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4.2 out of 5 stars29
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2012
I suspect it's always tricky when looking at a second adaptation of a work and trying not to compare it to the other adapation. It is a question that should it be judged on it's own merits or should it be compared to the TV series. Either way be it purely compared to the book or alongside the TV series the comic adapation falls slightly short of the mark and doesn't live up to the books as well as the TV series does.

However it's still A Song of Ice & Fire so it's still a good read and it does a good job of adapting prose into a comic format.

The comic does attempt to do it's own thing seperate from the series as they have attempted to make sure the characters bare little resemblance to the actors playing them in the TV series. As mentioned in another review think of Marvel during the nineties and you probably aren't far off the mark. While it is hard to not think of the cast of the series when looking at the comic art for the most part the designs work quite well a few are slightly questionable. The covers are also good and the Alex Ross cover is probably the best cover done for the series. Although the Ross cover fails to convey anything about the series.

Unlike the TV series the Stark children are returned to their ages from the book. Their designs for the most part are quite good although Arya and Bran look older than they should. Catelyn on the other hand looks younger than her character should do.

There are however some some rather odder choices made in the adapation The comic book adapation is overseen by the editors of the books themselves so that makes some of the choices very odd indeed. The first is the intial meeting between Jon Snow & Tyrion as the acrobatic leap Tyrion makes is kept intact, which in itself is an odd choice as Mr Martin himself decided this was not the direction he intended with the character and notably Tyrion doesn't do anything similar in the books.

The other is the conversation between Robert & Ned regarding Lyanna adds implications that were not there in the original scene in the book.

The strangest choice especially as the people behind this book our the actual editors of the book series as well is that of the language. While it matches the dialogue from the books in places the odd choice is that any of the swearing is dropped. Strange, when the comic still features violence and sex yet drops all bad language as A Song of Ice & Fire is dark fantasy aimed at adults.

One final point you should roughly be paying around £15-20 for a hardcover copy of this trade. £45 is twice the price you should be picking this up for in a comic book shop or book shop.
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on 15 April 2012
A question for those of you who've read "A Game of Thrones" in novel form: when you imagined all the characters in their grubby, dark-ages glory, did you imagine Disney-style cartoony faces with big, shiny manga-eyes and glossy digital colour? If so, I think this book will make you very happy as it's a very good adaptation of the source material in terms of story and dialogue and the artwork certainly has that "1990s Marvel comics" feel, with exaggerated, angular, cartoony characters, coloured in shiny digital separations.

It doesn't work for me though.

The artwork for such a dark, bloody story of double crossing and court intrigue needs to be grubby and realistic. There are plenty of illustrators out there who can do a realist style and would have suited the story much more strongly.

I think the illustrator was badly chosen for this book and this is a major problem for a graphic adaptation.
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on 7 July 2015
This is the first six issues of a twenty-four issue adaptation of the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series from George R R Martin.

With the original novels and the successful TV series why would you need essentially a hybrid of the two? Reading this it isn’t yet clear but this is certainly as well executed as either of the other media. The majority of editorial decisions match the TV show so you are gaining some additional dialogue here and there. This is a great read if you don’t want to watch the TV version again but aren’t ready for the novels.

Being a literary format however we can have narration, flashbacks and internal thoughts allowing us a deeper look into the characters themselves. You can also read it at your own pace allowing you to digest the concentrated history and plethora of character names.

The art and colouring is fabulous. You can see there are hours of pencilling on each page and every background is rendered in full detail. The colouring is rich and lavish as appropriate to the regal locations. Initially it can be hard to tell several bearded men apart but as you read on the characters do flesh out with their speech, bearing and mannerisms. There are a lot of speaking parts and a lot of hard work goes into making everyone memorable.

There are some typos in the lettering however. Initially you aren’t sure if it is Martin’s world but in one issue there appear to be three jarring mistakes (pay instead of pray for example) and this is a shocking let-down.

The hardcover with its delicate embossing and stylish dustjacket ramp up the production values but it is a shame there is no page marker ribbon. There are dozens of pages of extras describing the start of the project by all the people involved including the commissioners and editors. What is really refreshing is how humble they are and how willing to share how much they have learnt on this project too.

A very opulent Thumbs Up!
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on 9 February 2016
George R. R. Martin begins with a foreword in which he says that a graphic novel is just a comic really. Unfortunately that is what we get. A glossy comic, the artistic style of which lacks any real depth or vision. At the end of the book someone else explains how it is put together and very honestly states that the project managers wanted an artist who would charge a reasonable fee and must dedicate two years of their lives wholly to Game of Thrones. They aim to produce a book every month - and it shows!

The artist is not bad, on the contrary he is very good, but the style is not right for this subject. The figures are rather vague, lost in a sort of sunny glow. No hard edges, no darkness.

It could also have done with better editing, there are quite a few mistakes in the text. The story is good though, of course! And the artist does his best under the circumstances so the three stars I did not give it were more for the choice of style and the rushed job to (presumably) make money as fast as possible.
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on 15 July 2013
This is an adaptation of the original books by George R R Martin not a companion piece for the TV series (as he states in the preface) and it's incredibly well done.
Visually I think it's very true to the books especially on character descriptions, sometimes making them hard to recognise if you're a fan of the TV series but great if you're like me and have wanted to really see the characters ever since you read the books.
I'm not a huge collector or reader of graphic novels but this it well worth reading and enjoying and a must have to anyone keen to see another version of A Song of Ice and Fire.
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although they say they follow the books daenerys doesn't have the silver hair decribed in the books but instead the blonde displayed in the show. Tyrion also doesn't have the black and green eyes he has in the book either.
but that isn't the reason for my rating, the rating is because the pages for the issue with Jon finding out bran is still alive , are all messed up. Or in mine at least.
And the drawings are very jaggy
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on 10 February 2015
Nicely illustrated and adapted in a well presented hard-back volume. Follows the first quarter of the original story (other volumes released and to be released) more accurately then the TV series did. However having read the books, I found that occasionally a section would feel like it lacked depth but that's probably to be expected.
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on 31 August 2013
Bought it to accompany the second volume that someone bought for me previously. I like the art style and how it brings the story to life in a different way from reading the books themselves or watching the series. Looking forward to future volumes.
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on 18 July 2014
Read all the books so far + watching the HBO adaptation too. So absolutely had to have the graphic novel adaptation too and so far it's been excellent. Well welcomed for any fan of the series (book or tv. show).
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on 17 December 2013
a fantastic product, a must have for any big game of thrones fan! very pleased with it, and sure my partner will absolutely love his christmas present!
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