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4.3 out of 5 stars91
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2012
I bought four of these cameras from three different sellers after researching a bunch of different instant-photo options. I got them primarily for use in photo-scavenger-hunt type games; I've used them in three such games so far (getting through a total of ~180 photos), and they worked brilliantly for this purpose.

- The camera, which is awesome and chunky, with settings for auto/forced-flash, near/far focus, and a manual lighten/darken option for the picture development
- A cool Heath-Robinson extra lens you can clip on the front for close-ups (I've never used this though)
- 4x non-rechargeable AA batteries. These have lasted pretty well in all the cameras (taking 60 photos over ~6 months), I've only had to replace one set so far.
- A strap so you can carry it around your neck.
- From ONE of the three sellers, one cartridge of film was included (there's space in the box for it to go - this was empty in the others). I ended up receiving cameras from different sellers in a single package from Amazon, so unfortunately I can't be sure which seller included it. Best to assume you won't get any.

- Pictures take instantly, so you don't have to worry about the camera-timing if trying to take a photo of everyone jumping - only the human-timing!
- Image quality is (to me) surprisingly good - if you use the correct high level focus (near/far) and you're outdoors, pictures are sharp and have good colour. My parents took a lot of Polaroid photos back in the 80s and say they think the quality of the Instax photos is better.
- Images still look good 6 months later. I can't vouch for any longer than that at this point!
- It's very easy to use. Over the course of the games I've seen lots of people pick one up and get good results immediately.
- Reloading the cartridges is incredibly easy - you just line up the yellow marker.

- Image quality is much more variable indoors. But with some careful choice of focus/flash and light/normal/dark settings you can probably get more reliable results. In the games I used the cameras for, the picture quality was still good enough to produce pleasing results when taken in a hurry.
- In case it's not obvious, the viewfinder is offset from the lens! This means if you're at close range (under, say, 6m from the subject), you'll have to try to manually correct your aim. Fortunately, the field-of-view in the photos is actually slightly larger than the viewfinder suggests, so even if you don't think about it you rarely miss out part of your subject.
- That said, for portrait orientation photos this is somehow much harder to do, so it's best to avoid these.
- Kind of obviously, the photos aren't that easy to share online. You can scan in 6 at a time in a standard A4 scanner, but you need to make sure you put something on top so they lie flat, and even then I had to do some tweaking in Photoshop before the digital versions came out looking as good as they do in real life.
- In one instance (out of 180), the first photo from a cartridge didn't develop, it just stayed white.
- The instructions are entirely in pictograms, no words, and they are a little hard to understand in some cases!

- Use-by date on the film I ordered varies between 12 and 18 months into the future. No idea at this point how well it works after that.
- Look up the cost of the film before buying (it usually comes in packs two cartridges with 10 photos each). I looked up the historic price of Polaroid photos, and when you adjust for inflation the Instax photos are quite a bit cheaper. Apparently this is because the mechanism for pushing out the photo is built into the camera, whereas with Polaroids it was built into the cartridge - so you were rebuying that 'part' every time.
- The instruction pictograms warn strongly against piercing or opening up the photos in any way, due to the chemicals they necessarily contain. In one case a particularly curious player opened one up anyway, and I think did get some on their fingers, but didn't suffer any adverse effects. Still probably not a good idea to do this!

In conclusion, these cameras lived up to my expectations, and are always a lot of fun to use!
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on 16 December 2013
In a world of compact digital cameras, this is one ugly beast! That said, its worth having the larger prints than you get from smaller ones. It works perfectly, and if you're prone to misplacing things you'll have a hard time losing this!
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on 19 May 2015
As soon as I took the first photo with this I was in love with it! Yes the exposure is hard to judge and like all cameras it performs best outside on a bright day but for £60 and 70p a photo you can't beat it.
The only reason it's four stars is because it's possibly the ugliest camera I've ever seen. It's huge too. I appreciate the size is dictated by the film but this thing is bigger than my 5D!! I'll definitely be buying the Instax mini 90 to use out and about as it's much much smaller and looks really cool. I've taken this out a few times and felt like a bit of a twat, it mostly stays at home for when people visit, etc.
If anyone is interested; I've dropped mine twice and it still works perfectly.
TIP: I found many people online suggesting to cover the flash with tape to soften it up, DO IT! It really helps. I chose to use masking tape because it's slightly off white so the photos get a slightly warm vintage look to them.
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on 9 March 2015
I was so happy with this item. I sent it to my granddaughter in Germany and she started to use it straight away without even looking at the instructions. She is only 11 years but I should have known better . Kids these days know EVERYTHING!! Thankyou for your speedy delivery.
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on 13 August 2015
As someone who loves photography and is used to DSLR cameras, experimentation with analogue photography was something I was really interested in. After purchasing this camera, I found that the photos I took felt more special as I took more time to set them up. The immediate printing of the photo brought a feeling of excitement to me and my friends (who hadn't really seen one before). I only had two issues with using this camera- the film is quite expensive wherever you look and so it costs around £1 per photo - which wouldn't factor into any digital camera. The other was that although this produced a larger, more substantial photo than the Instax mini, the size of the camera feels enormous in your hands and is quite difficult to carry without a special case. If you want a camera for special occasions- or are interested in analogue photography then this is for you.
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on 8 February 2013
its great dose exactley what you want it too . P.s Outkast are liars don't shake it like a polaroid picture... it will blurr and they probably weren't sorry miss jackson
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on 6 February 2015
I am a wedding photographer and frequently use the Instax Wide for shooting my DIY photobooth. This camera is great because it's so easy to use, people just literally need to point and shoot. The results on the films is great, much better quality than the old polaroids. Changing the film cartridges is also super easy. This size is great for group shots and allows you to take close-up shots as well as wider ones.
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on 29 March 2011
I got this camera for my friends birthday and she was ecstatic the moment she saw it. The camera is pretty easy to use, place the batteries in, in which are included, insert the film, which is also included, and then just change the settings if you want, like putting the flash on, which is rather bright. The picture quality was a lot better than I thought it would be, relatively clear and the picture size was also good, not too small. Pictures printed straight away and developed fast which was good. In appearance its actually quite big but light so its not hard to hold up or anything, also the lens size is kindda small, like you cant capture that much in unless your standing quite far back, but the pictures still always look good.

The delivery was a bit slow, took about 7 days to come from time of order, which was a bit irritating but doesn't really affect the quality of the camera, which over all I consider pretty awesome :D
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on 9 March 2014
everyone that has seen me with this camera have been in raptures over it. Younger people cant believe that it prints out instantly and gives a true picture not edited to look like an airbrushed wannabe and older people keep reminisce about pictures they took with instant cameras in the 70's. Not practical as your main camera but excellent for events where instant pictures are a blessing eg we had a family re-union with people we hadn't seen in years and each of us were able to take a memory of the day away with us without being dependant on someone e-mailing or printing and sending the picture to us and it matched with the original pictures from the early 80's.
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on 11 May 2015
I use this for my Cafe to take pictures of the customers who are my bread and butter, could not fit any more of the kids coloring's on the wall so decided to buy this and amazing point and click. you have to point slightly to the left as the eye piece is not aliened to the lens but pictures are good and the parents shreeke with joy as they tell there kids this is how we used to take pictures. With the box on the bottom of the picture i have room to write names and dates , then on the wall they go.This is a good novelty toy for pictures which either very young kids will love or the older 40's something will look back on with a happy heart. seven of my customers have now gone and bought this.
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