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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 December 2012
I can only give 3 stars as although I love the tablet-like look and feel of this unit it has caused some frustrations. Here are my three problems and the solutions I found.

1. MAP UPDATING PROBLEM. I was unable to update the maps following the instructions. The solution was to download lifetimeupdater.exe and run that NOT to follow the instructions in the manual.

2. LOCKED IN DEMO MODE. This is not obvious. But if you find that there is no GPS (red line through the bars), you get a message about being in demo mode (sometimes) when you power on and when you deselect GPS Simulator it won't turn off, then you may be locked in Demo mode. Solution: Select the loudspeaker icon on the home page to get to the audio page. Press the top right hand corner for about ten seconds and the developer mode will come on. Scroll down the menu to find Demo mode, select that and turn it off. My GPS immediately came back OK. You could probably do some damage in this mode if you poke about with other functions so take care.

3. LOSS OF FAVOURITES. I saved a bunch of addresses to favourites which got lost when the maps were updated. Fair marks to Garmin support for coming back in 24hrs as below to show how to back them up.

I'm tempted to send it back. but the alternative is £1,500 for an inbuilt satnav in the new car I'm getting which is crazy money or a TomTom where you seem to just get a different bunch of problems. The actual interface and screen quality on this unit is streets better than the inbuilt satnav I've had in my VW for the last few years and although the screen is smaller being so much sharper compensates, so I'll stick with it and hope these problems are behind me.

BACKING UP FAVOURITES: (as from Garmin support staff)
I am happy to help; your favourites should not be lost when running a
map update. Unfortunately if they are not back up they cannot be

You can save your favourites to your PC to back them up by following the
instructions below:

1. Connect your device to the PC.
2. Click the Windows Start icon.
3. Click Computer or My computer.
4. Open the Garmin drive.
5. Open the GPX folder.
6. Copy and paste the Current.gpx file to your desktop.
7. Rename this file to Current1.gpx.

This has now saved a copy of your favourites to the computer so if you
were to lose them you can easily retrieve them. To get them back onto
your device follow the below instructions:

1. Connect your device to the PC.
2. Copy the Current1.gpx file from your desktop.
3. Click the Windows Start icon.
4. Click Computer or My computer.
5. Open the Garmin drive.
6. Open the GPX folder.
7. Paste the Current1.gpx file in this folder.

Instructions for a Mac:

1. Connect the Garmin device to the Mac using a data
transfer USB cable.
2. Double-click on the Garmin device when you see it
mounted to the Desktop.
3. Locate and double-click the GPX Folder.
Some devices require you to open the folder named "Garmin" first, then
the GPX Folder.
4. Right-click and copy the Current.gpx file.
5. Right-click on your Mac's Desktop and select Paste to
save the Current.gpx file onto the Desktop.
6. Re-name the Current.gpx file to Current1.gpx.

To put them back onto the device do the following, make sure the device
is connected to the computer with a USB cable.

1. Copy the Current1.gpx file from the Desktop.
2. Double-click on the Garmin device when you see it
mounted to the Desktop.
3. Locate and double-click the GPX Folder.
Some devices require you to open the folder named "Garmin" first, then
the GPX Folder.
4. Right click on your Mac's Desktop and select Paste.
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on 28 May 2012
After reading the reviews I wasn't going to buy this unit, until I saw some rave Dutch reviews and thought I'd take the chance. So glad I did. This is only my second Garmin, bought to replace my C510. The screen is large, bright and excellently detailed, clear and easy to read. The split screen works (well it does on the A2) showing exactly the junction layout and signs - so you can see the layout as you approach. Voice command is interesting, it works better after the latest patch and if you speak clearly it works well. I'm still learning about some of the features, but so far I'm very impressed.
Be aware this device only has an FM traffic antenna and no capability for an external GPS antenna. Having a heated windscreen prevented the earlier C510 from working, however the 3590 copes with this and gives an exact location without the need for an external GPS antenna.
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on 14 June 2012
This satnav must rank as one of the best money can buy. It's quick and easy to use, voice control works a treat (even with my Northeast accent) and the screen works like an iphone or ipad. The resolution is way better than lesser Garmins or any Tomtom models, and programming destination into favourites, even miles from anywhere in remote French villages, is easy peasy. The suction cup is great, but the optional beanbag dash mount is even better.

However, it didn't work like this straight out of the box. Several features didn't work, notably some of the most important voice commands, even though the website told me everything from sytems to maps were the latest version. Fortunately I didn't believe them and got onto Garmin, who told be to reinstall maps. Sure enough the maps were out of dates and once a five hour download was complete everything came online.

