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Gelert Single Flock Airbed
by Gelert
3.8 out of 5 stars (70)
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of this flat, you mean when there is air inside ?? if it is the case it is very light... i should say less than one kilo, you can transport it.. or very easily. We have used it and it is great ! (juste a little noise when you inflate, but then after during the night you can move there is no noise)
16 Mar 2015 by lou
Hi. Around 80kg. Mine didn't last for long, not great product
31 Aug 2014 by Kate
Hi there, An Airbed Pump will inflate the Airbed. They can work from batteries, 12V only, 12V and Mains, Mains only and there is also hand and foot pumps availalbe. They are generally all a standard fit. Thanks.
8 Apr 2015 by Andrew Lowe
What pump needed? 27 Apr 2014
I purchased an electric 240v pump from aldis - guaranteed for 3 years and it was quite cheap. It has 3 different size nozzles on so fits most inflatable items. Go to and e-mail them to see where you can purchase one.
27 Apr 2014 by Mrs. C. M. Scruton
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