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4.1 out of 5 stars
Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bike Computer with Premium Heart Rate Monitor and Speed and Cadence Sensors
Style Name: With Heart Rate Monitor/Speed & Cadence SensorsChange
Price:£394.99+Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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50 of 52 people found the following review helpful
I've used this on a few long rides now and I have to say that I am impressed! I waited a while before I bought it though as a few of the first reviews were not very favourable, but there have been quite a few firmware updates (currently on v5.0 as of Aug 2015) now so I thought i'd give it a go.

This replaces my Edge 800 and first impressions were really good. The screen is much higher resolution and very clear and the touchscreen is now capacitive rather than the dated resistive and it does work with gloves! I've tried all my gloves with it and they all work fine, I was quite surprised by this.

I managed to pair it with my iPhone first time and hooked it up to my home WiFi no problem. It recognised all the sensors on my bike very quickly too like cadence, speed and HRM.

Using it for a ride it is very quick to get a satellite fix. It takes a few seconds in you have GPS and GLONASS enabled (which does use more battery though). This was a great improvement from the 800. When out on a ride the screen quality is very good, much clearer that the 800. Similarly to other Garmin units, you can customise all the screens to display what you want. Finger swipes across the screen work perfectly to move to other data screens or maps.

After finishing a ride, I had WiFi enabled on mine and when I got home and looked at the computer, my ride was there on Garmin connect, nice!

After only a few rides, i'm really liking this Edge 1000. I was a bit unsure whether to spend so much on the upgrade, but it has been worth it in my opinion. The screen is so much easier to see when on a ride and the maps are now very usable compared to my Edge 800. I'll wait and see what happens when I get a text out on a ride (no one has texted me yet when i've been out!), hopefully this will work as it would be useful when out on a long ride out for the day.

The unit itself looks really nice too. It is quite a bit bigger than the 800/810 and looks a bit like a smart phone. It still uses the old Garmin mounts, so any you have on other bikes will work. However, and this is my only negative so far, and for me it was quite a big negative, my old K-edge 'out-front' mount was too small! What I mean is that when you put the Edge in at 90 degrees to the bars and then turn, it hits the stem! It does come with a Garmin 'out-front' mount which I thought was a nice touch, but this was also too small to properly fit it 'out-front' dead centre in front of the stem. I ended up forking out another £30 for the K-edge XL which (as far as i'm aware) is currently the only mount available that allows it to be mounted right in front of the stem. I did wonder why may mate had his to the right of the stem, it's too big in my opinion to be located anywhere other than directly in front.

All in all though, i'm happy, it looks great, works great (fingers crossed) and is easy to read and use when riding which is the main point really. Just a shame about the lack of larger out-front mount.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 3 July 2015
I was full of high hopes with this when I checked out other reviews but a few options were a bit of an anti climax for me. I'm a keen cyclist & a keen hiker so it was a tough choice to spending money on this or a Garmin GPSMAP 64St. I decided to go with this for cycling as I liked the route planner options on this where it will pick a looped journey around terrain, road types, time, gradient etc. as I'm recovering from a mild heart attack which happened on my new Peloton, having these options especially gradient planning was a weight off my shoulders when out cycling again.
Initially opening the box I was hit with what looked like a 1990,s mobile phone, big case, very small screen in comparison. The unit itself although bigger than any of the Edge series isn't the largest of all units out there & fits perfectly on my handlebar stock & actually looks perfectly suited on a bike. I wasn't too keen on the extended mount as it gave me the impression if I fall off or knock the bike this is going to destroy my Edge 1000, at least where it is now its protected between the handlebars.
Powering up I was disappointed to see the resolution was very low & I could barely read the copyright writing at the boot up screen. The digital beeping when cycling through menus & the very basic graphics made it feel very low tech in comparison to a mobile phone. I know this isn't a smart phone but for a unit that's almost similar size & today's technology I was expecting something a bit more higher tech than this.
Besides first impressions though which to be fair is more about eye candy than than using the machine everything on this unit is built to be simplistic & reliable. The menu layout is straight forward, the amount of options & ride styles you can assign with different displays for HRM's, Cadence sensors, plus all your usual options it makes cycling in unknown areas a pleasure & also with the option to avoid main roads etc I have found some great cycle routes local to me that I didn't even know existed.
As a training device this is absolutely the best unit money can buy in my eyes. Linked to Garmin Connect it gives a wealth of knowledge & even tips on what to do better (new update installs these options). I love how I get text & call alerts through to the Edge 1000 too as I keep my iPhone in my back pocket so makes it a lot easier to see messages while cycling if that's your thing.
Cadence & HRM work flawlessly with it & because it's ANT+ I can have them synced to my Vivosmart too. The Edge 1000 does take priority over Vivosmart on Bluetooth connection to Garmin Connect app so if your not using the Edge 1000 make sure to turn it off so the Bluetooth connects back to your Vivosmart or whatever the trainer is you use.
Warning for all iPhone users when connecting to Bluetooth, the Edge 1000 is a pain in the backside for connecting via Bluetooth. Don't try to connect through the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone as it won't discover the Edge 1000 & it needs two separate connections to get smartphone options working on the Edge1000. You might get it to show up but trust me it will lose the connection randomly when out cycling. To solve the problem go through the setup guide on a PC using Garmin Express (I think the new software update on Edge 1000 tells you to go to the website to do this).
You will have to use Garmin Express to get wifi working on it anyway so I would recommend doing this from the start.
Last but not least Edge 1000 uses GPS & GLONASS & I can easily say this unit picks up satellites as if they are sat in the room next to you, I have ran the unit with just GPS & can easily say the unit runs very smooth with GPS but much better with both running. Battery life is as it says, I have managed 16 hours out of this unit, some say they are only getting 12 hours but unless I have an unusually good unit I would say theirs are faulty or using it in areas where it is constantly losing satellite cover.
Overall it's a great unit, slightly disappointed with the UI eye candy but it's nothing in comparison to how well it works.
Have a play around with it when you get it & learn all the menus, try the 3D map option out as its a pleasure to read in bright light conditions compared to the 2D map.
Is it worth the money? Yes & no.
Yes for the massive options, reliability, ease of use & setup, battery life.
No for UI being like something out of late 20th Century but again could be comparing it against the wrong tech as it is a bike Sat Nav/trainer.

