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on 12 October 2007
if you have seen any of these series then you may like me find the whole para - normal thing totally engrossing , and as the last few years has shown many more people are interested in it than was originally thought or as i remember were willing to admit to, unfortunately i feel there are very few serious attempts to look into the field , when most haunted first started i hoped we may now have a serious look at the para normal from a scientific perspective albeit with some open minded attitudes , but as time has gone on i feel it has sold out for entertainment purposes [ non - appearing ghosts dont make good t.v. ] and along with many other so called ghost programmes [ ghost towns , most haunted , haunted homes etc etc the list goes on ] have had to spice up the programmes to keep viewers watching week after week , but finally i feel this programme has tried to look at the subject manner with a scientific approach but with a lasting hope that they can gain what all these programmes want , the holy grail of what any para - normal programme yearns for , PROOF either by photos , video etc etc .this first series was for me the better one when the guys were a much smaller outfit and more focused , and it showed that they were for all purposes unknowns and were really weekend investigators . unfortunately they too it seems have gone along the commercial path more recently as you will see if you check out the most recent series , series three on satellite and cable where they investigate many more well known properties more often than the usual run of the mill joe public type places they did in series one , for instance the " SHINING " hotel , and TOMBSTONE arizona scene of the gunfight at the o.k. corral .if you like most haunted or some of the others i have mentioned then you will probably enjoy this as well but for me this series is far better than those were . it is for me far more constructed and more objective in the investigations and also far closer to that elusive " serious ghosthunter " than any of the others have been , even though those others have tried , so i say go on give it a go , i did and ended up going for season 2 as well , enjoy.
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on 28 November 2007
I was a fan of Most Haunted until I watched this series. This is really good in comparsion. Real investigators that don't run away when something goes bump in the night. No more screaming and swearing at ghosts and noises and god only knows what else scares the Most Haunted crew. No mediums or table tipping. Just real investigating by people that actually seem to want to catch a ghost on Video. Its great! The evidence they get in some episodes is amazing and sends chills up your spine. Well worth the money. (And as its an import DVD just watch out for the customs charges but since this is under £18.00 it should be fine) No reason not to go for it! You will be really impressed!
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on 28 January 2008
TAPS which is the 'THE ATLANTIC PARANORMAL SOCIETY' which was founded by two plumbers. There HQ is a hut in the back garden of co-Founder Grants back garden in the first brilliant series. TAPS is now well known and there investigations are based on trying to de-bunk rather then prove ghostly phenomena. I find this really refreshing as the home grown British 'Most Haunted' is very biased to a ghost or spirit being at a certain location. Comedy comes from there so-called technical wizz Brian who manages to loose most of the equipment or forget to pack the vans. All in all this is a fine series and well worth watching even if there are no ghosts seen.
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on 20 January 2008
The season that started it off. The Atlantic Paranormal Society are a group of everyday people who have a passion for the paranormal. They investigation various reputedly haunted locations to investigate the afterlife. I have only just got into this show and already I'm hooked. They don't run away from every little thing,like most haunted do. They find scientific explanations for alot of activity and the rapport between the members is great.
In short, buy this now!! You will not be dissapointed.
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on 24 October 2013
To be honest I used to watch the series on TV, but as time went on Jason and Grant really began to get on my nerves and decided that I didn't particularly like their attitudes, personalities and the way they went about things.

For instance, when they met their new clients for the investigations,( bare in mind that they are going into their houses, halls, castles, lighthouses or whatever); they show so little respect by standing there with their arms folded across their chests while listening to their clients experiences.
Then they have the nerve to say--`right which room'. Surely its up to the Client to invite them first into each room; after all they work or manage there.
Then they all sit round a table and after the evidence is shown, they say at the end---`right lets get out of here'. Strange attitude?!

You are suppose to be friendly to your clients, have at least some conversation flow and build up a rapport, especially when they are getting paid for doing it!

They seem to be on the defence with every one else (except each other), including the people who work for them and seem to treat them like their underdogs: they get them to do all the setting-up as well as viewing all the evidence.

On the whole, Jason and Grant are too serious, defensive, come across as miserable and not open-minded enough to be proper Ghost-Hunters.

These pair would get my back-up straight away and why do they have to use the word `debunk!' All the time, it's really annoying.

In my estimation Ghost-Hunters international is much better programme to watch, because they work has an equal team effort and are more laid back, friendly and open with each other, there is also a bit of humour involved.
The people who work for Jason and Grant ought to move over to this team for a happier enviroment

I totally agree with Nell 265, wholeheartedly.
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on 8 August 2012
I like the fact they they are attempting to make a serious investigation of the paranormal which is the reason I bought it, that and the 4* & 5* reviews.

They have very good equipment and I think their intent to prove or disprove is sincere BUT and it's a big but, they spend far too much time filming things other than the investigation(s) - as examples, bitching about the team, showing their jobs as plumbers, bowling matches, their family and friends at bbq's, and very little time on analysis of their findings...perhaps because their findings are so slim.

Very disappointed with this DVD. I would not recommend. Despite the fact that 'Most Haunted' can be very irritating with all their disorganisation, lack of concrete evidence, screaming and jumpiness, at least it's entertaining. Ghost Hunters is not.
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on 30 January 2011
Not much you can say about Ghosthunters Taps you either love it or u don't and in my family we love it I record every episode on Sky+ for my brother who's in the army so when his birthday was coming up this time last year it seemed the obvious thing to do get him the dvd set and it being a collectors item well all I can say is when he opened his present and saw what it was he was chuffed to pieces over the moon - well you get the drift - yes I will be purchasing more dvd's as and when I can
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I got this for my daughter who is a huge fan of Ghost Hunters. She was rather disappointed in this 'Best Of'. Any selection of the best of a show is going to be subjective, since we don't all agree on what makes it good, but I have to admit, having watched them with her, the stories picked for this are a let-down - inconclusive, uneventful, and overlong. It presents three entire episodes, rather than selecting the most impressive sequences from individual episodes, with added deleted footage at the end of each which adds nothing to the entertainment value of them. The 'Next time on Ghost Hunters' at the end of each one promises a more interesting story every time than what you just watched. On top of which, the menu is clumsy and scene selection just gives you the three episodes, not individual scenes within them. We haven't watched the interview which is the only extra apart from the dull deleted footage, but on the whole this does not represent Ghost Hunters very well.
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on 22 April 2013
As this is their first season, it kind of shows - it is a little amateurish in parts. The first 3 seasons they concentrated a little too much on the TAPs members (showing Brian getting fired) which is uncomfortable to watch & not enough time ghost hunting. Don't get me wrong, this is entertaining & if you have watched the later ones, it's always good to see where & how it all started. I do wonder why some of the TAPs members talk about Jason & Grant behind their backs when they are being filmed - judging from how intimidating Jason can be at times...I certainly wouldn't. If you are interested in the paranormal then I highly recommend it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 April 2010
This is simply the 1st 2 episodes of the 1st series, buy the 1st series instead for a better value.
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