Fergus Riorden) from the clutches of the Devil (Ciar'an Hinds)
Some good action sequences are on board, though i did find the first half of the movie a little slow, thankfully the second half did pick up pace.
Love 'Nicholas Cage' movies, was sort of hoping he didn't agree to a making a third in the series, (You can only push a franchise so far ? )
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on 10 May 2014
It's a Blu-ray, it has a nice box and it works in a player. However, such is the appallingness of this film that I'd recommend using the disc as a frisbee or a tea coaster as it is one of the worst films I have ever watched, other than Pacific Rim. You could just not bother buying it and most certainly avoid wasting your time watching this film as it steals time and will laugh gleefully knowing you that you will never get that time back again. Why, oh why, oh why? Nicolas Cage? Why? It's simply a comic with stupid effects, little plot and zero character depth. The first I loved despite mediocre critic reviews but this film is quite simply rotten!
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on 19 April 2015
The first film was ok but within the opening sequence, it completely rewrites how he became the Ghost Rider and remember at the end where he told the devil, no I'm keeping these powers to interfere with your evil plans?! Well in this, he's being searching the globe to find away to get rid of his 'curse'! So in my mind, this is more a reboot (just staring the same actor) rather than a sequel!
Plus is cool flaming skull bike has its just a motorbike, with abit of extra panels on and painted a dull metal grey....oh and at one point he gets badly hurt by a grenade launcher but then later on shrugs off a rocket launcher impact!
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on 17 July 2015
Hi, the best thing about this film was the 3D/Lenticular slip case. I kept the slip case, it realy is an excellent image. Following on from Ghost Rider I was expecting at the very least a picture of equal merit, I expected too much. What I found was a film that would make Highlander 2 look like a cinematic masterpeice. Maybe that is unfair to Highlander 2. As a one off film if viewed appart from all other Highlander films it could hold it's ground. But I'm sorry Ghost Rider 2 is not a bad enough production to be viewed and held up as a cinematic example to preserve for the future to show where others lost their way.
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on 27 September 2012
I pre-ordered the 3D blu-ray because it was at an excellent price for a 3D film...maybe that should have told me something! Needless to say I've now watched the film (it sat in my pile for ages) and boy oh boy, was I disappointed. Not only was the plot barely coherent it was also pretty much a rehash of Christopher Walken's 'The Prophecy' - although THAT film is far superior. Don't get me wrong, there are moments in this film where I could see what the makers were attempting to do. There were some good ideas too. But the sum of the parts was simply a mess. To cap it all off the 3D was pitiful. I'd watched Titanic a few days before - a film that wasn't even made for 3D - and it blew GR: SoV out of the water (he-he). At no point was there any real sense of depth in the film. I'm going to re-watch this in a few months time and see if it improves on second viewing; but as it stands it definitely sits very near the bottom of my superhero movie list (below Supergirl but above Batman & Robin)
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on 13 August 2014
This film gets the essence of the comic book which is what you really want it to ...
The movie is more brutal and visual, and you get to see a more violent side to the rider.
Neveldine/Taylor did one good thing with "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" by deciding to take it into an even darker,
more insane direction than 2007's "Ghost Rider," making it seem even more like a live-action comic book.
"Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance" was darker, grittier and for a more mature audience.
It was full of great action sequences and a schizophrenic performance from Nicolas Cage to keep things interesting.
The final result is a good action movie with a solid focus and direction.
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