The UI is why I have given this product 4 stars out of 5.
review image review image review image review image
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 19 May 2015
A very smart piece of kit, with a wonderful display. It worked very well for a couple of days. I was able to record my activities and upload them using Garmin's software.
My problem began when I tried to download an update to a map; there was insufficient memory, so I installed a 32GB SanDisk microSD card. The Edge recognised the card and installed to map to it.
However, I cannot record anything else to the card although there is some 27GB free on it. When I set off for a ride, everything seems to be in order, but when I press the Start button, the screen immediately goes black and a message appears "Memory is Full". Nothing is recorded.
Garmin's recommendation, when I reported the problem, was to carry out a Master Reset. I have now done this on 3 consecutive days, but the problem remains.
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29 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on 26 May 2015
I have used this device for 6 months, cycling 2500km. 50% of that is commuting, the rest is urban cycling and week-end country-side touring. I'm not a professional or club cyclist, just a guy who happens to cycle everywhere everyday.

I was torn when choosing the rating for this device. One one hand, I would buy this if I had to do it again! It changed my cycling life.
2 stars seem harsh with that in mind, but on the other hand if there was more competition I would clearly not buy it at all: with all the issues it has I would actually consider getting a refund (which might be possible, because it's not performing even its basic functions in a satisfactory way), and buy an alternative - again, IF there was an alternative.

I have read other reviews and realise I rated far below average, but then again most people who would actually buy this are more serious about cycling than I am, and have used other devices over the years. I imagine this device is a HUGE improvement over what was available only a few years ago, but I am judging it as a techie with sophisticated software like mature smartphone OS in mind. Surely software was not as important in bike GPS development years ago, but now you have to expect more than "better than devices we could buy 10 years ago"...

At the time of this review, the software version for the device is 3.00.

