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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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This could be a brilliant game, but there's too much advertising and there's a "pay to win" model. They really encourage you to put your own money into the game to progress. Not worth it for me
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on 3 June 2015
Ok, so I've seen a lot of reviews saying not to play in the UK because it's laggy. It's not everywhere in the UK, works fine on my device. Another point im going to make is that those who hate it when they've been playing for less that ten minutes because "some lady is telling you what to do" It's not like that through out the game. It's only the tutorial at the beginning. This game is highly addictive, a lot of young people play it, but not all are children. There is a vast majority of older players. Yes, ok, the spending money is a problem, I can't spend money. They have no thoughts to the poor, only the rich. MZ are greedy, but who cares, with alliance gifts and the events, you can win gold and other items you may need to survive. There are a few things that MZ needs to sort, but they are minor. Stay below stronghold five until.l you are sure that you like the kingdom you're in. When you upgrade to six, you can no.longer teleport to another kingdom. Good luck guys, if you do play, give me a mail on there.... D x O x A. Much love mz <3
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on 1 June 2016
Ok Game of war is a fantastic concept. A little daunting at first but stick with it as it has a lot to offer and getting to know people in your alliance and your Kingdom can be very beneficial.
A main thing to note though is, its not very good on the Kindle. It crashes a lot, this is wide spread and is more than just a game spoiler. Repeatedly asking if its ever going to be fixed results in nothing. Pity really because I have spent quite a lot of time, money and effort building up my empire only to find the constant crashing more than annoying. It gets to the point where you dare not attack anyone for fear of the game crashing and you loosing everything while you reboot and by crashing I mean like every ten minutes. So if you play on a different platform its fine, Kindle, forget it. You will lose patience or everything you have built in a few minutes.Unfortunately I can not play on a mobile device, hell I can barely see the mobile let alone the screen.
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on 11 October 2015
This is a good game but as many others say it is very much pay based. As all the big players must have spent a fortune on this to have something like 35 billion power. These big players can hit even new players so it's generally not fair play. I feel I have to shield a lot until a time where I am strong enough . This game is constantly crashing though on my kindle and 30mins gameplay will see at least 7 crashes. It is very Much annoying
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on 4 September 2015
I love the game partly because you interact with people from all over the globe. However, the time difference makes a huge difference to those of us in the u.k. We can,t take part in the Jack's without having to stay up all night. Also the waiting for processes to finish is silly.
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on 26 November 2015
Ultimately there is zero skill involved. You win if you buy speedups and without them you'll be crushed over and over again and never be able to catch up with brain deads who spend $ hundreds per week playing.
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on 6 July 2016
Brilliant game but wish they would solve the lagging problems!!!
Would be nice not to have to keep rebooting
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on 9 July 2016
I played this game for currency in another app, and £100 + a year later I regret doing so.

It is addicting. You never finish it. They release a new core every week (gear that gives powerful boosts in rally's or attacks or defending against an attack).

There is a social emphasis on the game but the reason for this is because MachineZone knows friends is the only way to keep people playing/spending (and making $1 million a day...). They also make it impossible to go solo for long, so you simply can't avoid eventually making friends with people. While this may seem good in context, having friends means there's reasons for not quitting the game and you'd have to have a strong willpower to leave online friends.

The packs (in-app purchases) are enticing and are the only way you can succeed in the game. And it's not just one either. It's a couple every month if you want to stay more powerful than most, making it a costly addiction. MachineZone get people to buy packs through the addition of new hero gear or new cores.

The game is problematic when it comes to stability. Once there was an almost 24 hour unannounced maintenance, which left many users frustrated and suffering withdrawal symptoms (I was one). Then when it's not things like this it's glitches in the game (e.g. Crashes, error messages for no reason, not being able to shield because of an active March that isn't actually going on anymore).

Then comes the support. To be frank, it is one of the worst I have seen. Send an email to them? They do almost nothing. But if you threaten to stop buying packs they'll do all they can to fix the problem (including adding items to your account).

So whatever you do do not download
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on 10 June 2016
I have been playing this game for just over 12 months, and am utterly addicted and engrossed. The game works on different levels for different people, if you want to compete at the leading edge then you have to spend a lot of money, like thousands. Do not be fooled into thinking you can just get there with some patience and clever play, the game moves to quickly with too many upgrades and new levels to allow you to ever keep up if you don't spend.
However, you don't have to spend like this to enjoy it. You can stay a smaller player and have just as much fun. Join an experienced alliance and get their advice before you start following all the guides and instructions the game give you. It wants you to spend so you need to be careful about how and what you do. Learn the game, it's a complex as you want it to be, and have fun. Remember it's about people as much as it's about warring, so you'll make friends and enemies. It can be great fun if you let it.
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on 22 August 2015
With such a well designed game you'll have no regrets getting involved in this game. You can lose yourself in this world and battle opponents with your own team supporting you along the way. Plenty of strategy and excitement to be had in this best Game of War!
I can recommend this game to anyone young or old who wants to take their own hero into battle with great graphics and solid platform that won't let you down.
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