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4.0 out of 5 stars42
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2014
Ordered this because I only ever had the VHS and I love the live album, so it's one for the collection if only for the 5.1 audio and I don't own a video anymore :)

Having watched it through I'd forgotten just how dreadful some of the edits were, butchering Me & Sarah Jane etc.

I know this is the best they can do because they've lost the original film footage so they can't restore or re-edit. They can only touch up the old video with the documentary footage. Unless someone somewhere discovers some long lost cans of film this is all we'll ever get. I understand this to be the case with the Mama tour too.

What I can't understand is that they have When In Rome (admittedly a past-prime nostalgia trip but I loved it) filmed in HD and they cancelled the Blu-Ray release saying there's no demand, yet they'll release a tarted up bit of video from 1981.
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on 3 November 2014
I was working myself up to write a damning review of this blu-ray but, having read those previous, I don't feel mine is necessary.

If what you're expecting a grand remastering of some 16mm 80's footage, I'd suggest Peter Gabriel's Live in Athens '87, for which the original footage was remastered and re-edited to create something special that improved on the original VHS release, POV.

I love recordings of live concerts, imagining myself (back) in the moment and would include the original audio release of Three Sides Live (somewhere) in my list of favourites. However, this is not a video reproduction of the original album release. Songs are faded-out in favour of footage of the band justifying recording Earth Wind and Fire horns and banging on about Abacab being their most honest album to date (as of 1981).

This could have been re-edited to make a concert video to get involved in, yet absolutely no effort has gone into the reproduction to blu-ray.
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on 10 November 2014
Great reissue which improves the previous version as much as possible with the available material.
Video: First, the film images are now very enjoyable especially on the bright and white visuals. The blue shots are sometimes a bit muddy with some minor graines here and there. Some close ups have a very good definition and the work often reminds the restoration of the Supertramp's Paris BD although the latter is a slight better on the whole, so I would rate it as a three stars and a half in front of Paris four stars.

Audio: Definitely a five stars. This is the biggest improvement although based on the restoration which Nick Davis previously did way back in 2009.
The already great DTS Surround lossy treatment of the 2009 DVD (and of the current DVD version I suppose) is tremendously endorsed by the upgrade to DTS HD MA 5.1. 96/24. The sound design - especially on Banks keyboards (dense, crystal clear and dynamic) and Rutherford bass (warm and literally carved) areas - is extremely precise that you are easily able to turn up the subwoofer of about 3 or 4db more than the DVD version setting without suffering any compression or distortion.

The only lesser moment is the sound on In The Cage medley/Afterglow which suffers from the missed multitrack tape and as of consequence the sound lacks of brilliance, expansion and separation channels on DTS HD MA although quite better than the DVD version. However you are able to experience a better consistency if you play this track using the option LPCM 2.0. which is 96/24 too.
Great sound also on the bonus audio-only tracks which also have a DTS HD MA 5.1. Here (as LPCM 2.0) is just a 48/16 resolution but sounds powerful nonetheless. Try especially Behind The Lines/Duchess, Me and Sarah Jane, One For The Vine (lead synth and piano solo parts sound incredible) and The Fountain of Salmacis.

All in all a great upgrade which bodes well for the possible future reissues such as The Mama Tour whose 2009 remix sounds even better in Tony Banks lead synths department.
On the whole a 5 stars which - due to the pointed out missing links - is actually a four and a half stars. Definitely a must buy for the improved images and especially for the sound which is definitely superb and unbeatable by the vast majority of the early 1980's live recordings.
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on 14 June 2015
I love this concert. I was at the NEC show and this is a great record of that tour. Lots of cameras and great sound. Best set list as well IMHO, before all the later stuff pushed out some of the old favourites. Could have done with those little documentary segments being cut from the concert footage and added as an extra. I had the double vinyl and used to love it when it got to Mike's bum note in the Abacab guitar solo. Well unless i'm mistaken or my ears have become more forgiving over the years, they seem to have fixed it! Can someone confirm this? Also, there was a couple of times where Phil's lips weren't intimating what was coming out of the speakers. Makes me wonder how much of this concert was overdubbed? Nevertheless, excellent to even have this document of better times. Saw the band at Twickers in 2007. If that's the last time we see them live it's sad, especially when bands like The Stones (actually pretty much only The Stones!) seem to be able to go on forever. I'd happily watch them without Phil on the drums if he can't do it any more. Maybe Chester and Bill Bruford could take double duty? But I digress. Buy this, now. You owe it to yourself.
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on 4 November 2014
Worth it for the DTS HD MA 5.1 audio only bonuses alone, especially Fountain of Salmacis. The video section is somewhat spoiled by the intersected interviews, but it's still a good concert recording of middle-late era Genesis.
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on 26 November 2014
Not a great deal better to watch than the version I have from the live box, and it's odd watching something in 4:3 nowadays, to be fair there's not a lot they can do about that. No extras to speak of.
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on 5 November 2014
The footage is exactly the same as the original VHS release. The 4:3 aspect was a surprise initially but at times you get so sucked into what's going on you forget the black bars on either side of the telly. Enough comment has already been made over the editing of the documentary into the concert footage so not going to cover that here.
The highlight of the disc is In the Cage/Afterglow showing Genesis at their best. Most of these songs are left untouched. Another highlight was seeing Mike Rutherford "playing" drums on Whodunnit! God, I'd forgotten that. Mind you when I saw Genesis at Wembley in December 81 I was so far back the band were tiny stick figures and all I could appreciate was the sound and light show!
Some of the band's interviews are insightful and to me give more than the recent documentary.
The blu Ray comes with some complete audio tracks and sound great.
To sum up, it's a pity more of the concert isn't shown in this release but for Genesis fans this is still essential viewing.
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on 24 October 2000
I had been searching for this vid for a long time and I was well pleased when my friend found that it was avialable at Amazon. However, watching it I was very disappointed. The picture quality is very poor and the stage looks in darkness for most of the show. Some of the correction overdubs stand out like a sore thumb and ruin the illusion of this being a totally live performance. The visual to sound sync is appauling on some of the shots of Collins playing the drums and being I drummer, for me this really s.....I've seen this in other concert footage and it really grates on me.
That aside, the set is great and I love that era of Genesis before they went totally commercial. If the picture and sound quality had been up to subsequent concert videos (especially the Invisble Touch Tour which looks stunning) I would have been well happy. But sadly with this video, I'm not.
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on 11 March 2015
This is the first Blu-ray release of Genesis. It is not spectacular, but depicts a time of beginning of the 60 above the studio albums "Duke" and "Abacab". The songs are good compõesm. It aturnê giving rise to the live album "Three Sides Live" which is the title of this video as well. It is not the full show. I think only valid for those who enjoy this time the band. Regular! Note 6.0.
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on 15 December 2014
When Genesis would be on Tour we could say a great show on lighting and execeptional performance was about the be seen... Phil Collins voice and stage presence was at his best those years. "Duchess" and "In the Cage" was a fantastic example!
Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford revealed their amazing importance within the band... just waiting for "Seconds Out" blu-ray!!!
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