The design shortcomings:
- maps are not as correct or up-to-date as Google's. Even in London, it still sends me into one-way streets or asks me to make turns that I cannot legally make (not always, but enough for it to be annoying).
- navigation knows a lot about cycle paths, but will sometimes make your trip considerably longer to avoid main roads. Clearly I don't want to cycle on motorways, but (for instance) recently the device transformed a 30km trip into a 45km trip just to avoid 300m of a 4-lane road (which actually happened to have a cycle path on its pavement). Because of these navigation shortcomings, I have gotten into the habit of double checking all my new routes with Google Maps before starting them.
- cannot tell the device what kind of bike you are riding on. If you're on a road bike with 23mm tyres, dirt paths along the canal are NOT ok. But Garmin will send you to them regardless.
- Address searching is painful. Where I live (UK), post codes are pretty handy. A full post code consists of 5 or 6 number and letters, and determines exactly which street the address is in. All that's left after that is to determine which building number you're looking for, so no need to ever type a street name. Anywhere. Except with Garmin. For some reason, the device will automatically switch from post code entry to building number entry after you have entered 3 characters for the post code. Then ask you for the street name. What the hell Garmin?
- If you don't have the full address, you can't find anything. King's Cross Station what? I need the address! Underground stations? What's an underground?
- Navigation shows you where you are with a little blue point. Which gets systematically hidden by the indication to your next step (so 1/3 of your map is hidden by "turn left after 200m").
- the "new" website ( is catastrophic (as in the worst companion website I've seen for any geek gadget I own). Luckily enough, you can select the old one as the default one for your profile. Every once in a while, I will go back to the new one to see if they sorted it out. They didn't. I actually haven't checked in months... It's not "new" anymore anyway, it has been in the same state for more than one year, I think they just gave up on it.
- the remote is not configurable enough. It has two non-configurable buttons, including screen switching (good) and "lap" (which I don't use because I don't train inside) and a "configurable" one, which I would have loved to set for instance to "get me home". But you can't. You can configure it to "Start/stop" for instance which is useless on a remote because you don't use that function when you're moving.
- doing anything else than navigating with the map is absolutely horrible. Zooming in and out is slow, and moving the map is horrible.
- as a general thing, the two main functions of the device (navigation and training) look like they have been developped by two different teams with a serious communication problem. They fight for the real estate on the device's screen without ever sharing it. Switching from a screen to another generally means you're going to have to click several times on the screen.
- smartphone connectivity is somewhat useless. It will tell you when you receive a phone call or a text (if you use an IM app like Hangouts for your SMS, you will also receive the related IM message notifications), but that's all. You won't see notifications from other IM apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. I understand someone in training doesn't care about those, but when I'm commuting I have the time to stop and read a message, so being notified of its existence would have been quite handy.
- generally, the usage of the UI can be a bit frustrating. For instance, when the device starts, the top status bar gets hidden by notifications about the device connecting to various stuff (speed sensor, cadence sensor, phone, HRM, etc). Each notification stays there for 10s before it shows the next one. While this happen, the actual status bar (containing the remaining battery level and clock for instance) will stay hidden. If you need that information, you just have to wait for a minute until all notifications go away. The thing is full of this annoying shortcomings.

The bugs:
I discover new ones all the time, so here are the main ones I can think of right now:
- sometimes the cadence sensor takes time to connect or just doesn't connect.
- once the device got stuck after a ride on "Saving..." before I actually asked it to save. I tried to turn it off but it just turned off the screen, it didn't unfreeze and was obviously stuck at 100% CPU (I could feel it heating). Hard reset didn't seem to do anything. I ended up leaving it like this until the battery drained.
- sometimes will reboot when coming out of sleep mode.
- sometimes will show the logging screen continuously although it reacts to commands (you can hear the beeps). You then have to switch it off completely and reboot it (one minute lost at the start of your ride).
- battery percentage under 10% is unreliable.

The positives:
- beats Google Maps on the road quality. Google Maps will not hesitate sending you to some dangerous roads (mostly my experience for this is London) if it finds it a bit faster. Garmin is a bit smarter than that.
- free maps, free map updates, for all European countries at least. HUGE positive, and the single reason why I chose (and would choose again) this device over the competition. Magellan/Mio seems to think European cyclists should pay to cross borders within Europe. Seriously. In 2015. In my opinion this is worst than all the previously listed issues combined.
- massive battery life (handles 10h including navigation), which is the main reason I chose this device over a holder for my smartphone.
- small and light enough.
- sturdy. Doesn't get damaged in your pocket.
- box content, the included mount is really nice.
- simple but efficient beeps! Warns you for navigation, basic actions, in a way that you will always hear it without it being annoying.
- the GPS/Glonass combo is very efficient
- the compass is also very precise

There's also the screen, which I would list as a positive: its definition is extremely low compared to modern smartphones. It is also not multitouch/capacitive (which means it's far from precise and sometimes you have to repeat some actions). On the other hand, it's the price to pay to have a screen that doesn't heavily drain the battery, works as well under heavy rain than in dry weather and is perfectly readable in pitch black as well as under the fiercest sun. I pay that price happily, so I love that screen. It is the screen this device needs.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2014
Definitely a step up from the 510, have only had the product a few days, but so far so good. Have found it much easier to set up than the 510, the user interface seems a lot more friendly and common sense led, so that's an improvement in itself!!
It's a better screen size, touch screen actually does things when you touch it.
I bought the bundle with it, and so far it's taken me about two minutes to attach the speedo and cadence sensors, as opposed to half an hour of faff with the older version, and they seem more accurate too, also the fact that they come pre entered into the unit makes life a whole lot easier.
On the whole would say that if your querying whether to bother, do it, you won't regret it.
The retailer was also prompt with delivery and the package was as described and in perfect condition.
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49 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on 29 May 2014
This might one day be a great product but not until some serious software problems are overcome. I have bought one and see the potential but am beyond frustrations with some of the problems and very annoyed with the lack of response from Garmin to deal with these issues. In short, the screen locks up whilst riding, this is not just a one off on my unit, it is all over the forums as a common problem. Garmin are aware of it but are very slow in responding to the issue with a solution.

