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4.2 out of 5 stars99
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2001
Way back in 1978 Game of Death was released some 6 years after the death of Bruce Lee and was eagerly anticipated by legions of fans awaiting to see the last available and much publicised footage of their hero in action. Unfortunately that film was an extremely dire attempt to cash in on the still massive appeal of its star. Featuring only a small amount of the footage that had been shot by Lee the movie followed the exploits of a movie star by the name of Billy Lo (Lee) in his attempts to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. This movie was so bad that not only did it disregard Lee's original vision (more of which later) but it featured a stream of not-so-look-alikes in various fight scenes that would have made the Little Dragon blush.
Fortunately this DVD collection redresses all that is bad about the movie and delights in and celebrates all that is good. Firstly, all the missing footage has now been restored including the (in the UK at least) missing Nuchaku duel with Dan Inasanto. Also included is an excellent commentary from HK movie expert Bey Logan which points out all the flaws in the movie and even gives information on each of the lookalikes, this serves to make you almost forgive the travesty your watching by making it entertaining.
The most important extra in this collection however is the 'Game of Death Revisited' feature which is quite simply brilliant as it contains all the original footage recut and edited to follow the story as originally envisaged by Bruce Lee himself, which presents the story of a martial artist's search for enlightenment, gone is the mediocre storyline of the 1978 'original'.
Other extra features on the discs are very impressive with a trailer gallery, interviews, out-takes and even a Seminar on Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's own 'non' style) by top Bruce Lee student Dan Inasanto.
As if all of this wasn't enough the picture and sound quality throughout are excellent and you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a new film, the picture is that good.
So in conclusion, Hong Kong Legends have taken what was once considered by many to be a blatant cash in on a genuine hero and have turned it into a fitting tribute to a legend.
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on 10 July 2008
It was a great shame that the legendary Bruce Lee didn't complete Game of Death,on his version.I've seen footage that had been planned,and it looked really good.The original story was his character had been approached by a crime syndicate,to fight their way to the top of a famous tower,where a great treasure was there.He refuses,so the bad guys kidnap his sister,and her young son to force him to co-operate.Sadly,that story never materialised.In this version,he plays a famous martial arts movie star,being hounded by the Mob.Faking his own death,he goes after them with full fury.Personally,I'd recommend the platinum double disc edition.Even so,with Bruce doing the fight scenes,they are awesome.He's still a big miss today.
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2002
The main issue is: do you want to watch a film, or watch Bruce Lee fighting. If the former, then you'll probably be disappointed, as Bruce isn't in the film apart from the final fight scenes - it's a double, and quite an obvious double at that.
But if you want fights, this DVD has it all. The nunchaku scene deleated from the VHS version for over 25 years is back as it should be, and as a result the final conflict is blissfully extended. The Kareem Abdul Jabbar fight is a bit strange, but the man is HUGE, and very fast, even if he does look a bit ungainly.
The second disc contains the beginnings of what bruce had planned for "Game of Death" in the first place: a tower, with a fighter of different style on each floor, with a prize or enlightenment at the top. And Bruce is not alone, he's one of a group of fighters attempting the ascent. And far from silent affairs, there is a lot of dialogue interspaced with the fights, and during the fights, that was cut from the released version.
Kareem was meant to be the "chaos" fighter, with no specific style!
Enjoy, you know you want to.
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on 29 September 2001
After having seen the deleted scenes, the cuts and the bonus material on this incredible 2-disc edition of Game of Death, one question arises: Why did all this breathtaking film of Bruce in action remain in the archives for so long and why weren't they included in the 1978 cinema version?
This DVD is truly amazing. HongKong Legends have 'again' provided a film with a marvelous picture quality, fantastic sound and put all its scraps and pieces of once censored scenes together into an absolute delight of a DVD. Although the 1978 version of the film on the first disc might be looked upon as a 'patchwork' of old footage, a lot of the action staged by Bruce's stand-in is of high quality, and a fight in a change room where Bruce delivers a series of high kicks at rapid speed at a fighter's head is brilliant. The nunchaku duel with Dan Inosanto is reinstated and is truly exciting, above all since this is where the 'real' Bruce enters the film.
However, the fantastic extras on the second disc of this DVD definitely do compensate for the possible weaknesses of the 1978 film: film material from Bruce's 'original' concept - a Tower of Death - is presented, revealing two other fighters helping Bruce to fight the adversaries on each floor of this tower. Just seeing the footage kindles the imagination about how the rest of the film would have looked like if Bruce had lived. Actually, this DVD offers a 40-minute 'reinvestigation' into how the ending of Bruce's film concept could have been, using the existing film material the way it was originally intended. One more thing, I think John Barry's music score for this film is lovely - romantic, tragic and exciting at the same time.
To sum up, any Bruce fan will embrace this DVD-specialty with utmost love and care. I do believe that Hong Kong Legends are beginning to assemble an ever-increasing number of faithful buyers.
Buy this, you will definitely not be disappointed!
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on 26 November 2010
If I was rating the 18 minutes of original footage in which Bruce fights his way up the pagoda against Dan Inosanto, Kareem Abdul Jabbar etc. I would give it 5 stars. That's the only reason I bought this DVD and the only part of the DVD I've watched. I've seen the rest of the film before and it's a complete waste of time. Nothing to do with Bruce Lee's original idea at all for the movie and just a desperate attempt to make a full length feature movie from 18 minutes of footage. It's still worth buying just for that original footage but why they bothered with the rest I'll never know.
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on 2 March 2004
This DVD package is a fitting tribute to Bruce Lee, in a way which the original version of the film truly wasn't. The film re-instates possibly one of the greatest fight scenes in any martial arts film, the nunchaku sequence with Dan Inosanto. There is a host of extra features, which I have still not fully explored having watched the package for over 2 1/2 hours.
The film itself is average, but the purchaser is more than compensated by a 40-minute edit of original footage, which shows Bruce Lee accompanying two friends to the top of the tower. The fight sequences in this 40 minute edit are extended versions of the tower scenes in the original film. These also contain dialogue between Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto, in which Bruce discusses the advantages of light and flexible weaponry. These scenes reveal much of what Game of Death could so easily have been - a real insight into Bruce's philosophy of confrontation.
This DVD is a must for Bruce Lee fans. It may not be such good value for those who are not so interested in Bruce Lee's life, as the film itself is not among Bruce's best, and the real value is in the extra features. However I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who gains enjoyment from watching a master of his art.
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on 27 February 2007
OK like many people have said this is one of the worst Bruce Lee rip off films ever produced, the trouble is Bruce Lee died before it was finished, so what the good old Hollywood boys did is get a stand in actor and use odd bits of film footage that they had. The end result a very average and I am being generous when I say average film.