Five stars for the device, minus a star for having to mess around for half a day to get the thing working optimally. garmin should get on top of this.
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on 5 September 2012
I went for this both on the strength of some of the reviews, and the free lifetime maps and traffic. I was being driven mad by my phone satnav (CoPilot live on a HTC one X) not picking up a signal for ages on start up. This device gets a lock almost instantaneously.

However, the best feature of this device for me is the voice command system. It's so simple to use and (unusually) it's both accurate and effective. A simple vocabulary plus numbered lists make selecting what you want a doddle.
I've also found I can drive and not use the separate (provided) mic which means one less cable .
Routing can be a bit strange at times. On fastest routing it wanted to use a series of local lanes that I know wouldn't be faster than my normal route (and that my other systems suggest.

I've not had any vibration issues, and the general look and feel of the interface is very simple - much more so than say the navman in my (>1000) Pioneer/ VW head unit in another car.

My main gripes are:
That the TMC receiver cable is huge and unsightly.
That the TMC cable has a dedicated 12v cigarette lighter adapter - it would have been more versatile with a USB connector.
Volume could be a bit louder on max when using the phone.
If it had an FM or bluetooth transmitter to use the car speakers for the audio output it would be even better.
The Garmin apps are expensive - generally £9 though if you want the 3g traffic data (as opposed to the included Radio TMC broadcasts) you have to pay another 19.99 per annum. This is a bit misleading and they should bundle it.

Overall though these are minor issues, and I'd really recommend the unit; despite the price.
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on 9 May 2012
This is my third Garmin satnav over a period of 8 years and as one would expect an improvement on the previous model. My only problem is the mount method which tends to let the screen vibrate due to the size of the unit, this did not happen on my previous unit as it was only 4" screen. Hence I have only given 4 stars

However it is a lot easier to read whilst driving, particularly when set vertically, it shows further ahead and gives a lot more information.

Garmin sat navs are a lot easier to set up and more user friendly.

My only other disappoinment is that I purchased my unit as soon as it come on the market Garmin are now offering a £30.00 money back since the beginning of May !!
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on 30 May 2012
What a fantastic product, easy to use, intuitive, very clear screen, simple menus etc etc.
I searched long and hard before I spent my hard earnt pennies on a replacement Sat Nav. This unit is not cheap but as the saying goes you get what you pay for and this product is great value.
It is so portable and easy to use whether I am in the car, on my motorbike or on my pushbike.
Highly recommended.
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on 13 July 2012
My rather old Tomtom 920T had finally bitten the dust and I needed a modern replacement. After trawling thro' loads of online reviews I decided to go with a Garmin. I was swayed by the lifetime map updates and live traffic. So I bought one from Ceslod. I have been extremely impressed with this retailer. He had the lowest price, the item was despatched the following day and arrived the day after.
So far the sat nav has proved to be easy to set up, with a range of options far too numerous to go through here. The screen is bright, colourful and works in either landscape or portrait mode. The route calculation is very fast, the post code database appears to be right up to date. The spoken directions are quite clear with a good amount of time given before you make the manoeuvre. I use it every day as an online grocery delivery driver in Norfolk. So far it has proved to be accurate, reliable and a joy to use. I would currently recommend it.
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on 29 April 2012
Garmin have really outdone themselves this time...

What a simply beautiful product! Journeys that used to take me 20mins now take me 15mins because it knows where to take me!
I've been going down lanes in my hometown that i've lived in for 20 years that I never knew existed!

Absolutely worth the money, wouldn't hesitate to buy again.
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on 19 December 2012
The thing as a whole is good, but I wanted it mainly for the LIVE traffic to keep me out of the jams, where it has really disappointed me.

Sometimes it works well, I can see congestion comming up and that's good, but more often than not, I get to the 'congestion' to find that there is none there, but worst is how often it leads me to use a road that I know from experience is a very congestable (if that's a word) road, finding that the road is almost totaly gridlocked adding 1/2 hour to an hour to that 5 minute part of my journey, whilst insisting that there is only a 1 minute delay!!!!! And it keeps happening.

Surely it should recognise that along this 3 mile stretch I have been going 0.0001 miles an hour for the last 1/2 hour, and I've got another 2 miles to go on this stretch, so why oh why does it still insist that there is only a 1 minute delay ahead of me!!!!

Oh, and to use the 3D LIVE service, you need to connect a mobile phone to the 3590LMT via bluetooth and pay the £20 a year fee for the app.
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on 3 July 2012
The quality of the built in speaker is questionable. At 90% the volume can occasionally need turning up however set at 100% it distorts!
Otherwise I prefer it to ANY Tom-Tom.
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