The unit is also very interlinked with their Garmin Connect site and one of the core features on this, the ability to create and use segments is not working at all well. Again despite a lot of traffic on the forums and requests to product support the silence from Garmin is deafening. An expensive unit should work better!!!!


Garmin have now issued a firmware update and improved, and are still improving, their Garmin Connect website. The result of both is that the product is now working very well.

Now that the features work the potential of this great piece of kit has been unlocked. What they claim it can do it can and more. You can now trust this product to be a fantastic aid to training.

I just wish Garmin had been more communicative with it's users. They caused themselves reputational damage which was completely avoidable. It is down to this that I don't give five stars, as I am still a little annoyed that they caused so much frustration due to poor communication.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 6 August 2015
Upgraded from the Edge 800. Primarily for the Bluetooth and wifi functionality that the later Edge models give. The larger screen is a bonus as it's easier to read the ride data particularly if like me you like to have it on one screen. The screen and the data displayed is fully selectable by the User so you can select up to 10 data options per screen and add several data screens if you want. I have mine set up to give the time, ride time, speed and average speed, distance, cadence, heart rate and ascent. I can then swip for the map or the pace screen. The unit is larger than the 800 but with a slimmer profile. It looks good on the bike.

The Maps are very good and before turns when following a route or destination the display beeps and switches from the data screen to the map. Once you've turned it flips back to give you your ride data. A neat function on the 1000 is the auto round routing where you input a preferred distance such as 50 miles for example and the unit will calculate three back to start routes of around that distance. You select one and away you go. Keeps you on the quietest roads where it can and is great for a lucky dip ride from home or when away and on unfamiliar territory a quick way of getting a route to ride.

No issues in 1000 miles of riding and it's one of the best bits of bike kit I've ever used. The link up with Strava too is a real bonus and it'll load ride data to both Garmin Connect and Strava accounts when you walk back in the house and onto your wifi network. If you like Strava segments then the 1000 will pick them up on route and give you a countdown to it.

Highly recommended.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 7 May 2015
Be warned! This unit does NOT work with an iPhone 4. On the box it says it does but to get the smartphone functionality you need to download the Garmin Connect app and that requires iOS 8. iPhone 4 has been stalled (deliberately, by those charming Apple people) at iOS 7. You'd think Garmin could send disgruntled punters like me the previous version of the Connect app that does work with an iPhone 4/iOS 7, but no. Just another app-related 'encouragement' to go out and spend money on a newer iPhone.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 May 2015
This Garmin Edge 1000 has so many features it's hard to take it all in - careful study of the instructions is required, as well as practice, to discover what it can do. Multiple displays are available, and switchable too. You can also link your iPhone via Bluetooth, for weather updates and even text notifications - headers only, fortunately.
Best features for me - simply press the 'record' button, and ride. Transfer it all to your computer later for more in depth information.
Also, plan a route and have a map display as you go. Finally, tell it how far you want to ride and it will suggest three circular courses to follow !
I have some trouble switching the thing off at the end of a ride sometimes, but I'll understand it eventually.
I'm sure there's lots more I haven't yet discovered, but so far I'm delighted. If you're putting in lots of miles on your bike - treat yourself and buy one.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 22 May 2015
I purchased the Garmin Edge 1000 bundle which includes a cadence, speed and heart monitor, all the items are well made as you would expect from a premium company, the software is intuitive and simple to navigate around the various screen options. Set-up is a doddle and shouldn't pose any problems. Garmin Connect supports the Garmin 1000 and is easy to install on any medium. I initially thought the 1000 looked too large compared with the 810 and 510, however when fitted to the bike it looks just right, the screen is clear and easy to read, even on our roads!!! I've also used the 1000 on my MTB using the additional locking device and elastic securing straps, no problems to report. I have also purchased the Garmin rubber protection case (comes in various colours) and it fits perfectly. So do I recommend this product, well that would be a big YES.
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