So why have I rated it so highly? the recent DVD release's have included a second disk with the uncut version that Bruce himself was working on, about 45 minutes of Bruce lee heaven, completely different in plot to what the film company had released, you get to see Bruce Lee and two other actors that you will recognise from other Bruce lee flicks trying to climb to the top of the pagoda. This includes Bruce lee fighting one of his most famous students Dan Inosanto in a double nunchaku battle! I feel that if Bruce Lee had not died this might of been his best film.
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on 11 October 2013
There have been many views and opinion over the last 35 years about Game Of Death, whilst I understand and in many ways agree with past reviews regarding the missed opportunity in not going ahead with Bruce's original version of this movie or as close to it as possible. I do think that there are some good point within this production {ie} the motorcycle fight scenes along with the fight scene in the baddies garden. I do like the opening and closing titles montage as well as John Barry's music score. Game Of Death was for many years heavily cut by the BBFC and as a result of this the movie was understandably panned by critics and fans alike. Since this movie has been released uncut {Originally by Hong Kong Legends} It has always been good to see the Nunchakus scenes put back in place. My only real concern for all of the Bruce Lee movies {except Enter The Dragon} is that we here in the UK still do not have a Blu Ray release of his movie at this time. I have sent E.One entertainment several emails to request info on this matter but have not as yet received any replies. It looks as as if I will be forced to purchase the Bruce Lee Legacy box set from the USA.
Just in case anyone is interested, it would be best if you waited for the newer version of the box set to be released as the first release was a catalogue of errors. I have recived confirmation from SHOUT FACTORY that the new versions {release date late October 2013} are new HD masters. Any way E.One Entertainment the ball is in your court, it could not be more simple..Just for once give us the buying public what we short Blu Ray releases {new masters please} and plenty of extras. AS THEY SAY IF YOUR MAKE IT AVAILABLE THEY WILL BY IT.
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on 28 January 2013
Being a Bruce Lee fan, and having watched his other 'four' films, I was especially looking forward to Game of Death; the yellow jumpsuit, famous nunchaku fight sequence, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fight. I had read that, due to Bruce's untimely death, there had been some troubles with making the movie, and that some scenes were filmed using a double for Bruce - fair enough.

What I didn't realise was the shocking extent of the double(s) involvement (yes, I'm sure there are several doubles). Poor attempts to hide faces, use of footage from other Bruce Lee films, and even copy and paste cutout jobs make this film very difficult for any Bruce Lee fan to watch. In-fact, I found myself skipping to the fight scenes, so that I could enjoy what I had paid for and get the rest out of the way. I won't even touch upon the footage of Bruce Lee's funeral (which I elected to miss, thankfully).

I don't know Raymond Chow, and have no idea of his principles or character, so I can't judge him, but I can say that I believe this film to be a disgrace, and I can't imagine Bruce Lee wishing to endorse the release had he have known what it would be.

I would have happily paid the asking price for the Bruce Lee fight footage, I don't know why they felt the need to make a very poor film out of what they had.

Bottom line: If you are a fan, then you have to buy it for the fight scenes, but don't expect a film you'll want to watch again and again. Cringeworthy.
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on 17 November 2001
Forget the main feature, buy it for the disc 2. The 40 min bruce lee lost footage is just a 40 min fight and is unbelievable. If you are a bruce fan, buy NOW.
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